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Disappointed in Sprint Upgrade Plan

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Sprint's upgrade plan for existing customers needs to be modified.  I would have to pay close to $800 if I wanted to upgrade to a iPhone 4s 64GB.  I currently have a Blackberry that was replaced around June 2011 because it was broke.  I understand Sprint wants customers to wait for a specific period before upgrading phones.  However, they should have thought some things through before they deployed the iPhone.  Existing customers who recently upgraded prior to the release of the iPhone are unfairly penalized.  I don't see the benefit of being a Sprint Premier customer.  I would change carriers if I wasn't for the Unlimited Data plan.  Unfortunately, I'm stuck with an obsolete Blackberry until March 2012.


One last comment, why would an existing Premier Customer or any customer for that matter pay the same amount for an iPhone as he/she paid for an iPad??



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    Bad deal for me too. I took the upgrade offered by Sprint in June 2011 to get the EVO 3D by trading my EVO 4G that I bought in June 2010. Having been a "Premier" customer since 1997 (Monthly bill in 1997 of $85 until the Everything plan of $125, total bill when EVO 4G came along). I did sign a new two year agreement with the purchase of the EVO 3D. Never had any hesitance resigning with Sprint, but now I'm not eligible for an upgrade until June 2013. If I had known that I would have to wait 2 full years for the next upgrade I surely would have thought differently about the latest upgrade. Seems a little like bad timing on Sprints part to penalize customers like myself who had no information at the time of my last purchase/upgrade.

    This does make me think about abandoning ship for another carrier when I have the urge to get a new device, it would be cheaper to pay the penalty and get the incentive from Verizon or AT&T. I live in the Atlanta area so coverage is not an issue...

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    halcyoncmdr123 Master
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    The iPhone pricing is set by Apple directly so it is identical across all carriers. No matter which carrier has the iPhone the retail price and discounted contract price are the same (If you don't believe me, check all carriers and the Apple store to compare). In addition, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon all have nearly identical upgrade policies now as well. Upgrades become available after 20 months since you last got an upgrade and they require a 24 month contract. No carrier offered any kind of specialty promotion for existing customers beyond the normal upgrade programs for the iPhone launch this time. This was also probably an Apple contracted idea so no carrier had an unfair advantage based on special promotions. Based on what Apple has done in the past, that's exactly what they would do. The iPhone while very popular, doesn't do anything special that many other phones can't. It is just another smartphone.


    Disclaimer, I am not an Apple fan and think that they tend to do things that are not at all in the interest of their customers, but ONLY their bottom line, regardless of who you talk to in the company; even going up to the late Steve Jobs (as evidenced by his responses to emails from customers). Apple has a fantasic marketing department, but their actual products, while stable, do not bring anything NEW to the table, they simply re-dress something that has already been done in a new shiny package, and their brand name sells it for them.

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    Well honestly how can you blame sprint for the purchase of a blackberry. When at the time you bought it they offered several other phones that would be much better experiance for 2 years. And if you bought an evo 3d youll get upgrades for your phone right up till the end of your contract. The Iphone will be yesterdays news after next years realease of Ics and those who choose this years top products will get next years top software as far as droid users. just my opinion tho mixed with some known facts ive read.

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    March 2012 isnt that far away.  How much is your ETF.  Pay it and switch carriers.  Or keep sprint but loose your number.  Or just hold out until March 2012.


    Do yourself a favor and read up on the SPrint Iphones before you might find yourself "stuck" with another phone you dislike

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    Diesel496 Newbie
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    To All,


    Thanks for the feedback.  Sprint did not offer an iPhone when I broke my blackberry.  We all know crackberries are obsolete (lol).  I can get a new iPhone for cheaper if i simply add a new line and disconnect my current number.  However, I've had the same number for since 1997.  I'll wait until March to get a new the iPhone. 

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    I too am pretty upset about this recent upgrade change. Halcyoncmdr123 (what a name!), As i do appreciate your insight and provider comparisons  Sprints ability to stand out with its great plans and offerings is what made it stand out and become the appealing carrier it was... As Don would say it.. "Success is related to standing out, not fitting in. One wants to be the needle in the haystack, not the haystack".

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    So wait...

    You're saying Sprint needs to change their upgrade policy because you used your upgrade before knowing the iPhone was coming to Sprint...?


    If I'm not understanding you properly then excuse this post.


    Granted, the policy sucks, and the policy change was even worse. 

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