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Sprint Cell Towers

dr82 Valued Member
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Not sure what is going on with sprints cell towers but for some odd reason they can't fix them.  They have been working on my issue for the past 2 months and can't get their network to work properly in my neighborhood.  The sad thing is that only this past week have I felt like they are actually attempting to fix the issue.  I guess my poor service wasn't priorty to them when it is my only means of communication.

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    lilymid Newbie
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    i'm having the same exact problem. but mine has only been a problem for the last week or so. its ridiculous.

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    dr82 Valued Member
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    I hope they fix yours faster than they are attempting to fix mine

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    Sprint Employee
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    dr82 - I also remember you had an Airave so I wanted to make sure you have it set to maximum output -  Below is an old post with some info that may help you with your home coverage. Also there have been previous tickets on this tower and since the issue reoccurred this is an escalated ticket to prioritize it and make sure it handled expeditiously. It is unfortunate that of the 21 towers I see when I am using a troubleshooting tool in the Waco market - only one is highlighted red in color.  I assure you our goal is to fix the issue and go forward.

    If you have the new Airave - labeled Airvana - you can boost your signal by following these simple steps.

    • Login to your account and on the top portion notice the tabs My Account, Devices and My Preferences
    • Click on My Preferences
    • On the top of the right hand column you should see "Manage My AIRAVE" Click on that
    • A popup screen should come up and near the bottom you will see Range Settings
    • In that area you will see Airave Lrg Rng Provision Ph2 - we want to select that and then click the yellow Save button just below that
    • This will add a particular code into the billing system and expand the Airave coverage to 8,000 sq. ft.

    Hope this helps some of you that are having marginal coverage in your home due to size or construction materials.


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    dr82 Valued Member
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    When my airave works it only works in the room it is set up in.  I was told that I was going to get another airave sent to me because mine was defective but that has been almost a week ago.  Plus the airave doesn't help the fact that I still have no service in my area.  Unless I can carry it around with me everywhere I go which I don't think is an option

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    ggibson75 Regular Visitor
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    I'm having the exact same problem... only I've been arguing with Sprint for over a year!!! I've been told my service will be medium at best. I too was sent an airave and it works great standing right next to it. The second I leave the room... 0-1 bar of service. I truly hope your problem gets fixed but I wouldn't really count on it.

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