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  • 30. Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    JSILVE1 Newbie
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    GPS Status seemed to help me a lot. Thanks!

  • 31. Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    zevon01 Newbie
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    Same problem as the other folks here, though the posted solutions did not help me.  Can someone explain how to 'disable encryption'?

  • 32. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    nd13 Newbie
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    Have been experiencing same problem for some time but did not when I first received the phone.  Engaged the PIN functionality after having the phone for a bit but did not link the PIN to the lack of GPS lock.  After reviewing messages in this thread:


    • With PIN functionality still engaged
      • Installed GPS Status app
      • GPS would not lock
    • Removed the screen PIN functionality
      • No screen security enabled
      • Rebooted phone
      • GPS locked on immediately
    • Activated screen PASSWORD functionality
      • Rebooted phone
      • GPS locks immediately


    With all of the changes, PIN activiated, no screen security and PASSWORD activated, the Use Secure Credentials box remained grayed and checked. 


    Good luck

  • 33. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    Ahnicka Valued Member
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    Hi nd13,


    Are you saying that you now have complete functionality of your GPS after doing those things?  If so, does it last longer than 2 - 5 minutes?  Longer than 30 minutes?  I thought I read somewhere that this caused someone to lose all of their stuff on their sdcard; did your sdcard remain completely intact after doing the things you mentioned?

  • 34. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    ej6 Regular Visitor
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    I followed the steps in ND13's post and my GPS works perfect now.


    Installed GPS Status app

    Activated screen PASSWORD functionality

    Rebooted phone

    GPS locked on immediately

  • 35. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    davepindy Newbie
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    ND13's post seems to fix the problem on my Sprint (USA) Galaxy S2.  For those of you who don't read cryptic geek-only instructions, note....


    1. Download the "GPS Status & Toolbox" app from the Android "Play Store"  and then install on your phone .


    2. Un-check your phone pin or "visible pattern" screen lock security.  If you don't use it, then don't worry about unchecking it.  On the Galaxy S2 this is found in Settings > Location and security.  I use the visible pattern so I unchecked it here.


    3. Re-boot your phone.  Just hold the power (right side button) until prompted to turn off the phone.  Press "Power off" and then wait a few mins.  The push the same button for two seconds and release to turn the phone back on.


    4. Le the phone fully re-boot.  Then go into Settings > Location and Security and re-check your pin or visible pattern screen lock.


    5. To see if it worked, try opening google maps, search for a business and try getting directions to it.  After I made this fix, the nav with Google maps locks on almost instantly!  (before it was, ugh! ...well you know)

  • 36. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    BUSTAENZ14 Regular Visitor
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    I am getting sick of this phone.  Unfortunately had it longer than 14 days BEFORE realizing that the GPS signal never locks on.  My old original EVO was awesome.  I want to get rid of this phone and get the new EVO but this is probably going to be impossible.


    I guess if sprint showed me a fix to this GPS problem and got us ICS I'd probably be okay with keeping this phone.  I've brought phone to store numerous times, they seem to always get the GPS working again for a day or so and then when I want to use it again a week or so later it never works.  EXTREMELY frustrating and don't know what to do.


    Sprint, I have 6 people on my family plan, have been a customer for about 15 years now and have loyally defended your company against all of the Verizon members in my family.  If it weren't for your cheap prices right now I would've switched to Verizon with this last upgrade but if you don't fix the issues in these complaints I will certainly jump ship next time.


    FIX these problems and start telling your customer service folks about these issues.  I'm sick of talking to people and they keep saying, "oh, no one else has complained about this" READ YOUR OWN FORUMS AND REVIEWS!

  • 37. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    Shane_M Sprint Employee
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         I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with the GPS. Samsung and Sprint are investigating the reports of GPS issues. I can tell you that we did announce that the Galaxy S2 will be getting ICS but there has not been any exact timing announced. It's possible the techs in the store are clearing the aGPS cache on the phone by downloading the GPS test application from the market. There's also a few work arounds that others have found and are posted in the forums like the one above your post by davepindy. The investigation has been communicated and available to care and tech reps so I do apologize the agents your speaking with did not inform you of the investigation.

  • 38. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    NJS29 Newbie
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    GPS Status is great.  It fixed my and my wife's GPS locking issues.  I did not have to restart/reboot the phone or disable screen locking for it to work, but if that "trick" makes the GPS work for you, go for it...


    Most important, here is the "instruction manual" on how to use GPS Status


    link to GPS Status in the app store:

    link to GPS Status FAQ section:



    Hope this helps!

  • 39. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    Monster514 Regular Visitor
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    If Sprint would ever get the ICS update out we would not have to worry about all this.  Sprint is sucking right now.  Quote"the only major US carrier yet to make its ICS update available is Sprint"


    Come on Sprint get it together, your customers do not like being last ... way last. 

  • 40. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    ErnieShell Newbie
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    Your comment match my experience almost exactly. A big time Sprint manager was at the repair store and kept assuring me this phone has no issues. He had not even heard of the problem before. Where have these people been? He did not have time for me to show him all the complaints on the internet. I will definately be considering other providers in the future after 14 years. Why don't they just tell us the problem even if they cannot fix it yet?? My HTC gps was perfect. I live in KC, Sprint headquarters! Ha!!

  • 41. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    mcouvill Newbie
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    Same boat. Got this phone and am so frustrated with it that it will be the LAST Samsung phone I ever get. I still have my original EVO and outside on my porch with the phones side by side running GPS status. The EVO sees 5 or 6 satellites and fixes in seconds. The Samsung never sees more than 1 or 2 and takes anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour to lock. I've even tried rooting and upgrading to ICS. No difference. Like others, by the time it really manifested itself I was beyond the 14 day window and now am stuck with this phone. It's little more than a brick to me at this point because most of the apps I use require GPS.


    The level of frustration is high enough that I've even considered just leaving Sprint after being a customer for over 10 years because they have been ZERO help on this issue.

  • 42. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    mbergan71 Newbie
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    If it is any consolation, the new ICS update fixes the problem.




    I brought my phone in for issues with the charging port. They updated my phone to ICS, GPS and Exchange mail is working great!


    BTW: The charging port was shot, so they gave me a new Galaxy SII. Updated it to ICS, and again, GPS and exchange works great (phone is now encrypted). Plus no more crazy long password requirements, just a 4 digit PIN (dicatated by my companies policy). Battery life seems better too (even before the fresh phone/battery).

  • 43. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    JSILVE1 Newbie
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    "Me too" -- ICS update fixed the GPS problem completely.


    ICS introduced a host of other problems, though, most important of which is relatively poor battery life. That has gotten better over time, and after a "factory reset".

  • 44. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS problem
    mcouvill Newbie
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    Already on ICS. All that did was add the occasional screen freeze on the UI (keep getting FC and watch the phone reboot) to the already non-working GPS. I can get GPS to work on rare occasions, but it is inconsistent and unreliable. Like I said, no more Samsung for me. I'm going to see if I can't sell this POS on ebay or craigslist and just get my EVO re-activated. Once this contract is up I'm done with Sprint.

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