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Low on space

JOANNA1010 Newbie
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My phone keeps giving me the icon that my phone is low on space.  Phone storage space is getting low.  What should I do?  What does this mean.  Phone is less that 6 months old

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    SA_Viper43 Bronze Expert
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    Download APP2SD from the Android Market (free) and open it. It will scan all apps and tell you what can be moved to your sd card. Then move the apps over to the sd card.

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    You can also go to Menu>>Settings>>Applications>>Manage Applications>>On SD Card  - The apps shown here with they gray button can be moved to the SD card by selecting them -green check- on the next screen select move to sd card


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    smotrs Master
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    Keep in mind, you CAN NOT move apps that are preinstalled by Sprint. Apps like Kindle, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, TeleNav, Nascar, etc.. that were installed as part of the OS have to stay on the mobile. The majority of all others can usually be moved to the SD Card.


    Hopefully on future phones Sprint won't handicap us or the Android Developers will figure out a way to have the Updated versions of these apps move to SD Card. Time will tell. 

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    SprintGirl1210 Newbie
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    You can try using a device to backup your files in your phone. Your phone could be loded with lots of files that's eating up your memory space.

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    arTim Expert
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    I agree with the above about moving what you can to SD and moving or deleting your downloaded files.  Thanks to some helpful people on here, I also found out that my internet cache, e-mail messages, and texts were taking up a large chunk of my memory.  I didn't think I texted or e-mailed that often from my phone, but they apparently add up over time.

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    smotrs Master
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    For your texting, it's best to set a limit regarding how many msgs to keep. You do this by going int othe messaging app and hitting Menu>Settings and looking for Storage Settings. Enable with a Checkbox and adjust how many SMS/MMS to keep per contact. I have mine set to 200/20

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    Levi4u Master
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    The truth of the matter is it's a major bug introduced with Gingerbread that HTC/Sprint are in no hurry to address. It's been reported thousands of times and we have been told that they were working on a fix, Then were told they are not. Chances are it will never be addressed. And all/any workarounds are temporary fixes as it will come back. Just search this forum and you will see how many are affected by it, And the conflicting information being provided concerning it.

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    a couple of apps that have for some reason been jumping in size are the email apps and for some reason the facebook apps. unless you actually use the facebook app go in (menu-settings-applications-manage applications-all) (once in hit menu again and then sort by size) and see which all apps are using ALOT of memory.  if lets say facebook is using alot then chose that, go in and clear data and cache. actually i recomend doing this on apps you really dont use to gain more space back. unfortunatly this is a bug as levi pointed out. for some a factory reset fixed the problem. for others not so much. i was one of the lucky ones that the FR actually fixed it. just pay attention to the things youre going to clear though. also if you have pre installed apps in there that you obviously cant remove or ever use chose those and uninstall their updates. saves a bit more space right there.

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