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My Samsung M360 won't turn off!

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A couple of days ago, my Samsung M360 quit turning off with the short hold down of the 'END' button.  It appears to power down as long as 'END' is pressed, but comes back up when the button is released (> 10 seconds).  Is this a hard failure?  I tried the firmware update and the battery removal fixes with no luck.  Suggestions?  Thanks.

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    I suggest you take the phone into a service and repair store.

    you can locate a store by going to sprint.com/storelocator, select Repair centers near me and search. They will be able to inform you if its hardware failure or something else. If you have TEP (Total Equipment Replacement ) there would be no fee. Without that program you are looking at a $35.00 fee. There is no fee to just look at the phone and test it.The fee would apply if the phone is actually repaired or replaced.


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    Thanks for the answer.  I failed to mention that the phone is well within the manufacturer's warranty period.  I don't know about TEP.

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    I wanted to follow up with you and find out what ever happened to your phone. did you get it fixed at a sprint repair center?


    If you don't already have it I also wanted to provide you with samsung's phone number. imo they have excellent customer service. the only down side is they require you to send your device and go without while they fix it. 800.726.7864

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    Thanks for the info.  Since the phone is still useable,  I was going to wait a bit to see what develops.  The Samsung option sounds good if they will deal with a 'Sprint' phone.  We use two M360's and could give up one for a while without too much inconvenience.  Thanks again.

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    Just recently I suffered the same ordeal. My phone would turn on, give me fifteen seconds of pushing buttons in menus, then freeze, then blink, and restart all over again. Turning it off just caused it to flash, restart, then start all over again.

    I joined this forum in case anybody has a similar problem with their phone as I did. Any similar phone has a possibility of having the same problem. I believe it is a battery problem, more than likely you used a non-standard charger. If you look carefully at your origional charger it should read:

    Input: 100-240v~50/60Hz (0.2A)

    Output: 5.0v (a line with 3 dots under it) 800mA

    or at least it did in my specific case

    on the storebrand charger it'll read something like

    Input: 100-240v~50/60Hz (0.2A)

    Output: 5.0v (a line with 3 dots under it) 600mA

    My deduction from this is that the storebrand charger overcharged your phone with the wrong amperage (excuse me if that sounds wrong to professionals, i'm from the south), because the storebrand charger has lower amperage it was allowed to store more energy and therefore (at least in my case) overloaded the phone approximately every 20 seconds. At first i started playing with the airplane functions and trying to update the firmware, it just kept giving me an error message, so I took the battery out about fifteen times. Nothing seemed to work, but i started to notice that when i turned my backlight brightness down it was buying me more time extending the time i had to access the menu by about 50%.

    You can put the phone into power saving mode going to: Menu>Settings/Tools>Settings>Display>PowersaverMode

    I then using the same menu took off my background pictures as well as put the phone in powersave mode and noticed the time I was getting to spend in menus to be longer and longer. Of course this didn't explain why it would force a shutoff, in fact the opposite would be true, the phone would just start deteriorating battery faster and faster the more the brightness went up. However, about ten minutes after trying numerous solutions it just starting functioning normally which leads me to believe I had drained the battery just enough that the phone could function properly. It is apparent from this issue that the phone has it's own form of "surge protection" and that's what we are experiencing.


    Suggestions: Try powersavermode first as you won't have to purchase any hardware and if that doesn't work check and make sure your charger is 800mA and replace if needed.

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