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Random reboots on new LG Marquee

Dee_Ritter Regular Visitor
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Does anyone have this problem too? It seems the Marquee is rebooting itself quite often, sometimes even when it's not in use. There's plenty of room on its internal memory - like over a gig - and it started doing this from the get-go, even before I started loading on the Android apps.

I bought it online a couple weeks ago, so I don't expect Sprint to help me with it. The seller stated "I took it out of  the box to take pictures are verify that it works, but this phone has  never been used or activated.  It is new.  Comes in the original box  with all original accessories." I believe him... it looks new and I had no issues activating it.

Any advice for testing or ???


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    abe2020 Sprint Employee
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    It may not be a  memory issue on the phone that your phone is rebooting itself, I would suggest you to reset the phone fully and then activate the phone.Reset steps using device keys.1. Turn the power off. 2. Press and hold the following keys for over 10 seconds: Down Volume Key + . 3. When the power turns on, release these keys power/lock key.


    Let me know.


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    Thank you very much.

    It took me a while to give up on other (easier) solutions, mostly uninstalling suspicious applications, but as of a few days ago my phone became useless (continuous crash and auto-reboot). I was glad to find my Sprint registration was not erased with all my user data.

    I do want to give you the feedback that the system restore screen had several options, and that it was not obvious how to navigate it without a keyboard. Happily, I did all the right things by experimentation.

    Thank you again for leading me to a self-help solution. I was dreading calling Sprint customer service or visiting a Sprint store.

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    Dee_Ritter Regular Visitor
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    Update.... after 3 "factory reset" efforts and careful testing (as a consumer), the random reboot problem was never resolved. There are other problems, as well, such as getting hot, freezes, failure to retain game settings, and failure to enter photos into the gallery after the first two taken (others are safely stored on the SD card.) Finally, convinced I had a "lemon", today I took it into the local Sprint repair center and was told that crashes and freezes are known problems and that a software update from LG is expected soon. Meanwhile, just live with it until Sprint sends the update to my Marquee. Gotta say I wish manufacturers would test their products more thoroughly before releasing them to the public!

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    Off-topic update: The photo gallery problem I mentioned in my reply earlier today was an SD card problem or corrupt file effect, not an LG Marquee problem. That's good... one less thing!

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    schermanb Newbie
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    Dee you are not alone. My Marguee does the same stuff. I have had it since November and I HATE the phone. It locks up all the time and it overheats. Finally yesterday after several calls to Sprint they are sending me a replacement Marquee. We will see how that goes. But reading on other websites, I hardly doubt that will be the fix. The LG Marquee is the WORST phone LG ever came out with and I been using LG smart phones for over 10 years.

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    schermanb, you're lucky. The manager of my local (Albany, OR) store sent to a corporate store in Salem, OR, about a 45 minute drive. They said that the local store could only order a refurb replacement, would charge me $35 to do that, and I would lose use of my phone for a week or more. They sent me to Salem because the manager said a corporate store could immediately exchange for a brand new phone for free. Wrong. It's the same "deal". The Albany manager apologised for my 1-1/2 hours of driving, 2-1/2 hours of my time, an hour of my arguing my case with various managers, and $16 in gas by saying he'd like to do something for me to make up for my trouble. Get this: he offered me a free screen protector! A week later I went back to AT&T. The wasted phones (AT&T uses GSM) and the $180 early termination fee was worth it to get rid of Sprint's rotton customer service!

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    crafting.grandma.mi Newbie
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    I just got my Marque in April and I had problems right  away. Now I can't even get it to boot. Not sure what to do.

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    jsninetyone Newbie
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    LG Marquee is sub par "Mechanical Engineering" I think.


    The design of the SDcard interface with the rest of the device...or something.


    I've had issues with the "ID" as well.

    Profile customization seems to be limited to Sprint's designs which are whack to say the least.


    From VZW DroidII to SprintLGMarquee...bummer

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    Courtneyoliver13 Newbie
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    I've had a Marquee since the beginning of last year. Just a couple weeks ago, it shut off randomly and never came back on. I got a replacement that did the random reboots, and I was absolutely furious. I sent that back after a week, and now my second replacement won't let me text or call! I swear, once my contract is up in January, I'm leaving Sprint. It's not worth the money or the hassel!

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