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    ZachSka871 wrote:


    I called Sprint to report this issue.  I talked to TWO different people.  The second technician ACTUALLY LAUGHED AT ME and told me that I have a virus.  I told him I tried on two different computers.  He just kept chuckling at me and said, in a VERY condescending tone, "Well thank you for letting us know, sir" and then hung up.

    I'm a computer technician by trade, so I was more than a little insulted.


    All I can say is good.  I hope Sprint loses a lot of business over this.  I've done my part to try and help/warn them and I was treated fairly rudely for it.

    I agree with you, I'm fairly certain this isn't a virus.  It isn't affecting any other pages (and I have tried a lot of them).  I suspect it is a DNS issue.  In the packet sniffing log, I can see DNS requests go out over the network for sites with names like AKA DNS something that come back with IPs in the 208.91.x.x range (the same range as the final pages that the site is redirected to).


    And on top of that, a couple of my machines use completely different DNS servers, and they aren't having a problem.


    There is always a slim chance it could be a virus, but if it is, it is really well hidden, and currently only targeting the site...

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    couple things.


    1) they have been exploited (assuming someone didn't fubar dns).  The main landing page throws you over to  This most likely means something in their landing page has been comprised.  I see during page load a call to 

    2) My machine does not have a virus.  Case in point, I was able to get to my account by avoiding the landing page.

         a) google website hacked and you'll see this thread

         b) click on the login button on the right

         c) type in

    3) wahlaa - i'm in my account.


    This site appears to be served globally by an end to end content provider / accelerator so either the source (sprint) or the vendor is compromised. We could be landing on a load balanced server that has the problem.

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Official Statement: We're looking into these reports will all speed and seriousness.  We will report any findings. 


    You are correct - to view your account, visit

    and ensure the security identifies itself as


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    HELLO Sprint technical assistance.

    Me too. I may not access the website without a script error sending me off to

    The work around I found was to google sprint problems and enter through another portal on the site, like this "community." discussion.

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    Finally taking what we say serious --- about time!!!  It is more than frustrating to call in and be treated like you have no clue about technology.  You should be thanking us for taking the time to report the problem to you. 

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    Even using the workaround URL, I'm not able to pay my bill online. The page times out. I think the problem is much deeper than the landing page.

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    I was also having the same problem last night and it was driving me crazy.  I called sprint and told them I thought their site had been hacked but he said it was working fine for him.  I told him that was probably because he was on their intranet.  He would not listen to me.  I did a google search and found the following article:


    The guy in the article was also having the same problem.  But, after he posted, he came back in and edited his post saying he cleared his dns and cache and came back in and it all worked fine.  I tried this too and it fixed my problem.  I had been on the site reading the forums about a problem with my Motorola Photon 4g.  I logged into my account and was looking up info and all of a sudden it redirected to this page which really had a URL of yada yada.


    I went back to the forum to post my message and I could no longer get on any of the sprint pages.  Now that I have flushed my dns and cleared my cache.. it is all ok.   I still think something weird was on their site.  I will say this.. it did not happen to my daughter's computer but she is running a Mac... and she also did not try logging into my account.


    Very interesting indeed.

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    Same here. Can't pay my bill online. Lame

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Online Billpay is not impacted by this issue.  If you are getting timeouts on online billpay, that is unrelated to the redirect problem.  We are working with our IT, Security and Vendor teams to resolve the problem.

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    Users of FireFox may want ot install the Web Of Trust (WOT) pluggin.  I may not have noticed the hack until it was too late, but when I went to and was immediately redirected, WOT intercepted and saved the day.

    Use FireFox plugin installer to load the WOT plugin, don't download it from anywhere else.


    Coincently, the sprint page is loading properly now, so they must have just fixed it.

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    no_handle123: The site is not fixed yet.


    Sprint: There are numerous glitches occuring on your site. Even though I can log in using the mysprint page, the pages take FOREVER to load and features via links aren't working properly on my account page. The call log feature shows only the first page in raw text and I can't access the list beyond the most recent first page of calls.


    While this exploit might be considered more mischievious than dangerous, the longer it continues, the more concerned I am with the overall security of my personal information. Please keep us updated on the situation.

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    I'm telling you... if you flush your dns... clear your cache... it fixes it.  Everything worked much better when I did that.

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    Kimberly - flushed and cleared...still getting redirect if i go to main sprint site. I am using Chrome on Windows 7 x64 but experience it in IE as well.


    While I'm not a computer technician i know more than most about PCs. The problem is that we shouldn't have to advanced users just to browse the Sprint website. The average person just wants to log in to pay their bill or view their usage. Sprint already cost me enough hours troubleshooting this. Who's paying me for my time?

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    I have been having the same issue with coming up.  I get redirected as soon as I put into any of the three browsers I have on my computer.  Ran Malware program & scanned with my McAfee & it WAS NOT my computer.  There is no virus on my end, so it is something with itself.  This is happening not only to me, but a friend of mine also.  Obviously there is a problem with the website if there are more people with the same problem.  So, SPRINT...PLEASE FIX THIS MESS...LOL!!! Thank you!

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    On a MAC, OSX 10.6.8 - Flushed the DNS cache - did not resolve the issue with the landing page or bill pay.

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