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When will we get 4G

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When will 4G come to Bakersfield CA?  Any commitment dates from Sprint on when this wil happen.



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    I do not expect any expansion of the 4gWimax by clear wire   The 4g LTE will becoming as part of network vsion.  the roll out it expected to completed over 21012 and 2013.  I do not have any information on when your city will roll out. Baltimore, Kansas city, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are the first cities  We will be rolling 4gLTE device this summer.

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    are ALL cities getting the 4G LTE or just the larger ones like with wimax? no one has really answered that one.

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    arTim Expert
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    Great point, Fireguy.  This goes along with my questioning about the lack of visibility into what's happing with the deployment. From an unanswered post yesterday:




    Let me come at this from another way and see if it makes any more sense to the powers of Sprint: starting in mid-July 2011, any Sprint customers who were eligible for an upgrade and were shopping for high-end smartphones were forced to make a considerable compromise. Depending on location, this compromise took many forms.


    a) Assuming that Sprint selected its first LTE cities based on market share, that means a significant number of Sprint customers either 1) upgraded to a new WIMAX phone knowing that the phone would be outdated (i.e., wouldn't support LTE) within a year of purchase and would be faced with paying full price to upgrade to LTE when it becomes available or 2) delayed upgrading for a year until LTE-capable phones and the LTE network came out.


    b) For those in WIMAX cities without announced LTE deployment dates, Sprint customers either 1) upgraded to a new WIMAX phone with high liklihood that the phone would be outdated (i.e., not LTE capable) before the 21 month upgrade, 2) waited until Summer 2012 to upgrade in anticipation of LTE coming soon, thus losing their 4G WIMAX capabilities until the LTE network is deployed in their city, or 3) delayed upgrading even longer until LTE deployed in their city.


    c) For those who live in the many, many cities with no WIMAX and unannounced LTE dates, Sprint customers either 1) upgraded to a new WIMAX phone knowing they'll never see WIMAX and that this phone will be outdated if/when LTE ever comes to their city, 2) waited until Summer 2012 to buy an LTE phone with unknown timeline before you can use LTE in your city, or 3) waited almost 4 full years between upgrades until LTE service finally comes to their city. The last option wouldn't be a problem except the first high-end WIMAX smart phones won't last that long (already EOL / few updates / limited internal memory / charging port failures / etc).


    In other words, there's a 30 month window, from July 2011 when it became known Sprint was abandoning WIMAX for LTE until approximately Dec 2013 when LTE supposedly reaches full deployment, that Sprint is asking customers to either stick with their current equipment, buy outdated phones (new Epic 4G Touch on Amazon today for $0.01 w/ contract), or take a chance on a new LTE phone ("fooled me once" applies here) waiting for LTE to arrive. That means most customers could leave Sprint, go to Verizon, experience 4G LTE for a full 2-year contract, and return to Sprint when their LTE network finally reaches their city. The question Sprint executives should be asking themselves is "How do we keep those customers from leaving?" The only answer is to provide better information about the LTE roll-out to properly manage customer expectations.


    The unwillingness of Sprint to inform consumers about detailed roll-out plans is hard to comprehend in today's "need a cell phone to do almost everything" culture in the US. Keeping in mind that Sprint already took away Premier status benefits, restructured family plan discounts, and increased a variety of charges/fees, all while decreasing unlimited benefits except for smartphones, they're asking a lot of customers and seem to be giving very little in return.

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    from my understanding the new LTE phones will work on the current 3G platform but can not work with both LTE 4G and the wimax 4G.



    lucky for me i will see neither anytime soon..or ever so i dont have to worry much about which phone im going to go with  <~~~deep sarcasm

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    also sadly their Network Vision blog hasnt been updated or added to in a few months. take it for what its worth *shrug*



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    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    Hello Fireguy_6364, The Network Vision Project, is very large, and changes are being made in many areas. I usually suggest checking for updates specific to the areas that you use your phone at

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    thanks RC. yah i check that from time to time. its safe to say LTE will be a LOOOOOONG down the road process for my area..if....



    are you able to answer my above question though? i have read it reworded multiple ways...but it never does actually say if the LTE is going to be everywhere or just the usual larger areas with a few new areas added on. even in the blogs its kind of thrown in there without fully saying one way or another.



    if you dont have a full blown answer i can also dig it with a "in your opinion" answer as usual lol


    anything even rumored is more than just not knowing

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    The problem with the updates map is it only shows there is a voice, data, or new tower planned. It does not have any NV or LTE information on it at all.

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    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    So far since we have announced that "customers in Baltimore, KC, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, and San Antonio are expected to be among the first to benefit from 4G LTE service by mid-2012" on our LTE site the information is not displayed on yet. I'm sure that when the time comes you will be able to see LTE upgraded areas at,, or The data speed, data capacity, and voice capacity upgrades at are Network Vision.

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    Soon2leap Newbie
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    arTim - I am in total agreeance with the facts in your post. I purchased the EVO 4G almost 18 months ago. I purchased with the understanding that 4G would be readily available in my area within 24 months. To date, the closest known 4G service to me is over 60 miles away. Based on Sprints decision to abandoned WIMAX, I am now faced with an aging phone and a decision on what to do. I don't know about you, but, I don't have an extra $200 to just throw away on another 4G phone that I will not be able to use to its fullest capacity. Furthermore, I am paying the "premium data" charge every month for data speed that is 2G at best  Most of my friends have phones with competing service carries and their phones blow mine out of the water.


    Now that Sprint has abandonded the original 4G network, I am going to be asked again by Sprint to wait another 2 years for 4G services? Why would I do that  when the competing carriers in my area have been 4G for over 2 years. I have been with Sprint about 15 yrs (if you count my Nextel years) so I can't be faulted for being loyal. However, I am tired of being lied to and mislead by Sprint. I fully intend on shopping the other carriers. I know I will be paying more, however, at least I will be getting the service I ampaying for and be able to use my phone to it's fullest capacity.

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    reid_man2u Newbie
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    4G when will we get 3G, just bought 4 phones and signed up with Sprint I live in Hampton, VA we dont even get 3G in most places then if we do its so slow web browseing is impossible. I had no idea the coverage area was so poor, no-one also told us our brand new Galaxy II s will not even be supported with the new 4G LTE if it ever comes here. Kind of feel ripped off. I watch my friends on Verizon downlaod at 10mbs and he pays less. How about it Sprint?

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