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Has everyone read about NV?  Do you know what it is?  Why you should stay?

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I have seen a lot of, "I am gonna leave if.....".


It is true.  The 3g network today is not very good.  I have seen it, heck we all have.  It is also true that time is needed to fix the issues.  I had 3 months where I was only getting 1xRTT and noone could tell me anything.  It is highly frustrating to be sure.  NV=Network Vision.  I know there have been a lot of promises made to us customers and often we have been let down.


I contend that is NV fails, so does Sprint.  So, can I advocate that you might wanna stick around?  Based on what I have read and have had conversations about, I would not be surprised to see Sprint raise prices after completion.  It will be able to.  This system is not something you will find with any other carrier except those that use Sprint.  I am not sure they will be licensed to use the system as it is being designed.  As this system is installed and the towers are basically re-built your existing service and phone will function better.


Keep in mind, this is not 4g service.  This is not upgraded 3g.  This is all of it from basically the bottom up, a rebuild for each tower.  The tricky/special part?  It is designed to work together seamlessly and simultaneously.  This is a concert of technology working together transferring, offloading, handoffs, hops, choosing in real time the strongest band for your area depending on required use and much more.  Current services cannot do this, regardless of carrier.  AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile will be waaay behind once this is live.  See they still have to figure out HOW to do it.


I know it is a risk, but if you leave and Sprint raises its prices, you will not get the old prices back.  I know we have heard it before.  I point out this may be quite a bit different than what we heard before.  The money has been allocated and spent.  The contracts are in place.  This network is going in whether we like it or not.


If you don't know what this is, you deserve to do some due diligence.

This is an especially useful site to track updates


I wish you luck with whatever you decide.





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