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Brand New Defective Sprint Tablet from a 3rd Party Retailer. Sprint store won't help. Am I out of luck?

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I recently bought an HTC Evo View 4G from an online ebay store for an awesome price of $240, out of contract. I had read that Sprint was offering prepaid data plans with the tablet, and I thought this would be a great entry tablet for me and I could use the 4G when I travel since I don't have 4G in my hometown.


Anyway, when I received the tablet, the back cover had an obvious issue and would not stay securely connected to the device. I contacted the seller, but they had sold out and could only offer me a refund instead of a replacement. The seller suggested I go to a Sprint store and ask them to swap out the defective unit since it's under manufacturer warranty. When I walked into a Sprint store they basically told me there was absolutely nothing they could do for me and I'd have to exchange it through the original seller.


The original seller also suggested the next step I could take is to contact HTC and request a defective unit replacement through them. When I contacted HTC they let me know I would pay for shipping charges and the best they could do is REPAIR the defective unit. I told them I wasn't interested because I paid for a brand new unit and I would like to have a brand new unit.


I'm about to send the tablet back to the original seller for a full refund, but I'd really like the tablet and would like to use it on Sprint's service. I really don't understand why the Sprint store can't take back the phone and swap it out since they could just get credit back for the defective unit and keep me as a customer. I used to sell Sprint phones about 5 years ago and I remember the process to be extremely easy as long as it was actually a manufacturer defect and I was always happy to help out people who ended up with lemons. IIRC we used to get the full value back from defective units--meaning it would have cost the Sprint store anything. I can't imagine the process has changed so dramatically they can no longer do this for customers...


My question is: Do I have any other options? I love the tablet and I want to keep it, but this back cover near the USB port is lose and exposes the circuits. I'd like to find a way swap this out so I can actually have a new working tablet at the amazing price I purchased it at. So far my only options are to get a refund and try to find a great price on the tablet again, or get a repair--and a repair is just out of the question because of the cost and the potential issues I will have down the road. Any advice is greatly appreciated




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