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Touch Screen Issues

Glenden118 Newbie
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Hello, okay, I have had my HTC Evo Shift for about a month now, and today, the touch screen started doing very strange things. The touch doesn't work some times, and other times, it does; the screen will start to move to the left or right for no reason with nothing touching it and sometimes the touch screen's reaction to touch is completely off to a different part of the screen. Sometimes it will also press random spots of the screen for no reason.

I have hard reset my phone and the problem is still here ((the whole hols the down volumn thing)). What should I do?

  • 1. Touch Screen Issues
    Sprint Employee
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    Which method did you use to hard reset? The button reset is the preferred method.

    Hard Reset on HTC Evo Shift 4G:

    • •1.    Turn the power off. If the Evo Shift 4G is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it.
    • •2.    Press and hold volume down and power button.
    • •3.    When the device’s display turns on, release the volume down button and power buttons.
    • •4.    Use the volume buttons to select Factory Reset and press the power button.

    Do you have a screen cover or have you recently changed covers?

    Have you been to a store to have them test device? - you may have a software flaw in the ROM that a hard reset won't clear and a reflash or replacement may be needed.

    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    uniqueen101 Newbie
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    I have the same problem as him except that my power button doesn't even work. I have had mine since I think February of last year. I would get a new phone, but I cannot until next year. I dropped my phone a couple of times, but they weren't really hard falls.

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    lilgeekygirl Bronze Expert
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    uniqueen101, If the power button does not work as well there may be something wrong internally, I suggest taking your device to any one of the Sprint service and repair stores in your area. One can be located by clicking on this link, I do apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you!

  • 4. Touch Screen Issues
    uniqueen101 Newbie
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    I do not have the insurance plan. Do you know how much I might have to pay?

  • 5. Touch Screen Issues
    techsavvy101 Sprint Employee
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    uniqueen101, without TEP there will be a fee of $35.00 to have the device diagnosed for repair or replacement.



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    Ajauker1974 Newbie
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    I'm having the exact same issue, my screen will freeze and I can't do anything. I can't even unlock my phone. And when I slide out the qwerty board the screen goes completely off but the light for the home, menu, back and search buttons stay on. Also, I've noticed that when I charge it the light doesn't come on that its charging but it is because it shows on the screen it is. I had a Rant before this that also has a slide out.qwerty board and had issues with it as well. Going to sprint store today to diagnosis the issue.

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    techsavvy101 Sprint Employee
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    Ajauker1974, we definitely want to get this in the hands of our store techs for a full diagnostic. Did you have the chance to take your device into the store today?

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    RLDS6799 Regular Visitor
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    I also have been having the same problem on my handset, which I purchased on June 2. It has been doing it intermittently for the past few weeks, particularly freezing up when I was entering text, but also sometimes coming out of sleep. I had been having success by pulling the battery and using the fastboot method to get it going again. Tonight, however, an HTC system update was pushed to my handset. It downloaded and installed. After it installed and rebooted itself, the touchscreen was unresponsive. I tried my usual route to get it going again, and it wouldn't respond. I finally did a factory reset, and still nothing. Still frozen. The phone itself is "working", i.e., I can hear it ring, can see I am receiving txt messages, but I can't do anything about it as I cannot unlock the phone as the screen remains unresponsive even after the reset. I don't have TEP but am takiing it to the repair center tomorrow. Currently using a crappy old Palm Pre until this is resolved. Want a functional phone back! I loved this phone until the past month or so of this freezing starting up out of the blue.

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    metsfanmeg Newbie
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    I've tried doing the hard reset mentioned above & cannot; when holding the power & volume buttons down it doesn't do anything.  I purchased my Evo Shift in Nov 2011, here are my current issues that started 4 days ago, all at the same time:

    -When unlocking using the slide, it will randomly jump to my clock & ask me to add locations

    -the main page/screen "wiggles" and won't do anything

    -in Twitter, it freezes in the private messaging section will randomly starting moving from page to page

    -in text messaging, it will also randomly moves from screen to screen

    -in "people/contacts," it jumps around & will choose options such as calling when all I'm doing is hitting the "home" button.  I apologized to several people for my phone calling them at 5:30am the other day...I just could not stop the phone. 

    Poltergeist anyone?

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    smartevo Newbie
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    I've been having the same problem for a little over a month now. I was using a soft boot to fix the phantom screen selection issues but today it got so bad I can't use the phone anymore. Everytime I pick up the phone it randomly selects various functions and apps on the phone.

    I came here to try and find a fix. If this many people are having the same issue (and this is just the people who took the time to comment on this forum) then it must be a software issue and not an individual one-off user generated issue.

    I guess I'll have to go into the store as suggested above since no fix is available yet.

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    11Toyota Newbie
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    According to my last post, which is an excerpt from the HTC Community forum, this is a real problem that needs to be addressed. I just exchanged a Shift two weeks ago for a brand new one at a Sprint store, and now it is doing the same old thing. I don't have time to chase this!

  • 12. Touch Screen Issues
    MilesandChristina Newbie
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    This is a WELL KNOWN issue that sprint has failed to take care of. I repeat, this is a VERY WELL KNOWN issue.  I have had to replace my EVO shift 4 times already in less than a year. I have been to the tech store, I have dealt with asurion, I have spoken with supervisors and supervisor's supervisor. I haven't been able to get anywhere. I just received another replacement today and the screen is an issue again already. The well program allows for you to get a different phone than the evo shift if you continue to have multiple issues and replacements. Well they said I qualify but the only other comparable phone to the EVO shift is.....guess what... the same EVO Shift. So pretty much I'm stuck with the same phone that hasn't worked correctly since the first one I purchased. How can a well know company like Sprint take advantage of a paying customer like me and get away with it???? I'll tell you how... they won't because they ran into the wrong unsatisfied customer. All I want is a phone that works and all I get is the same phone with a KNOWN issue with the touchscreen. Stay away from EVO SHIFT. Get a different HTC. Can you hear my frustration???

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    SHEENAMOM2008 Newbie
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    I am on my 3rd evo shift in a seems they only last about 6 months on average before they start messing up....i have my phone randomly calling people when im trying to send a text....the screen willl flicker rapidly up and down or side to side....the top part of my screen will not work,,,,and it freezes up to where i have to take the battery out and restart the phone to get it to work.....the evo shift is a piece of ready for my contract to end this year so that i can move to a different company

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    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    My wife has used this phone for well over a year, My son and her are far from gentle with this phone and have had no problems of this sort. if your phone is freezing make sure you do not have a task killer/security software running, and try clearing app caches using something like app2sd by info life, clear call log, and old sms. if you have sync accounts that push often, or alot of data try disabling them temporarily to see if it helps. If you have only had trouble with the digitizer going bad then you may evaluate how you store the phone, or use the phone to determine if there is something being done that's causing this, whether it's how you applied/removed a screen protector, using the phone in a humid environment, or how it's stored in a purse/pocket. please let me know if you have more questions.

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