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iPhone 4s won't work with Airave

bpschoonie Regular Visitor
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So I bought my wife a nice shiny iPhone 4s, however now it will not allow her to receive voicemail or send texts while on the Airave.  If she unplugs the airrave, her phone works fine, including getting coverage.  If we do that, then my Evo4g won't work.  We are in a rock and a hard place, and both need our phones for work.  No one at sprint seems to know what the issue is.  I've been a customer for over 13 years, but I can't keep doing this.  Someone please respond with a fix, or I have to leave.

  • 1. iPhone 4s won't work with Airave
    133MarkB Newbie
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    Sorry to hear about your problem, but my Airvana Airave is working great with my 4S.. Maybe sprint will send you a replacement.. Did you make sure to check the settings to make sure your like was not blocked from the Airave?  Good luck..

  • 2. iPhone 4s won't work with Airave
    bpschoonie Regular Visitor
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    It just started a couple of days ago.  Sprint acknowledges it as a known issue, but is asking me to just have my wife not use text messages or get her voicemail while at home.  This is not what I pay for.

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    l5z3 Newbie
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    Hey man i just upgraded to the iphone 4 from a Motorola Photon. Ever since i for Airave i get really good signal but im having the problems like your wife. except i can call and browse the web. as soon as i step out of my house i get all the text messages that were sent to me while i was home!!

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    MBaker723 Newbie
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    Greetings....we have a lake home where the Airvana is a necessity. Without it no signal. With internet down, no signal. No power, no signal. So, with the purchase of the iPhone 4S, I could hardly wait to see what happens. Could I do without the Airave or would it be business as usual. Well, I turned the device off and "Houston, we have liftoff!".  I was able to text, receive/send calls and surf WITHOUT the Airave.  I still need to keep it because other family members DON'T have the iPhone4S. Very happy customer.

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    arbrisbin Newbie
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    I have owned the airave for a while now and not until recently did I have any problems, I have to get a replacement on the EVO 4g and with the first one I had no issues with the airave, but with the replacement my messaging would not work within range of the airave. Once out of range the the messaging worked fine. I talked to sprint and together we got it straightened out and they reset on their end the airave. The messaging worked fine. Now several days later my iphone arrived and SAME issue but this time they did't reset the airave they had my just unplug and and plug it back in after 15 secs or so, that solved the issue completely..Later I talked to a local tech and he told me the airave is a really good tool but each time a new phone is introduced in the airaves range, the airave has to be tweeked in one way or the other. My only beef about the airave is that if I am on the phone in the house and walk out to garage and just about to my car i get disconnected...cus I stepped out of range of the airave..lol..I always seem to forget that until the call is dropped.



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    l5z3 Newbie
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    OK, So i called sprint and i finally got the problem solved!! For those who are iphone owners and have AIRAVE, and have poor recepion do the following: Make sure your phone has the '3G' Logo. Then go to your dial pad and dial (*99) it will then say " you are now within AIRAVE Coverage) and problem solved. I have had the evo, photon and now the iphone and i always thought the problem was the company and phone, but it was a matter of connecting my phone to AIRAVE! I hope this helps you!

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    Long-Nailed-Dog Newbie
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    We had this same experience - an Airave to produce usable reception in the house and three non-smart phones that connected perfectly through it. Last night we brought home two new smart phones - an iPhone and Samsung Epic (Galaxy?). Both new phones could make calls, connect to the web, and receive texts, but neither could send a text - they would always fail.

    We power cycled the Airave, tried all the recommendations from the store, and all the things we found on this forum with no change in the problem. Today I looked at the trouble-shooting section of the Airave manual, and saw that the order of powering up the devices can solve some connectivity issues. Here's what I did:

    1) Disconnected power cables from Airave, DSL modem, and router.

    2) Disconnected all ethernet, GPS, and phone cables from modem and Airave (left router cables alone).

    3) Waited 15 minutes (don't know if this was necessary?).

    4) Connected all ethernet, GPS, and phone cables to Airave and modem, but NO power cables yet.

    5) Connected power cable to Airave ONLY.

    6) Waited 5 minutes (manual said wait 4).

    7) Connected power cables to modem and router.

    8) Waited for all Airave and modem lights to go solid green.

    After this, power-cycled my non-smart phone and it still worked fine through the Airave. Then power-cycled the iPhone and it can now send as well as receive texts! The iPhone still makes calls through the Airave and connects to the web. Can't test the Samsung because it left town before we tried this. Hope this might help some other user.

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    arbrisbin Newbie
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    I also have airave, and had the exact same problem, I found somewhere in my search for an answer a tip that worked, dial *99 and call and then u hear "you are now in airave coverage"  since then all in good in my home with my iphone 4s~!

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    dmocman Newbie
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    bet your not sending text

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    4u2nvme2 Newbie
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    I just got my airave up and running today.  After calling support at sprint my Iphone 4S and 2 Evo 4gs are working great.  Calling, texting and internet on Iphone are working great.  No problems on my end.  I called 1-866-556-7310 and they got me up and running.

  • 11. iPhone 4s won't work with Airave
    Sientz Regular Visitor
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    Seems like the true solution is to get a provider that doesn't require an Airave device for it to work.  I've had nothing but problems since I started using the Airave with my EVO 3D.  It sends texts but spams the recipient with multiple messages and they usually get ****** about it.   Seems like I have the option of having no cellular signal and poor call quality so the text messages can work, or use the Airave so I have better call quality and then the text message issues start to arrise.   Its pretty cool when all your friends think your phone and your provider are a joke and after a while, you start to believe them.

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    Pabs240jms2 Newbie
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    I had the same problem with my Airave where I couldn't make or receive calls, or text with my iPhone 4s. After several hours with Sprint Tech support, we finally figured out that hitting the RESET BUTTON on the Airave fixed the problem.

  • 13. iPhone 4s won't work with Airave
    RC1024 Gold Expert
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    That's a fax number, and Airave support is provided by Sprint.

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    DVP123 Newbie
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    ok, well i have had all the same problems that everyone else has been  complaining about.  But I have now gotten my iPhone 4S on to my airave  and I receive a 3G data connection.  Duplicate text messages and failed  text messages have stopped and all voice, data and texting are working.


    Here is what I did.


    I have had the Airave for about 1-1/2 years now.  All that time I  had it hanging off my wireless router.  So my connection was modem >  wireless router > Airave.  I had all my 5 cell phones (Samsung and  LG) using it that way the whole time.  I had lots of duplicated and  failed text messages but thought that was just par for the course.


    I got my new iPhone and it just simply didnt connect to the  Airave for either voice or data.  It was a mess.  So, in the process of  debugging, I read the Airave instructions and saw that they recommend  you hang the Airave directly off the modem, then hang your wireless  router off the Airave.  (I have the newer Airave Airvanna that has the  one extra ethernet port on it).  So i wired the setup to be modem >  Airave > wireless router.


    Then, I did a ##UPDATE# on my iPhone.  This does a PRL update.   However, since I had no data connection, it failed.  So I turned on  WiFi.  Then tried it again.  The PRL update worked this time.  Then I  turned off WiFi.


    WHAM!  I get full bars and 3G data connection.  But it is kinda  spotty.  So I did a 30/30/30 reset on the Airave.  I've found the  30/30/30 reset useful on my routers in the past, so I figured, what the  heck.  Press the "reset" button on the Airave and hold it for 30  seconds.  Then, while still holding the reset button, unplug the the  Airave and leave it off for 30 seconds, holding the reset button the  whole time.  Then, plug the Airave back in, while still holding the  reset button for 30 seconds.


    The Airave did all its connections, went all green on all lights.  I have full voice, data and texting.


    You can test to confirm you are getting more than just the 1X  data and actualy getting 1xEVDO by doing *#3001#12345#*.  If there is  data in the screen for 1xEV-DO then you are 3G.


    I hope this helps at least one other person.




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