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Please help w/email on Blackberry Curve 9330....tutorials do not display my phone model!

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I have a Blackberry Curve 9330 and I am a bit technologically challenged.  My niece was who originally made it so that I can access my Yahoo email account from my Blackberry and it was working great until I had to change the password to my Yahoo email account.  Right after changing my Yahoo email password at Yahoo, Yahoo stated that I will need to reconfigure the email on my Blackberry in order to have email access on it again.


Ok, so I followed the tutorials, I went to the main menu on my phone, chose "set up", then "email setup" and then it brings me to the screen titled "Blackberry Internet Service" and states:


If you want to access your email settings or you changed your device, log in.


Here it asks for a "user name" and "password".


I assumed that I was to enter my email address and password here and then click on the "log in".


I assumed wrong as I then get this pop-up error screen on my phone:


!Blank User name. Type a valid user name. >ok


So I tried again, but this time only using the part of my email address that is before the @ and entered my new email password again.


Nope. Same error.


Then I tried the whole email address with the OLD password.


Nope. Same error.


Then I tried only typing in the pre @ sign portion of my email address with the OLD password.


Nope. Same Error.


OK, now I have absolutely NO IDEA what I'm supposed to type in here, or why it's saying it's "blank".  I have NEVER set up ANY "user name" for ANYTHING on this phone, EVER and my niece insists that the ONLY thing she typed in for me was the email address and email password when she initially set up the email access on my Blackberry, and claims she was never brought to this screen.


I already attempted searching through Blackberry's entire website for help on this and I DID come across others in the forums that are having the same issue as me, but no one has offered any solutions or help. So then I came here, and I found the email set-up tutorial that is SUPPOSED to be for my device.......although the video is showing a blackberry, the screen prompts on the blackberry in the video are NOT the same as mine, so that tutorial did not help in the least.


Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can again access my Yahoo email from my Blackberry. I've already tried a hundred times but keep getting stuck at that "Blackberry Internet Services" screen.


Thank you!

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