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Photon: Text Messaging-Problems sending and recieving them

peekie0309 Newbie
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On both my Photons, I have had a continual problem sending and receiving text messages.  I have replaced both of them.  I regularly update my Profile and PRL and reboot.  Receivers do not receive my text messages timely, sometimes hours or days later. And sometimes I do not receive sender's messages timely, sometimes hours or days later.  Sometimes when I do recieve them, they come in all at once.  This morning I received 26 text messages from 11 different senders that were sent to me in the past 2 days.  Also, the same received messages often comes in repeatedly.  Duplicates galore.


Anyone else having this issue?  Please help me troubleshoot.  The reliability of instant text messaging is crucial.

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    To properly troubleshoot this issue we need to have you on the phone and have access to your account. We can then see which towers you are registering to and get a percentage of quality of service. Updating your (data) profile refreshes a username for data connections and does nothing for text messaging. Data and voice are separate. Also updating your PRL (Preferred Roaming List) will only be useful when you are not within Sprint coverage.

    The steps we need are to see actual tower handling of your device's registration. We will need to know if you have a Task Killer or Memory/Battery management program as well as other apps that you are using. do you ever see a roaming triangle on your device? When you place calls do you ever get a connection failure? Does anyone calling you ever tell you the call went straight to voicemail? Troubleshooting has to occur realtime on a phone call - call *2 from another Sprint phone or 888-211-4727 from any phone.

    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    peekie0309 Newbie
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    Thank you.  I contacted tech support.  Apparently it is a known issue with users connected to Airave and your engineers are working on it.  How will one be notified of the fix?

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    HotInEER Newbie
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    It's a known problem on all photons regardless of airwave.  I strongly urge you to return both phones if you are in your 30 day window because nothing can be done until Motorola/Sprint sends out a update to the phone, or even admits there are issues with texting, because as of right now, they both deny it.  No matter who I talk to, everyone single one of them act like they have never of any issues with the Photon.    Nothing they can do over the phone will work, we have all called coutnless times and it might work for a few days and then it goes back.

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    lsolark Newbie
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    My buddy and i both have EVOs and have been running into texting problems the last 2-3 weeks. Either they won't send or the recipient will receive the text(or duplicates) hours/days later.

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    bbwcraftycrafter Newbie
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    having same problems

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    deoduceassassin1189 Newbie
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    Having the same problems. Honestly Sprint is probably the WORST cell phone company I have ever been with, this is coming from a previous T-Mobile customer.

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    ChicagoBased Newbie
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    Apparently, this problem has been ongoing, judging from the dates of the above posts.  My brand new EVO stopped receiving text messages or notifying me of incoming calls about a week after I got it.  I filed my first support call on July 14, 2012, and have since been shuttled between online and in-store tech support several times with each just pointing fingers at the other -- "It's a network problem, part of an upgrade of towers" - "It has to be something in your phone" ....  But the phone has been completely nuked and a new OS installed.  I can only pick up texts and notifications of voicemails by placing a phone call.  It's a huge run-around on Sprint's part.  Someone needs to step up, be HONEST about the problem, and get a solution into the marketplace!  By the way, Sprint is in violation of contract by not being able to provide the contracted services.  I certainly have to pay my bill; why doesn't the company have to provide the services it agreed to provide?  Am I ticked off about this?  Darned right!  After more than a decade with Sprint, I'm ready to call them on the breach of contract and go to another provider.

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    prinkaj Newbie
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    Yea, I have the same issues with my Photon.  Sometimes it works ok, sometimes it doesn't.  I turn my phone off nightly now due to this issue.  Always seem to have problems sending texts w/pictures as well.  Sometimes I have to hit retry tons of times before it will finally go through and sometimes I find out it went through several times even though my phone is telling me it's not going through.  I do have an Airave which I have thought might be part of the problem however I have this issue elsewhere where I have full bars.

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    Mayajogi Newbie
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    I am not using Photon in US. I am using GSM and having same problem. it seems that there is a hardware problem that is not yet clarified by motorolla/sprint.

    so is there any solution for this??

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    Dval16 Newbie
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    I have the same issue. I contantly rebbot my phone in order to retrieve text messages htat were not sent. This is very annoying as I contantly travel domestically and internationally. Everytime I go to a Sprint store they cannot do anything for it except keep rebooting it. This is **** and I am now locked in for two years. I need a good reliable internaltional phone.

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    RJackR Regular Visitor
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    Today text is out again. Recently had Sprint store reflash handset after it lost all smartphone functionality. And after spending hours on telephone with tech support. Since then had been working fine. Did have to restore applications manually since Sprint wouldn't do a backup/restore on a reflash. Suspect email and other smartfunction to follow. Sigh.

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    Jman0210 Regular Visitor
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    I have had this issue as well as other issues with the device. I found that though sprint likes to say that the data and text is not connected with each other the fact is that when it comes to the phone so far it is. The Devices Radios have a serious issue with accepting WiMax signals ( False repersentation at least, check your phone state in your settings, wireless and status and you will see it what Im talking about). What this means is that if you try to recieve pic mail through the device it may, on its own, become stuck a restart will sometimes unstick this issue. More over the radiochip set has another issue of becoming stale on a network, I have noticed that leaving the 4g off does prevent it from becoming stale to some degree. The device will also intermittingly drop signal however show that it is connected to the the network. Ive found that outside of baby sitting the device there is no real fix for this issue.


    I have tried dozens of times to talk with sprint about the issue. They will trouble shoot perform basic tests and then send you on your way. DO NOT BE FOOLED when it comes to the photon if you start to have issues with text messages and not recieving phone calls regardless of having an airave, your device will fall pray to the same issues repeatly at various rates.


    Heres what I recommend take your device and seriously demend from sprint that they work to find a proper resolution. I have been on my end, and continue to trouble shoot my own device as sprint refuses to do anything as they will say that the device is working fine....though it is not. On another note to readers that would like the Motorola devices, be advised that when you buy the device you are in for a up hill battle with trouble shooting and device conflict resolution. I have resolved some issues on my own that sprint could not, and would not.  If you are not willing to have to trouble shoot your phone every day. Pick another carrier,  Sprint in their coverage specificly does not garuntee services, and at any time may limit, suspend or remove service by either removing local towers or by suspend service with or with out cuase. That is their words and not a my opinon, if that statement that sprint has stated does not cuase any concern then as a consumer I dont know what what does.


    Good luck to all users with the photon and any other sprint device,  you wont get what your paying for, At least I know i Havent.

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    RJackR Regular Visitor
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    The good news is powercycle (turn off, turn on) worked this time. Distressing to hear Jman0210's explanation. Sounds like a combination of early technology (WiMax) and EOL decision are going to keep handset problematic until replaced with one using more reliable technology. If I were Sprint, would subsidize the move for customers in order to retain good business, and avoid more bad word of mouth. Probably take a short term revenue hit, but if the technology is flakey, would work hard to replace it ASAP. Given the speed with which bad news travels, could damage the brand, perhaps fatally, if not addressed. As for me, will turn off 4G at night, and powercycle at least weekly. At some point, after 22 years, will likely leave Sprint for a more reliable telecom.

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    Mandrake73 Regular Visitor
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    This is a know issue with the hardware, Sprint has not sid a word, because they know that eventually people get ired and move on with their lives. If you can Get rid of the phones.


    Good Luck

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