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LG optimus phone sucks the worst phone ever

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I am so disappointed with this phone,I purchased this phone back in october exactly when sprint started with all the changes to the premire programs,I was going to take this phone back in but I waited too late to do so thinking I had 30 days but when I went into the store i was told I only had 14 days what a crock of S**t. there are so many issues witht his phone that i paid $300.00 for. I have seen more errors on this phone than any other phone that I have ever had i mean just horrible it takes about 10 minutes just to send a picture to anyone,my email is a joke it takes for ever to send anything if it ever goes at all normally it just sits in my outbox and I end up having to delete it I am so close to just paying my early termination fee be done with it I will not wait for my december upgrade I just don't want to wait that long I can't deal witht his too much longer,I have never disliked anything as much as i do this phone and they are getting rid of the HTC EVO are you serious but you are keeping this **** what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Which mail app are you using and what email address. For instance you may be using a POP 3 email account in the standard app or using a yahoo email account in the yahoo app. I understand you are frustrated with more than the mail but would like to help you get your device working better


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    I was warned not to get this phone, but I didn't listen. My battery overheats constantly! My phone eats through a fully charged battery in half an hour.  Not to mention, it doesn't take a charge unless I leave it plugged in overnight! I've had to delete half of my apps so that it doesn't freeze on me and I don't have too many to begin with. I haven't been getting my email or text notifications for the last few days, either. I'm considering just buying a different phone to get rid of this lousy thing!

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