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    Hi Google Nexus S 4g meet my friend Craigslist!!! 

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    Google and Samsung are testing ICS as we speak and once ICS is stable and ready to be released on the Nexus S, we will post an update. Google will roll the update out slowly once ICS is ready. The current date is tentative to testing results so I will not post a date.




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    That song is played out......



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    36. Feb 6, 2012 9:19 PM ( in response to

    xcelguy )

    **System OTA Update Thread**

    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich

    Nexus S 4G


    Sprint is working with Samsung and

    Google to release Ice Cream Sandwich

    on the Nexus S. The rollout will be a

    slow rollout with 5% on the first day

    and a 3 day soak period. A confirmed

    date is not available at this time and I

    will post the date once I am 100% the

    date is not pushed back.



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    I don't know if Sprint is aware or not, but the galaxy s2 has started rolling out the update over seas starting yesterday the 13th. I see an epic fail on the horizon. All nexus users be on the watch for this one. I think that the other Samsung phone will see it first.I know it's not sprints fault, but u are tied in since it's on your network. I hope u guys are pressing them to push it on the nexus first

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    It looks like ICS will be out in April. I think it will corrolate with the release of the nexus prime.

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    Anyone have any luck getting out of their EULA or another way of bypassing the early termination fee?  I've been looking to get rid of Sprint, not only because of this issue, but for others as well

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    I have been waiting as patiently as everyone else and as everyone else as fustrated. I did a lot of home work on the web and there is a newly released Sprint Nexus S 4g CDMA ICS 4.0.4. update. I am not that tech savy but I am able to watch a video and do a step by step procedure ( which incidently is fully reversible) and wa-la, instant ICS 4.0.4. and as far as I am able to tell runs better than the Gingerbread I now have. if anyone is interested please review the u-tube video on Nexus S 4g

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    badelf61 Regular Visitor
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    Sorry I did not finish this reply. the Video if you are interested is made by qbking77. I watched more than 50 videos on this and tried at least 5 times with other options and this one actually does what it claims and with very lilltle effort.   Have fun and as I recently said it is completely reversible. There are always more than one way to skin a phone network.

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    fahadh Regular Visitor
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    yes but what you are referring to requires you to root the device just so everyone is clear

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    badelf61 Regular Visitor
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    According to the video your phone does not need to be rooted however it does need to be unlocked. My phone is not rooted, it just had to be unlocked.

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    yes but unlocking your device literally means allowing root access to your phone. i applaud badelf's efforts in using some common sense and elbow grease to get what he wants out of his device and encourage others to follow his example! It really isn't that difficult folks....root and unleash the true power of your ns4g

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    Thanks for the info badelf61 but I think everyone in this thread agrees that you can put ICS on the Nexus S 4G fairly easily and it works decently.  My frustration as well as many others here is that we would like an officially supported release, especially due to the marketing used by Sprint for this phone.

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    StvnM Expert
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    My NS4G was having big time performance problems and was getting worse day to day. After a discussion with customer care, it was decided a factory reset was in order. I decided to install the leaked IMM26 (4.0.4) rom that badelf6 referenced to see what all the ICS hype was all about. It was very easy to install and I had no initial problems. I've since reverted back to Gingerbread due to my NS4G becoming extremely unstable and horrible battery life. Several of the APPS I used were not functioning properly and the phone would lock up quite a bit.


    After returning to the stock 2.3.4 build, provided by the same person who has made the IMM26 build available, my NS4G has been rock solid. Bluetooth devices that did not work previously are now working, screen transitions are smooth and the battery life is back to the 12-14 hours I was getting before. After reverting back to GB, the phone automatically updated via OTA to 2.3.5 then 2.3.7. I let is run a couple of days before installing any APPS. I'm now back to where I started and so far, GB is working flawless. In fact, it appears to be better then before.


    As always, everyone's experience will be different. I did inquire at several sources as to whether I would receive the official ICS OTA if running the leaked build and the consenses was, NO. Another factor in going back to GB. As for ICS, it was okay. Nothing earth shattering in my opinion. The new UI will take some getting use to. Being as I did not purchase my NS4G because of any pre-conceived ideas about ICS, I'm perfectly fine with GB. If ICS comes it comes. If not, I'm not going to loose any sleep.


    Cheers ...

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    badelf61 Regular Visitor
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    I do agree with you I have 2 nexus s 4g phones. One I got as a gift and one I bought with the expectations that since it was a Google phone I (we all would) get the OS software updates before anyone else. This does not seem to be the case. The ICS update has been rolling out overseas for about a week now. In fact if you look on samsung's facebook page under the products tab the nexus s which they show is Asian language shows a picture of the nexus with ICS home screen. I know this because I have the latest version ICS 4.0.4 on my phone and it is the same home screen. I too want the official OTA update on my phone, but we have been being promised this update since last year. I do understand all the issues between sprint, Google and samsung, but the bottom line is the customer should always come first no matter what pain it takes to do so. I guess in a lot of ways we are all acting like spoiled little brats, it's coming, when, well your guess is as good as the next's, but I guess when it comes to stomping my feet I'm as bad as the next person who doesn't get my way.

    Incidentally, ICS seems to be working just fine no battery lag, or major discharge or drain, the software seems to lack the luster of its predecessor but fast it is, changing screens and swyping through app's is lightening fast with no lag.My phone has not locked up once and trust me I have spent hours playing with it adding and installing and uninstalling app's and music and the such.  I just wish they would have spent a little more time on the icons like the battery indicator, time and wifi. they seem lame for such a long and tedious wait.

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