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What's the latest on Sprint Direct Connect

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Sprint Direct Connect is the next generation of push-to-talk. Check out the Sprint Direct Connect solutions page to see the latest updates on Sprint Direct Connect. The  solution page lists information on phones, coverage updates, device  training, and access to chat to activate your new Sprint Direct Connect  device.

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    Please remember, iDEN users, that Sprint will only allow you to upgrade to Sprint Direct Connect phones if you:


    1. Sign a new two year agreement per line, or
    2. Pay full retail price for the SDC phones.


    We were able to get our dedicated care rep and account manager to offer us $0.99 replacement phones (with new contracts), but only after much protestation at the idea of being forced to shell out the full upgrade cost for each of our Nextel phones.


    The $0.99 price was for DC feature phone upgrades, not for our DC smartphones. While our old BB Curves are in need upgrades anyway, our field techs and installers 'i' series phones are still going strong.


    The fact that you may have just purchased a new crop of Nextel phones is irrelevant. Your contracts will be extended, you will have to pay full price, or you will not have direct connect.


    Thanks Sprint!

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    Sadly there are not yet PTT BBs on the Sprint side.

    Apparently there has been some recent movement on upgrade incentives, based on calls from my reps.

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    My wife and I have been using the Kyocera Duramax since April 30, 2012.  We previously had phones from Sprint on the Nextel side of things for 2 years.  We have had other phones from Nextel before, when we had those hybrid phones, the ic902 and before that the i680, i890, i580, 8350i, and i830. Currently we only use the phones for Direct Connect.  The Sprint Direct Connect feature has been a disappointment. When it works, it's fairly decent.  However what has been happening is that my wife has to reboot her phone sometimes in order for the Sprint Direct Connect to work.  This problem has been occurring since we started using the phones.  Usually at the end of the day when she is walking to the car, she will attempt to call me via Direct Connect.  The phone sometimes gives her an "unable to connect" message and to "open flip for details".  Sometimes, when it's in this non-working state, it beeps like it does connect and the display shows that it connected but I do not receive any notification on my phone.  If I try to Direct Connect with her when her phone is in this non-working state, I always get the "unable to connect" message.  I can call her Duramax (via phone) using my Duramax and that works fine.  I tried rebooting my phone and it does not help.  When she reboots her phone it always fixes the problem.  One day, I told her not to reboot her phone and to bring it home.  I had both phones side by side and the Direct Connect still did not work.  I rebooted my phone and still no luck.  I rebooted her phone and the DC started working.  I made a video of this so if any technical person from Sprint would like to see it, let me know.  

    I called Sprint customer service and explained the problem we are having.  They wanted me to take the phone into a Sprint store so that their tech could look at it. I really wanted them to send me a replacement phone since going down to the Sprint store is a big hassle.  I called several times.  They refused so I took the phone to the Sprint store on 6/14/2012.  I left my wife's Duramax with them and after a couple hours, they called and said they did not find any problems with the phone but they would exchange it as courtesy.  The manager and employees there were very courteous and waived the $35 fee that they normally charge for warranty exchanges.  I would like to comment however that I find that $35 fee to be a load of **** and would have really protest if they tried to charge me that fee for a phone that is 2 months old and having technical issues.  So I left with a new phone for my wife.

    Here we are in August and we are still having the same problem.  After being at home all day, my wife left to go to the store.  I tried to call her via Sprint DC and guess what, it didn't work.  I called her Duramax using my Duramax via phone and told her that I couldn't DC with her and that she needed to reboot.  Naturally, after she rebooted, DC worked fine.  My wife likes having the Direct Connect ability and wants to keep it.  If it were my decision, I would dump these phones and pay the ETF.  It's really irritating to pay for service and not have it work well.  I would like someone at Sprint to take ownership of resolving this problem.

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    I have the exact same problem, pretty much every day.  Today, however, even rebooting the phone multiple times doesn't work. Lucky me, I guess a trip to my Sprint store is in my immediate futute. 


    It is totally frustrating to be paying for a service, and locked into a two year contract, that simply never works.  We never had this problem with our ancient nextel phones, in 8 years of use, using two Motorola phones that were 6 & 8 years old.


    I wish they would have disclosed when we signed up for a new contract that we really were only purchasing phone service.  DC has been the only reason we haven't shopped around but if they can't provide that, why would we ever renew with them again?  I agree that it's almost worth taking the ETF just to rid myself of the frustration.


    Why did they have to ruin nextel?

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    Our Business Sprint Direct Connect has not work since yesterday 09/18/2012 it has been 24 hours since we lost DC ability and now we are stuck using the Voice Plan on the phone which im not even sure we have a plan for. Same as the comment above we have to reboot the phone most of the time Kyocera DuraPlus 3g CDMA phones. At one time i had to bring in the phone to sprint store and the guy there just said there is a service interuption. The person on the chat should have told me that there is an interruption so that we dont waste time going to the sprint store. our nextel phone back then works like a charm even if the units are like 5-7 years old! yes very old on phone age. Sprint should release service interuption notice to thier customers, specially to business account since we rely on the DC for our Truck drivers.

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