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    If the GPS worked in the store than you happened to be in a spot where it can communicate properly with the satellites in orbit. Its not a software problem, and I doubt that they will issue a fix for it. Don't try to attack me I tried to help others who are stuck with the phone for 2 years and would like to atleast use the GPS sometimes. I posted my personal trouble shooting results. I don't have to go through any trouble at all. Just sitting the phone flat on the table does not bother me. Using GPS test is not necessary. I never suggested clearing AGPS because it does nothing in my experience. Its not Sprints fault and Sprint will not be the one to fix it. Of course there is a fix in the works. There is always a fix in the work. Will you get it is the big money question. I also had the samsung moment, and it never got a gps fix or an update to fix the gps. You think they care they have your money. If anything look at it like this you got the deal because I paid the full unsubsidized price. 200 is a discounted rate. I paid 500. The phone costs 500 dollars you get it for 200 becuase you enter an agreement with them its called carrier subsidized pricing. You want my advice. If you are not happy with the phone there are many people out there who want to take it off your hands, and will pay you a lot more than 200 bucks for it. Sell it! then buy you a phone that has good gps, but Im betting there will be something that you wont like about the new one. Like battery life issues. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniack just admitted the Iphone has poor battery life and its not as advanced as Android http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57359883-37/woz-concedes-android-advantages-over-iphone/ , I know for a fact HTCs have poor battery life, Motorola has poor screen technology, but hey all the ones I just named have working GPS this epic touch sold for 100 bucks more than you paid for it http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S-II-D710-Epic-4G-Touch-Black-16GB-Sprint-Smartphone-extr-/260943113302?pt=Cell_Phones&hash=item3cc16bec56 Sell it if you cant live with it.

  • 61. How to Get a GPS Fix On Epic 4g Touch
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    When people say that GPS works instantly or indoors, they are seeing cell tower assisted location.   There's a switch to turn it on or off because it also enables continuous monitoring by Google.  Real GPS takes about a minute to start working because the receiver has to wait for each sattelite to send its orbit data.  In the case of the phone that I just returned, real GPS doesn't work so it can almost never locate itself outside an urban area.  Mine's on its way back to Samsung now.  Hopefully they send me a newer make that works to specifications or I'll need a refund.  (It also went nuts when the cell signal was weak)

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    Sorry I never attacked any one. I simply tested my phone as it was in a very warm state and there was no result of heat causing the GPS to fail. Thats why I ran this test. I can understand how expensive these phones are and when they dont perform the way we want them to well it is very upsetting. You have to remember that all these smart phones and even the iphone have bugs within in the realm of the firmwares. If it was a heat issue Im sure my phone would take a lot longer to get a GPS lock but it didnt. Maybe there was a bad batch of epic touches that went out the door who really knows but one thing for sure is this epic touch is the best phone out hands down. I use my gps a lot and I can also tell you I think sprints telenav has some issues compared to google maps. I noticed google maps runs way smoother than telenav. 

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    I'm sorry to hear about your GPS lock issues and I hope  that you get it resolved.  I brought up the GPS Status & Toolbox app process a few posts earlier of using GPS Status & Toolbox to get a good GPS lock (I always launch GPS Status & Toolbox frst to confirm a good GPS lock before using an app that utilizes GPS) because it always has worked for me and my friends).  Have you tried that method?  I totally understand the difference between using GPS ("Use GPS satellites" setting is checked) and Cell Tower assisted location ("Use wireless networks" setting is checked) and am aware of location monitoring and I always have the "Use wireless networks" setting unchecked or turned off.  I just thought it would be helpful to try to help users with GPS lock issues about possibly resolving them with solutions from personal experience as well as from other users.  I use GPS on my phone when I use apps like Google Navigation (blue Arrowhead with "Navigation" label as opposed to Google Maps since Google Navigation only uses GPS (popup stating GPS is disabled, Show location settings?) as opposed to Google Maps which will ask you if you want to turn on wireless networks to enhance accuracy), Runkeeper (for my runs/jogs in the park) and Golf apps (yardage to the flag from my ball location on the course).  My Samsung Transform and my girlfriend's new Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets very good GPS locks within 10 seconds (outside or inside a house, clear skies) using GPS Status & Toolbox) with 6-9 satellite locks and 1-4 metres (3.28-13.12 feet) of accuracy!  Here are two other threads about resolutions for GPS lock issues (toggling the Airplane Mode setting) specifically for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch:



    Also, here is another forum for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch that might be useful for more information about the phone and user experiences:


    I agree with miserydan1's assessment that Samsung Epic 4G Touch is an excellent and poweful phone and one of the best phones out right now (probably even better with ICS)!  Battery life is as good if not better than my Samsung Transform (24+ hours with moderate usage).  Using the battery conditioning recommendations as well as sensible battery usage tips for her new Epic 4G Touch, she is getting battery life statistics of 28 hours of use with 33% battery life remaining (the battery saving feature was not even triggered since it was set to enable at 30% battery life)!  The Battery Life data was as follows:

    Andorid OS 36%, Display 19%, Android System 11%, Dialer 9%, Cell Standby 8%, Voice Calls 6%, Phone Idle 6%, etc.

    The display on her phone is set to one or two notches above the minimum setting, 4G and bluetooth turned off, Wifi turned on (Wi-Fi sleep policy in Wi-Fi advanced setting set to default setting of "Never") and the default wallpaper for a new Epic 4G Touch as well as 8 widgets used - Touchwiz Clock & Weather, BatteryLife (Curvefish), Ringer Toggle Widget (Rounded Labs), Touchwiz Calendar, Touchwiz 3-setting voice command widget, Google+, Google Search, and Springpad widgets. There are no third party Task Managers or battery saving/monitoring apps like Advanced Task Killers (ATK) or Juice Defender apps installed as they are not needed since Android 2.2 Froyo and actually cause issues and problems with your phones!  She has Gmail and Outlook Exchange emails with Outlook Exchange set to 5 minute push email polling from 8am to 6 pm (core hours) and hourly therafter (she gets 100+ emails a day), phone calls, text, Facebook usage through the mobile Facebook browser (we prefer accessing it through the browser instead of the app since the browser is quicker and reliable while the app has a number of issues and is a battery drain) and Sudoku.  Outlook Exchange initial sync (Email (thousands), Calendar (hundreds of events), and Contacts (a few thousand)) was a breeze with Wi-Fi enabled and the Epic 4G Touch's dual-core phone with 1 GB RAM.  If I had not decided on waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE phone later this year, I would not hesitate to get the Samsung Epic 4G Touch right now.  Finally, with the update to ICS in a few months time, I'm sure you will all continue to enjoy this phone for a while until you upgrade to an LTE phone!

    Note:  Battery life data I documented above also includes 12 photographs we took (rear and front cameras).


    Update: Her Epic 4G Touch has now gone 41+ hours with 4% battery life left!  It will probably go for another 4 hours with the the power saving mode feature enabled (all power saving mode settings checked except "Turn Off Sync" and brightness at 10%.  I'm really impressed with the battery life of this phone especially since it's a 4G phone with a 4.52" display! 


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    Yes I know the difference between the 2 you are talking about. In an earlier post I had talked about my in car GPS. It usually takes about 3 minutes to get a lock so I really dont know what everyone is so upset that theyre smart phone takes a couple minutes to get a lock. My samsung epic touch takes about 6 seconds and thats fast but even if would take a couple minutes i wouldnt be upset beacause it is pretty normal.

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    I just wanted to let you know about LTE. LTE is in no shape or form faster than wimax that sprint has. If you google it the reason that verizon is getting faster download and upload speeds is because. 1st. Sprint has a lot more customers on the wimax band meaning that there is a lot more bandwith being drained at all times where 2nd. Verizon has a lot less customers using LTE with very little bandwith usage plus verizons little trick also is they are not fully unlimited like sprint. Basically once they have more and more customers using LTE they will experience slower download and upload speeds. To prove this look at At&T. Theyre LTE speeds are faster than verizons right now with way less customers. I ran a 4g speed test here in pittsburgh last week with a fully charged epic touch with 4 full bars and was hitting between 10m and 20m download so then again I proved that LTE is not faster. I put this epic touch through so many tests and its flawless. Thanks

  • 66. How to Get a GPS Fix On Epic 4g Touch
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    Thanks for the tip!  I agree that WiMax and LTE are comparable technologies with Sprint's WiMax network supposedly having a faster (higher) theoretical peak download speed of 128 Mbit/sec vs Verizon's LTE network with 100 Mbit/sec.  Realistical speeds will be much lower than that and as you pointed out are affected by the number of users on the network or specifically to a WiMax/LTE cell tower, WiMax/LTE cell tower proximity, etc.  Since Sprint's LTE network will be active this summer in select cities with a projected completion by 2013, I figure I would wait until the Sprint LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, especially if the specifications and features of the phone are close to the rumors so far (ICS, 1.6 - 2.0 GHZ Quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 12 MP camera, etc.).  The Samsung Galaxy S3 should be a phone that I will keep for at least 2-3 years! :-)

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    Another update on my experience with the GPS on my THIRD Samsung Epic 4g Touch.  I had a business trip Thursday and Friday, took my personal vehicle.  One way distance about 120 miles plus some driving at destination.  Lost GPS once on the way their, no apparent reason as phone was sitting in the passenger seat on clear day.  Put it up on the windshield and eventually got GPS back.

    At destination, had trouble getting GPS in the parking lot of the office, almost always so this may just be a location thing.  By the time I got to the hotel, GPS was working again.  However, the problem is I don't need the GPS to work once I get there, I need it to help me get there in the first place

    The worst experience was on the trip home.  I lost GPS signal while passing a big truck (coincidence?) and it returned about 10 minutes later.  However, about 60 miles into the trip, so about 60 miles from home, the GPS went out and would not come back.  While in stop and go traffic, I even closed everything and opened GPS test, put the phone in the windshield and still no GPS lock.  The entire second half of the trip on the way home, the GPS did not work.  Later that evening I got some satellites in the bedroom.

    To put it one way, the GPS simply isn't reliable.  Whether it's hardware, software, whatever, it's just not reliable.  This is ok if you know where you're going.  But when the GPS stops working when you are in completely unknown territory, it's very scary.  It's almost impossible to do anything with the phone while driving.  So you have to stop and spend several minutes jumping through the GPS Test hoops mentioned previously, hoping that it locks and you can go again. 

    One last thing, I did get pushed the EL29 update prior to my trip.  Whether that helped or hurt, I can't be sure.  But my gut feel is the GPS has degraded somewhat from when I brought it home with the EK02 update.  Anyone else have EL29 experience and what is your thoughts on GPS before/after?

  • 68. How to Get a GPS Fix On Epic 4g Touch
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    Exactly.  This is what we are faced with, Sprint!  Is anyone listening?  Other users on this forum, If your GPS works, give it a while, and it will stop.  Did it work last time you tried it?  Well, there is a 1 in 2 chance that the next time it won't.  This is most likely associated with a firmware bug involving the cache.  And, for the folks who compare this to a dedicated GPS device, well, they don't have a cache at all, and take longer to sync up.  We have the advantage of having a high speed (more or less) internet connection, and should be able to refresh the background data reliably.  And realize when it is out of date. 


    We shouldn't have to go through 'put it on a flat surface' or 'run GPS Test and reset' or the other bend over backwards steps to get the phone to sync.  I'm sure Samsung and Sprint understand this.


    Samsung, or Sprint ... pay attention.  The people who aren't complaining are mainly people who don't realize they have a problem.  This is serious, but could probably be fixed with a firmware update.  Please help!  This is a pretty neat phone/tablet otherwise, but older, less sophisticated 'smart' phones worked way way way better than this with regard to mapping.

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    OK here is a video showing how to get a lock. I omitted the gps test step  because some users thought that it was a necessary step. It is not! Gps test is serves the same purpose as the bars at the top of the phone serve for cell coverage. Just to let you know how good your satellite coverage is so to speak.   All you have to do is lay the phone flat. NO sensor aiding no assisted  GPS just sit the phone down. Have a look. Sure the maps will cache and  update via the Internet but the GPS communicates with satellites. I hope  this helps clear up how to get a GPS lock on the Epic 4g touch. I do  not consider it bending over backwards. Its just putting the phone down  for a second. Keep in mind I started the thread and a similar one about  the poor quality of the GPS and mine works when its not in my hand.  I can re create the results over and over again.




    THIS IS HOW I GET A GPS FIX EVERYTIME!!!!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGcnAqZoznE&feature=youtu.be

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    That is because when the phone is warm ie next to your hand after a lot of charge discharge battery temp is a help & indicator! the GPS flat out degrades if your phone is sitting in the sun or on the dash or seat it will do the same thing a brand new phone out of the box works for about a couple good months then as it gets warm or over time the GPS degrades im on my second phone because if this the replacement phone was not a refurb.. I have tried turning the phone off then back on it helps because the phone cools off and it also resets the radio and gps, its just like the LOS issue or airplane mode glitch with the samsung moment rebooting in some cases does help, the issue with out phone is related to heat, degragation over time, hardware. Thats why when you get the phone band new it works so good you even get locks from a basement or bunker building.. New the phone works great after houres of use it degrades fast.. samsung had this same exact issue with the moment I have 3 in my postion and had 4 at one time they have a flow where GPS either works or it dont. some of the chips or components where defective and hit or miss I am telling you the issue with the epict touch 4g is heat hardware degragation related.. I think the issue is because the CPU & GPS is completely built into 1 chip and the chip is maybe mounted grid array beed smc mounted soldered in.. maybe raw analog/coax plugs into the cpu or something and after time heating and cooling causes the chip to loose connection to the chip I dont know this proven with out a dought but I kinow the formula..

    More time of use the phones seams to degrade GPS

    More heat applied to the phone seams to cause GPS to degrade

    The chip on the sprint haves the GPS built into the CPU I believe the other phones that have snapdragons probably are not and dont have issues like us

    Its hardware related because replashing reprograming changing the software on the phone doesnt work help or fix it if anything when it cools down after reboot is what helps more then data resets

    it may even work intermidently based on past temp conditions based on physical related contacts based on temp or vibration I dont know cant pinpoint it.

    I have tested GPS using Apps like Google Maps, Sprint Tele Nav, Elvision Battery widget (battery temp) GPS Status & Toolbox by eclipsim, GPS Test by chartcross limited I tried different locations views of the sky etc all results are consistant and the same and prove some kind of a link in my case. I have even tried reprogramming the radio thinking the A-Tower course cell tower Locating was goofing up the GPS, you can reprogram it by dialling ##4772579# in your dialpad then enter your msl you can get that by calling sprint nicely asking for it or by getting better terminal emulator and typing getprop ril.MSL  msl is uppercase.

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    I had tried leaving the phone outside in the open, on a flat surface, with an unobstructed view of the sky.  Sometimes it got a lock after 5 to 10 minutes but other times it ran the battery dead trying.  I think this lengthy thread shows that GPS is not reliable or consistent on this phone.

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    Joe, You should change you title to "THIS IS HOW I GET A GPS FIX EVERYTIME!!!!!".  If it was that simple I don't we would be constantly complaint about it.


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    Joe, with this third phone, I can more or less get a GPS lock as you described. Although, I never get a lock that fast unless I'm outside in full view of the sky.  Right now, I'm following your procedure, same settings, same steps, phone is laying flat, and the GPS light has been blinking for over a minute, no lock.  Not even a single satellite visible on GPS Test.  I can jump through hoops and reset agps and all that nonsense, and eventually get a lock.


    The problem is, getting a GPS lock and actually being able to use the GPS reliably and consistantly are two different things.  Read my post above, about losing GPS mid-trip.  It doesn't matter that I got a lock before I started, if it goes out while I'm driving, I'm completely screwed.  Unfortunately, I don't always know where I'm supposed to go.... If I did, I wouldn't need the GPS in the first place.  And trying to get the GPS lock while you're driving is an accident waiting to happen.


    And I know, if I need a GPS that much then get a reliable one.  But I don't accept that - this phone is the top of the line, best android phone they have according to Sprint.  And it's GPS doesn't work nearly as well as my previous phones.  With my previous phones, I did not have to worry about losing signal mid trip.  They just worked.  It's not too much to ask from this current flagship phone in the year 2012.

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    jimmygr02, I’m sorry to hear about your issues with your phone’s GPS.  Have you tried using GPS Status & Toobox (EclipSim) instead of GPS Test (Chartcross Limited)?  I used to use GPS Test but switched to GPS Status & Toolbox when I found out it could reset the phone's GPS cache and download the aGPS almanac data.

    Here is the market link for the app:



    GPS Status & Toolbox  allows you to reset the GPS cache and download aGPS almanac data through the following process (Menu->Tools->Manage aGPS Data, select 'Reset' and then repeat the steps and select "Download' to download the aGPS almanac data) to help your GPS get almanac data on the satellites.



    Before I plan on using the GPS on my phone for running (Runkeeper) or Navigation (Google Navigation with the blue arrowhead app icon), I always use GPS Status to ensure that I get a good lock on my phone (usually 1 - 6 meters of error).  I have a very high success rate of getting a good GPS lock within 10 seconds, especially on a clear day, whether indoors or outdoors and I don’t find it much of an inconvenience to turn on the phone’s GPS, launch GPS Status & Toolbox and confirm a good GPS lock, exit out of the app and launch the Navigation app (Perhaps you can turn on your phone’s GPS and use GPS Status to get a lock daily to keep the almanac data current on your phone).

    Under Settings->GPS & Sensors ->Auto-download AGPS data you can select to automatically download the latest data when GPS Status is run (download if older than 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, etc.).  aGPS data age is displayed in the lower left corner of the app until you get a GPS fix.

    Some users have also toggled the Sensor Filtering to “No Filtering” instead of the default “Weak” filtering to get a quicker GPS fix.   Here’s a thread about this:



    On the rare instance that I’m having a GPS lock issue, the final solution for me is to reboot the phone and repeat the process of getting a GPS lock again, and fortunately it has always worked for me.   Some users have also recommended going to Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->All tabs and clicking on Google Maps and Network Location and clearing the Cache data.

    Here are some more threads on the Galaxy S2 (International) advocating the use of GPS Status & Toolbox as well.  Also, some users reported the use of encryption affecting the phone’s GPS and toggling Credential Storage to resolve the issue.

    “Originally Posted by danonhThen I found a setting under Menu > Settings > Location and Security > Credential Storage called "Use secure credentials". Once I checked this and entered my password, I tried the GPS again and IT WORKED!!!”





    My girlfriend’s new Samsung Epic 4G Touch has not had any GPS lock issues so far, especially since I always use GPS Status & Toolbox beforehand, and the phone has no issues getting a very good GPS lock indoors or outdoors.  I hope this information helps somehow!

    Edit: Your phone had GPS lock and was working for a while until it stopped working.  Was it cloudy at that time?  For some reason it seems to have been unable to get a lock again and going through the routine of launching GPS Status, deleting and resetting the GPS cache and downloading the aGPS almanac data may have helped at that location.

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