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Cannot Receive Calls after 1/19 - Samsung Epic™ 4G Software Update - EL30

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Yesterday after my Samsung Galaxy received the new software update, I now cannot receive calls. Every time there is an incoming call, a message appears that say it is requiring me to “force quite” the application. Not only to I have to force quite the application, I cannot see who is calling, and the call does not appear in my call log. This was not a problem prior to the software update. Of course when I called Sprint, they were "unaware of this issue". [Go figure...aren't they unaware of most issues blatantly wrong with the Galaxy phones?!?] Their solution was for me to take my phone to the nearest Sprint store and have them reset the phone back to the state before the update. Other than swearing that I will NEVER by a Samsung phone again or stay with Sprint after my contract expires; my solution would be ensure that any update does not have such drastic negative impacts such as the inability to receive incoming calls! I have restarted the phone and that does not seem to alleviate this problem.


I know this is mostly a new issue but are others having this issue and if so are there is there a solution that can resolve this egregious error on the part of both Sprint and Samsung?

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