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2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.

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Why do we not have 4G service in Phoenix?   Phoenix being the 6th largest metropolitan city in the US and we still do not have 4G service.

  • 1. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    Markie_B Sprint Employee
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    In response to your question, Sprint and Clear are committed to maintaining the existing WiMax network through at least 2014; new buildouts on the Sprint network under Network Vision will enable LTE connectivity, but not WiMax.  So for the next two to three years you'll be able to use the WiMax radio on your phone when you are under the current WiMax network. We can't speak to any expansion plans Clear has for their WiMax network.



  • 2. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    RJBENSON18 Newbie
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    So there is not going to be any significant increase in network speed for the next 2 to 3 years in Phoenix?  Is that correct?  Significant being going from 3 mbps download to 7 mbps download.

  • 3. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    whatis4g Regular Visitor
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    I'm curious why it is that I am forced to pay for a 4G service when clearly  my area doesn't have 4G, nor does Sprint have any intention with bringing it to my area. They've cut their "losses" on the WiMax infrastructure and are preparing for the LTE... except even my new 3D EVO won't work on it when they release THAT 4g service... so wow, I got suckered all the way around, didn't I? I smell a class-action in the future.

  • 4. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    whatis4g Regular Visitor
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    Oh and as a side note (but STILL relevant), AT&T just released 4G in the Phoenix area... I guess the 6th largest metropolitan area in America doesn't deserve the attention of Sprint... but SOME service providers still consider it "worthy" it appears.

  • 5. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    14KNIGHT Master
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    The Sprint 4g wimax service is provide by a company  called clearwire  they set up  the infrastructure for the 4g service as they completed the build out in an area   we mark it as 4g. Clear wire has not opened any new sites and cannot tell you when or if your city will get 4g wimax in the future.   I would make the guess at this time they will not  as Sprints Network Vision plan in incorporating  4g lte system and is being rolled out at this time with plans to be completed by the end of 2013.   When your city will be upgraded to the improved network again I do not have that information   We are working on it now    Our first LTE devices will roll out this summer.  Wimax will be support in areas that have it for some time yet

  • 6. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    whatis4g Regular Visitor
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    EXACTLY!  You're admitting that the phones you're selling currently won't work on the new LTE network and that the Wimax will not be produced so that makes my $500 3d EVO pretty much a paper weight. Not only will I NEVER get the 4G service your salesman assured me was "just a month away" but I get to pay additional $ for the service I will never get. SWEET

  • 7. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    Sheshechic Newbie
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    I have two phones that I pay extra money for every month and Sprint still dosen't have the service that they sold me . I have asked them time and again why I am paying for a sevice they don't have they tell me it is for extra data service well I don't have any extra data service on those phones then on the other two. In fact they have the worst service I have ever had .I have been "working with tech support for two months now " and all I get is lets try this Sprint sent me a n Aris "signal " booster now I can get service in on more room in my home Yeah!!! but now I have a new problem 2 days for my voicemail to come through I am so fed up with this company selling service they can't provide.

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    GeneralThadeApe Regular Visitor
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    This is exactly what I'm the most upset at Sprint about at this time.


    I currently have a 3G Palm Pre phone that is getting kinda old & it already is quite outdated-- in fact, it pretty much s ucks!


    My contract with Sprint ends in 3 days.  My wife's will end in less than 3 months.


    Neither one of us currently pays the additional $10 "Evo 4G (yep, that's what it was first called)  / ( and now the newly defined) All Smartphone Switcheroo Shell Game" fee per phone. 


    I simply refuse to pay the fee because Colorado Springs doesn't have 4G in my area-- we've been promised it was coming for 2 years & still nothing -- and now, even if they did provide that service to us, it appears that it would've become obsolete within the next 2 years anyway.  Unbelievable.


    My only viable options at this time appear to be:

    1). Stay with Sprint & keep the old phones (and pricing) that we currently have & hope that they don't breakdown.

    2). Stay with Sprint & upgrade to new phones, pay $20 extra per month (for a service we won't receive for another 2 years or so) & then watch the phones become worthless within the next several months as the life of our contract outlives the life of the phones.

    3). Leave Sprint now, get a couple of awesome phones & actually receive the level of service that is promised from day one. 


    Hmmm-- let me think about this for a while.


    Wow Sprint-- it really becomes quite apparent what I should do once I laid everything down on paper. 


    I truly don't think that you guys have your act together.  I highly doubt that your s hit will be straight by the time that 4G LTE will roll out in my area.  I'm sure that there will be countess reasons why the price has gone up & the level of service hasn't gotten any better by then.  I have lost faith in your ability to keep up with other cell phone service providers & have grown tired of your blowing smoke up my  a ss in the meantime. 


    Come on Sprint-- time is running out.  Will you please pull yourselves together & fulfill the promises to your customers & not "nickel & dime us" any longer?!?!? 

  • 9. 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    jondzw Regular Visitor
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    I guess the NOW network is really the tomorrow network.

  • 11. Re: 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    UpsetInPhoenix Newbie
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    I am in a difficult position.


    I have 4 lines with Sprint on a family plan, and am pretty happy with the service. I enjoy no dropped calls, and relish the unlimited data.


    Here's the rub,


    I bought my EVO 4G on launch day almost 2 years ago. Everyday since I have been waiting for the promised 4G service that is no longer on it's way to Phoenix.


    Yes, I have been paying the $10 monthly "Smart Phone" surcharge (4G Tax), on 2 lines!!

    I have 4 lines with 4 smart phones, yet this fee is only charged on the 4G capable phones.

    Did I mention that we don't get 4G here?


    On to LTE..... The next 4G industry standard....


    It's time to upgrade my phone again. I would like to get the Google Nexus when it eventually comes out  But, when will Phoenix get LTE service through Sprint?

    Am I going to be forced to play this game again?


    Verizon offers LTE here in Phoenix, why not Sprint? When LTE is eventually offered here through Sprint, will the company go back on it's "Truly Unlimited" Data?


    I know most people complain here in the forums, but come on Sprint, this is an injustice. Where's the regulation when you need it? As a consumer, Clear and Sprint's agreements mean nothing to me. I only care about the final product and/or service.


    Is it time for me to take my 4 lines to another carrier where I am going to get the service I pay for?

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    tonyrl53 Valued Member
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    Sprints LTE rollout doesnt look like Phoenix will be a part of anytime soon. but hey every other city that has a lower population than Phoenix will. What did Phoenix do to sprint to be left out?

  • 13. Re: 2012 and NO 4G service in Phoenix, AZ.
    JonInPhx Newbie
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    This is all shades of the last two years of the dangling 4G carrot of Wimax 2 years ago. Maybe Sprint will have 4G LTE in Phoenix in 2014? Or maybe we should just wait for the EVO 7G? What would that be 2020? LOL. Sad sad way to treat the sixth largest city in the country and its customers.

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    tonyrl53 Valued Member
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    Recent article showing what appears to be a map of the country and where sprints 4g lte network will all be by the end of 2013? Phoenix showing green? guess well have to wait and see.

    If sprint can get the galaxy note and lte here I will be a happy camper.

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