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  • 15. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    fireguy_6364 Master
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    random question but are all of your routers (everyone posting in here with this issue) wireless N only? or are they running B,G,N? even most routers will say it is a wireless n router but will have the ability to run all of those. my phone doesnt have any issues with wifi but my router is running all of those.

  • 16. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    MILLIEIBN1 Newbie
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    After updating I too have had issues with wifi.  Wifi forever sits in "error" limbo, I can tap it but nothing happens.  And also 4G is not working either it just says unable to start 4G.  I tried all the different reported fixes and nothing has cleared up my issue. I even did a hard reset and still no fix to wifi or 4G.  My husband was able to do a soft reset and got his phone to work properly but mine is still not operating correctly.

  • 17. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    MD.Alvarez Regular Visitor
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    I am having the same problem. I restored my phone (which is not nice as I lost everything including my work email account) and check the Use Statatic IP but the WiFi continues to drop. Checking the router sounds like a good idea but I cannot change the corporate network!

  • 18. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
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    This is completely ridiculous! Every time Sprint releases an update for Evo they mess up something major and their first solution is to factory reset! *** are we supposed to spend hours on restoring the phone settings and app customization because they don’t bother to test these **** updates before releasing them. It seems like they just wait for us to complain about the new bugs!

    I’m sick and tired of these updates; this is what we get for NOT rooting the phone and relying on Sprint software development team to keep our phones barely up to date. I pay my monthly fees on time without a glitch, how come I’m not getting a glitch free update! Not only are the updates taking more and more of the limited internal memory every time, which will eventually force you to buy a new phone even if you don’t want to, but also they have hidden bugs which makes the phone less usable then before. Certainly defeats the purpose of an UPDATE, doesn’t it!

    Yes I am having the same Wi-Fi issue, and no I’m not going to restore my phone and spend hours looking for my apps and settings. I didn’t change anything before the update as far as the Wi-Fi goes so I shouldn’t have had any issue after the update if it was already quality checked before release.

    Wi-Fi dropouts aren’t a simple problem as how Sprint customer service is putting it and suggest to FACTORY RESET! Most of us are connected to our home, work, school Wi-Fi networks on daily basis, and need this connectivity.

    Sprint development team must fix this issue immediately otherwise my monthly payment will start having similar bugs. And Sprint development team must make a revert update option available from now on for situations like this, so at least we have a freaking option to make the phone workable meanwhile they figure how they messed up the new update.

    I know this comment/complain/ suggestion letter is not going to make much difference but if other users are reading this and have had similar issues, please don’t hesitate to make your voice heard.

    Rooting your phone should NOT be the only alternative to avoid such messes for a paying customer, right?!

  • 19. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    StarrT06 Newbie
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    I, too, have had the same issue. I have to use my wireless router for my phone due to the fact I a mobile.home with metal roof and I have no signal. Since the last update, I have been having the issue of staying connected to my WiFi. I called customer service and they wanted me to do a factory data reset. So they created a ticket for me to take it into a store. I took it to the store and they too wanted to do a reset. Well, I came home and wrote down all my apps and did a factory reset. My prob with WiFi has gotten worse. Idk why the Sprint ppl think that a factory reset is the answer, when its not. I have 2 phones on my acct, both HTC EVO 4G.. I told my bf not to reset cause it would just make prob worse. And since I've read that Sprint will no longer carry the EVO 4G, I don't look for do a lot for a phone that is almost history.. what option do we have to fix this?

  • 20. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    fireguy_6364 Master
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    someone else in another thread ended up replacing their router and then it worked just fine. not sure if it could be the same issue across the board here but i would think it has something to do with the settings on the router and the phone no longer accepting it. i have yet to have any issues with wifi but my router is a n router and  is running b, g, and n.

  • 21. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    Chiquilino Newbie
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    I've been having the same WiFi dropout problem since the update on or about Jan 31, 2012.  I called Sprint.  One of their solutions was to have me change the ROAMING settings on the phone.  That was definitely a person who has no idea.  They also flashed a reset on my phone.  Nothing worked.  They want me to go to a Sprint store to roll back this update, but why are they recommending removing an update that was supposed to enhance WiFi security? This update is a mess and the problem is not being addressed.  in particular, if factory resets are not working (which I was willing to do), do I seriously have to buy a new router to make it work?  I don't think so, because anywhere I go that has WiFi, be it friend's houses, public WiFi in cafes or restaurants, etc, or library WiFi, the signal drops out the same way it does at home since I got the update, so I know it's not my router.  This is sad that Sprint is not willing to take ownership of this problem and fix it.

  • 22. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    fireguy_6364 Master
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    im sure they would if this was something that hit everyone equally..but seeing as how its hit and miss with people its hard to narrow down why yours is doing this but someone elses isnt. have you done any of the usual self help attempt fixes? yank the battery for no less than 2 minutes..hold down the power button for about 5 seconds..put the battery back in and turn it back on. next would be to delete the saved wifi locations and re add them.

  • 23. Re: 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    Markie_B Sprint Employee
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    This has been an ongoing issue and we are currently working with the development team to work towards a resolution. If you can we need examples or your logs from your phones. You can obtain them by going through these steps:


    System Loggers

    Enable: "Device Logger", "Radio Logger", "Events Logger", "Kernel Logger"

    Also enable: "Auto Start Logging"

    Hit the "Back" key twice to return to the home screen

    Wait for issue to reproduce

    When the issue does occur make note of what time the issue occured and take picture of what you see if possible

    Copy the logs off of your SD card and zip them, attach them to a an email and email them to me at:

    please email to

    When this is complete go ahead and go back into *#*#HTCLOG#*#* and disable logging

    I know this is a lot to ask and we appreciate you doing this for us so we can show examples to the developers of the trend we are seeing.



  • 24. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    fireguy_6364 Master
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    gah...will you techs stop replying off my messages...makes it look like im the one having the issue in here lol




    which im not...wifi issue free

  • 25. Re: 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
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    As much as I'd like to get Carrier IQ off my phone (or as HTC and Sprint call it, a "security update") I don't want to risk the downside issue others are having. I have already had one other occasion of problems caused by an EVO Android update requiring a hard reset. Sure you can save your contacts and apps for reinstal but redoing all the perfectly customized and tweaked settings and accounts data took weeks of using my phone to get it back to where it was. ("Hey, why is my phone doing that??? ... Oh, yeah, I forgot about THAT little checkbox setting". Android is so convoluted with all the settings).


    What a P I A dilemma. And to see all the posts that a factory reset didn't even help the problem.

  • 26. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
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    I have the same problem. Wifi drops every 3 mins to be exact. Long story short, after 4 trips to my local Sprint service center, 6 phone calls to Sprint, two phone calls to HTC, and two replecement phones from Sprint, everybody points their finger at somebody else. I'm starting to feel like the people at Sprint and HTC are trying to make me give up on getting the problem fixed and hope I'll go away. I'm not going away. I'm extremely disappointed.  I was told today that I would be given a ticket number and my phone would be replaced, but this time with a comparable phone from a different manufacturer. I was told all I had to do was go back to the Sprint service center and with the ticket number and it would be taken care of. That was a complete lie. The service center cannot replace any HTC phone with anything other than the same model. HTC's warranty will not allow Sprint to do otherwise(or so I'm told). Now I'm waiting for a 'supervisor' to call me back. This will be the 4th phone call to/from Sprint today!

  • 27. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    fireguy_6364 Master
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    stated above  you a couple posts. this is now a known issue and they are working on it.

  • 28. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    Mjansen4 Newbie
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    Call Sprint.  They claim to know nothing about it. The issue is not on their 'known issues' list. Please, if you're having this problem, call and complain about it. At the very least you can get a replacement Evo. I called multiple times and have had my problem solved. I now have a replacement Motorola Photon 4G. Thanks Sprint. Finally!

  • 29. 4.67.651.3 Broke Evo 4G Wifi
    StarrT06 Newbie
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    When I called Sprint, they told me that there's nothing I can do since I've already taken.the phone back to factory with no improvements. It only made prob worse. But will call them again.. hope your Photon works better..

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