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  • 15. sprint nascar mobile
    grimtomb1 Regular Visitor
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    it took about a day, but they did call me back.  She did say it was a company wide decision.  i forgot to explain to her that even the cust. reps didn't even know about this. i also informed her that nothing is on the website about this.

  • 16. sprint nascar mobile
    jnsr Regular Visitor
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    I just sent " 'Ole Dan" a letter. A long one at that. And I did mention that no one but 2 out the 11 people I talked to knew about it and that no notification had been sent either in the bill or by text messages.

    I doubt I'll hear back but you never know.............!

  • 17. sprint nascar mobile
    mad45320 Regular Visitor
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    I sent Dan a letter as well, let's see if we get any replies.

  • 18. sprint nascar mobile
    March_Madness Regular Visitor
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    This is a big deal - so many people won't notice till next week though. Supposedly 90% of the NASCAR app users were Android already. We need to let them know that the 10% aren't happy with this move. If it was to be phased out that would be OK but to remove existing devices is nonsense and ill conceived. After all, Sprint fought to be the only wireless company in the NASCAR world and now they turn their back on anyone without an Android phone. Later in the year they say iPhones will be supported but if you don't have an Android or an iPhone you don't count. What level of management made this decision? Do you think Dan even knew, probably not. Does he care, guess we will see.I guess we are to expect nothing to be included and we won't be disappointed. Sprint TV loses channels left and right. ESPN alerts are removed. The NFL app goes to Verizon. We lose premier, unlimited data on data cards, slow 4G rollout and now NASCAR. I can understand some of the business decisions but how much would it have cost to leave the older devices on their current platform and phased out over time.

  • 19. sprint nascar mobile
    jnsr Regular Visitor
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    So agree with everything you said there Colonel_Klink! And you are right about most people with the app already having android phones. But to just shut us down like this with no notice. I can see doing that to knew customers, but to ones who already have it? Totally bogus. This whole thing has been handled badly.


    I just heard from Dan. Here is his response.

    "Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

    A representative from my office will be contacting you.

    Once again, from all of us at Sprint, thank you."


    Dan Hess



  • 20. sprint nascar mobile
    grimtomb1 Regular Visitor
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    i also rec'd that message yesterday and about 24-48 hours later you should receive a phone call from one of his people. 

  • 21. sprint nascar mobile
    mad45320 Regular Visitor
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    Nice response sounds like a cop out to me

  • 22. sprint nascar mobile
    jnsr Regular Visitor
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    A cop out....for sure!! I figured it was a usual response. Probably automated. We'll see if the office calls. Will enjoy talking to them. >:)

    Just hope the call isn't during the nascar festivities!!!

  • 23. sprint nascar mobile
    JJ48Fan4ever Newbie
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    I just sent a VERY long letter to Dan. I'll post response when I get one!

  • 24. Re: sprint nascar mobile
    blb0528 Newbie
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    I went to my local store today and they were all apologetic and then told me there was nothing they could do.  The whole reason I have a sprint phone is because of Nascar.  I am not a happy person.  I will leave Sprint if they don't correct this for me.  I have a full data plan and everything.  Can still get my Football app. but they can keep it.  I want Nascar.

    I too sent a nice long letter to "Dan", 


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  • 25. sprint nascar mobile
    97customsoftail Newbie
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    I just sent an email to dan, and got an automated response back. I guess we will see if the president of he company will make a decision before thursday. I will be at work and the app is the only way i can keep up with the Duals.

  • 26. sprint nascar mobile
    Tygrldy Newbie
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    I found out about the Nascar app fiasco tonight. After talking to 4 different people I was told the NASCAR app wasn't available AT ALL. Even though the error msg I had gotten said it was available for android phones. But I could get the NCAA app!  Big fricking deal!.

    I've had Sprint service since the 1980's when I had Sprint as my long distance provider. Bought the LG Lotus phone I have now almost 2yrs ago JUST SO I could get the Nascar app. I am so pi..ed off right now I can't see straight.  In this horrible economy, where it cost me $60.00 a week to fill my car just so I can go to work, they now want me to BUY a new phone. Fat fricking chance.

    I'll email 'ole Dan' like others have, but I'm gonna email NASCAR too because I wonder if they're somehow involved with this problem. Wouldn't put it past Brian France to be involved in this some way since they're trying to control their licensing more.

    Yet again the rich just keep getting richer and some of us can barely make ends meet.

  • 27. sprint nascar mobile
    stevejamie1188 Regular Visitor
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    I think we all need to continue to complain about this. My husband called Sprint and was not happy one bit. We specifically bought a phone that carried the Nascar app. We cannot upgrade until next year and when my husband called, they told him to buy the LG Optimus or whatever its called.....for $79.99!

    At first we thought it was blackberry, but now we know it was Sprint!

  • 28. sprint nascar mobile
    SCOTT4176 Newbie
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    I too am another ticked off customer,,just got new BBerry Torch and tryed started the Nascar app last night to find out that it does not work,,,(BUNCH OF BS)Everyone needs to email or call Sprint!!

  • 29. sprint nascar mobile
    DEATHR0W Regular Visitor
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    Hello All.... I was on the phone lastnight about the Nascar App as well.. Altho Im not happy either and not defending Sprint cause they should have at least let us know that all blackberry phones would no longer be supported, This is due entirely to blackberry not keeping pace with the other Markets.. I have a curve as well , Im upgrading into the android market within the next day or 2.  Ive been a loyal person to blackberry but they have dug there own grave...

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