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HTC Touch Pro 2 Issues

Fatfinger_Ken Newbie
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I have an HTC Touch Pro 2 that has been nothing more than a headache since receiving the device and this is the third replacement of this model.

Issues include weak signals, dropped calls, unresponsive touchscreen, extremely slow internet connections, email attachments/text pictures are difficult to save or manuver... versus my friends with iPhones seem not to have any of the above mentioned issues. Is the iPhone that much better?

I have been with Sprint for many years ...but with all of the issues with this device ... I am considering other options.  Any suggestions will be appreciated expspecially if I have to invest more money and sign a new two year contract to have a usable device.

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    tomdeaver Sprint Employee
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    Sorry to hear about your frustrations.  At Sprint, we want our customer's to be happy not only with their service, but with their phones as well.  I'd like to take a look at your account to see what options we have for you.  You can private message me by clicking on my avatar. 


    I look forward to hearing from you. 




    Sprint Advanced Technical Support

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    dshoem01 Gold Expert
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    BOISCLAIR001 Regular Visitor
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    I also have this piece of junk for a phone. I have experienced all the same issues you listed. In addition my phone calls contacts without me even knowing that its happening. it also freezes up to the point that I have to remove the battery and re-install it to make it function. There are days when I want to throw this phone as far as I can. I have been with Sprint for 20 years plus with 2 phone lines and get very agravated when I'm told by Sprint that I have to pay 30 to 50% more monthly if I want a phone that works. I am now looking at other vendors to see if I can solve my problem.

    Good Luck



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    Fatfinger_Ken Newbie
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    I fully agree with you  ... I too am evaluating my options for a different vendor. I have been with Sprint for some time now and not looking forward to changing but even with a replacement device some of the same issues still exist. So I have to say it is a device issue but if I have to pay additional money and sign a new agreement why not consider all options... Right?

    Thanks for validating my concerns and good luck to you as well.

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    XBETO Regular Visitor
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    I have to agree that the TP2 has these issues, I felt like throwing mine all the time. The TP2 is an old phone by todays standards. I just upgraded to the Arrive. I did have to renew my contract but that was cool. sprints unlimited plans are actually price decently, even thoug they make u pay extara 10 dollars for smartphones.

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    screening1688 Newbie
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    I have more issures than you had. Touch screen was no functional in the third replacement of my HTC Touch Pro2 device. So a new phone should replace it. I am worry what problem would be occurred next for the new phone? The same touch screen problem occurred in my previous HTC device. A few weeks ago, the buttery was replaced since it only can holh for 10 minutes after charging. It dropped the calls during the phone call, and there is no way to fix the issure since it occurs randomly. Quality of the call is so bad. Sometimes the other end of the call can not hear your voice. I am not sure if these problems have been noticed and corrected? Any body knows it? Thanks. After my contract ends, I will never use HTC products again. Too much trouble, and too much headach.


    Brian, 3/8/2012

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    COREYWILSON357 Regular Visitor
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    My TP2 was a good phone while it lasted.  It started to degrade on me last year but held up till the touchscreen died a few months ago.  If you have a working one now, BACKUP your contents and files before it dies or your info will be stuck in the phone till its repaired.

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