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Why does Sprint keep ignoring this! ?

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For the last couple of days, Thursday to be exact. I haven't had 4g connectivity on my Epic 4g touch, I called Sprint and spoke to customer service and I did the whole pull battery and updated my profile/prl and nothing. I spoke to "tech support" and they said it was my phone and that I needed to take it in to a repair center, so I did. While waiting for my turn I checked the two epic 4g touch phones they had on display and nothing, the tech check his epic 4g touch and nothing. The original epic and nexus s 4g however, did connect. I was told by tech support that my phone was fine and that I just needed to call tech support. So I called tech support and went through the whole provisioning process and still nothing, I waited and waited and waited and today Monday still nothing. I live in the 91746 area and have always had a solid connection and now I don't, my brothers nexus s connects fine, my brother in law also has an epic 4g touch and he also can't connect. I am hearing complaints from people in Ontario, Claremont, San Bernardino, La Puente, West Covina, Walnut and LA with the SAME phone and SAME problem, and yet Sprint says everything is fine! I will link a forum page where all these complaints are. I called Sprint today to get an update and got some rude high school drop out manager who instead of helping me thought I'd be better helped by clicking on me, I really am frustrated with Sprint and now I know why Sprint has so many bad reviews, Why is Sprint ignoring this issue ? should I just start ignoring your rules ?  forget to pay my bill ? don't tell me it's my phone because I got 4g in Downey, CA yesterday without an issue

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    I'm the one in Claremont that Crazybiker02 is speaking of. It's exactly as he says. The problem is with the WiMax radio connectivity. I've spent more than a couple hours on several phone calls with Sprint and been to 4 Sprint stores to try to get someone to do something about it, but I'm getting the same run around. It's frustrating and I'm not very happy.

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    while I'm not having this problem you guys are not the only ones seeing the issue.  there have been a few people on XDA (on custome roms) that have noticed the issue also.  I'm on a custom rom and so far my WiMax is still working but I have seen poeple that are rooted go back to a totally stock phone (EL29) and they still had the exact same issue. 

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    Yes, this is happnening to both rooted and non-rooted. I'm not rooted and having the problem.

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    I got rid of my E4GT due to the runaround Sprint was having me go through with this issue.  (Check out my posts on XDA)  However, this problem aparrently still exists and I just want to help bring attention to this.  I had a non-rooted E4GT and the 4G signal was non-exixtent about five days ago.  Prior to this, my 4G signal was humming along just fine.  Sprint doesn't acknowledge the problem -- from their tech support all the way to the advanced tech support to account services.  In my case tickets were opened and closed without verification from the customer that the issue was verified fixed.  Between the opening and closing of tickets (although the issue is alive and well) I simply gave up -- dealing with Sprint for hours was not my ideal way to deal with this.


    I'm in Ontario, CA and had the same issue as the posters in this forum.  After many resets, provisioning exercises, and battery pulls, my phone would simply not connect to 4G.  I would see the 4G icon at the top of the status bar aloing with the 3G icon, but 3G was the only active connection.  If I disabled 3G, I would still get the 4G notificiation, but couldn't connect to the internet when I opened up the browser.  (Note that the 4G icon blinked and blinked trying to lock into a 4G signal)  Now if I traveled 30 minutes west from me to the Downey area, my phone would lock into a 4G signal and I would see the signal strength bars.  When I traveled back to my home area in Ontario, the signal would be non-existent. 


    Not sure if this will help or hinder, but this was my experience.  Best of luck with all the folks on here who are going through this issue.  You have more patience than two lifetimes!  ;-)

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    I just got off the phone with customer service....again....after the 7th time with no resolve. The rep told me they are going through tower updates and that it will take 2-3 weeks for Sprint to work this issue out. I have no faith in what these reps tell me. My loss in faith is something that Sprint customer service has created themselves because each time I call, I'm told something different everytime which makes me believe they don't know what's going on. And I'm not the only customer that experiences this. I feel like they make up the answers instead of truthfully saying they don't know and they would look into it. Sprint has terrible follow up and is very bad at taking responsibility for issues. Their scripts, hollow apologies, and ingenuine tones add salt to the wound.


    I'm not very happy with Sprint customer service. This includes Customer Care, Technical Support, and in-store representatives. I really don't understand how Sprint has a high customer satisfaction rating. Most likely the rating is primarily customers who have never had to call into customer service or who have never had service issues.

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    There is a provisioning error that affects our E4GT phone.  Sprint is too incompetent to realize this and fix it in a timely manner.  If you read the thread over on XDA, you will find that one member was able to get a hold of a Sprint Tech who is actually knowledeable and not talking out of his anal cavity.  The issue was fixed within minutes as the provisioning for the phone was modified from LTE to WiMAX.  Our phones aren't able to connect to any towers on 4G becuase the towers see our phones as LTE devices, due to erroneous provisioning, and so rejects the connection.  Somebody screwed up big time.

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    I'm a participant in that thread and have read each post. Yeah, I believe the guy in Houston you're speaking of got extremely lucky in reaching a technically capable tech. Everytime I call, my calls never escalate past a supervisor in Advance Tech Support. They are like the guard dog that have minimal technical skills. I try each time to talk to a more technical department, but I always get stopped there. While I was on the phone today with a "supervisor" in Sprint Advanced Technical Support, I mentioned the customer Houston and how the E4GT models were switched to LTE from WiMax and the issue was resolved within a couple hours after his phone was re-provisioned back from LTE to WiMax. He didn't bother to look into it....not even validate what I had to say. He kept saying the towers are fine.


    Part of me is tempted to keep calling back until I get an actual technically capable rep, but the other part of me wants to just give up on the issue. Too bad there's not a "white flag" emoticon that I can insert to show I give up.

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    Haha! So my 4G is back. I'm the one in Claremont, CA. Mine came on between 5:30p and 6:30p today (Wednesday, 3/14) when I was away from my phone.

      Originally Posted by another customer in another forum:

    Exactly one week.  Woke up on a Thursday, no 4G.  Woke up the following Thursday, 4G was back.

    Coincidence that this issue here in southern California took almost exactly one week also...same amount of time as another customer's issue took in Austin, TX. For most of us in southern Cali, we all noticed Thursday morning that we lost service. And it came back online tonight. I'm willing to bet all of you fellow E4GT owners in the Los Angeles area that were also having problems now have your 4G back. There's already a few in Pasadena, Burbank, and surrounding areas that are reporting your 4G is back. Glad all your 4G is back!

    I honestly don't think this was anything that Sprint Customer Care or Advanced Technical Support did...nor did any of our calls trigger actions to fix the issue. I'm willing to bet that this was an expected outage, but never communicated to their customers or customer facing employees. It's too coincidental the time frame of the outage and the experiences of others. I bet Sprint was trying to hide it and sweep it under the rug.

    Either way, I still feel the same way about Sprint and I'm a soured customer now. It's not good because word of mouth travels far. I work as a technology consultant and am often in a position to make decisions on corporate wireless solutions or at times will have an influence on decisions because clients look to me for my recommendations. Voicing my bad experience or simply my opinion will deter at least one potential Sprint customer to go to another provider instead of signing up with Sprint. No wonder they have trouble with customer retention. Yes, they have a good customer satisfaction rating, but not so good of a customer retention rating.

    And I think it's kinda funny, I haven't heard any Sprint employees chime in on this thread. I know there's quite a few employees on this forum.

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    acidic-e- Valued Member
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    There are a ton of Sprint employee's on this forum sadly however they do have to still follow the rules of the company (that's one big reason I'll blast a few of them (nicely however)) when they will just spout off the normal bs they are told to do with issues (or the fact that they can't talk about ICS being worked on yet any xda member knows that's not the case)

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    m3jia Valued Member
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    While I think this isn't related to your problem, I've found 4g is useless. It's not like regular 3g where it's always on, it's more like a wifi connection. If YOU don't need the 4g, it doesn't work.


    This means any apps that rely on push servers(IM/FB/GMAIL/EMAIL) will not receive any messages if 4g is in sleep mode. Sprint has confirned this is "normal" and it makes 4g useless for me as I rely on my phone during non work hours for urgent work emails.

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