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iPhone 4 Sim card

Kappanoble Newbie
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I have the sprint iPhone 4 but there is no sim card slot on the side of the phone. Why is that.

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    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    You should see the slot on the right side of the phone.  It is opposite the volume keys.


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    The reason the device doesn't have a SIM card is because the iPhone 4 utilizes the CDMA network where as the iPhone 4s is a GSM phone and a SIM card is needed.

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    The iPhone 4S is a CDMA and a GSM phone. You need to have an international plan activated for the sim to be active in our network. If you don't have an international plan the card is really just a piece of plastic and does not have provisioning/programming on it. If you plan on international travel you can contact international services at 888.226.7212, option 2  to have it activated.

    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    All he wanted to know is why the iPhone 4 didnt have a SIM card, since the iPhone 4 on Sprints network doesn't have GSM capabilities it doesnt use a sim. It is internal and not somthing that can be removed as it is programmed into the logic board.

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    PredragV Newbie
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    Your answer is incorrect, imoddr.


    Both Sprint and Verizon phones actually have SIM card slots. If you ask anyone who has a CDMA iPhone to show it to you, you'll find the slot in its usual place. They are there for those customers who travel overseas. Both Sprint and Verizon have international roaming plans for the iPhone. These would be pointless if the device didn't support GSM networks (as vast majority of mobile telephony overseas is on GSM).


    In other words, every CDMA iPhone actually has two radios: CDMA and GSM. For GSM, radio, there is also a micro-SIM slot, together with a Sprint-issued micro-SIM card. Normally, this does nothing when within the US. However, once the phone is taken overseas, the GSM radio will discover a network and, if there is a roaming agreement, connect to it.


    When Sprint first started selling iPhones, they didn't bother locking the micro-SIM slot, which allowed people to use micro-SIM card from ANY operator (including AT&T and T-Mobile). Later on, they begin locking the slot for the US-based GSM operators. I'm not sure, but I believe the slot is still unlocked for foreign micro-SIM cards.

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    imaginautineer Newbie
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    I agree with imoddr because there is LITERALLY no slot whatsoever on the iPhone 4.  So, I'll go with immodr's explanation - makes more sense.

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    seeblue1 Bronze Expert
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    Sharon, you are correct. The CDMA iPhone 4 is NOT a world phone. It does not have a SIM tray for GSM.


    You can only use it internationally where Sprint/Verizon have CDMA roaming partners.


    The iPhone 4S is a world phone.

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    ky158151 Silver Expert
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    The iPhone 4 on Sprint's network is not a GSM/World phone, therefore does not have international capabilities. For that reason, it does not need a SIM card and does not have a SIM card slot. The iPhone 4s, however, has a SIM card/slot because it is a GSM/World phone.

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    7SkyCloud Newbie
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    I think Sprint is junk and I am going to move my service to another service that will serve me better because Sprint never able to help anything with their customers..  they should always put their customers first.. I just bought Sprint iphone 4 and trying to send over sea but when I look at it, there is no sim card which just ****** me off so bad. Thanks to Sprint I wasted another $$ to buying their products.

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    I'm very sorry to see that you feel this way, I assure you that we would hate to lose you. Unfortunately the iPhone 4 is not an international device, however we do have other device capable of international use. Have you looked into any of our other options to use overseas? Please let us know, we are here to help.



    Charles G.


    Sprint Social Care Team

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    J.A.C Newbie
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    Awesome. That only took sprint 3 months to reply to.  I like sprint. Never had an issue but I am quite upset I have an iPhone I paid for and it's basically worthless. A fancy iPod.  What a [inappropriate word removed] we all took on the sprint iPhone.


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