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Lost or Stolen IPhones

MsUly Newbie
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How many IPhone owners know that your Applecare will not cover your IPhone if lost or stolen? How many IPhone owners are aware that Sprint does not offer ANY coverage for lost or stolen phones?  How many of you are okay with paying full price for your IPhone again, if it is lost or stolen due to circumstances beyond your control???? How many of you have that extra cash lying around????





  • 1. Lost or Stolen IPhones
    tomdeaver Gold Expert
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    Although we can empathize with your concerns, it's important to understand that most if not all decisions regarding the "handling" of an iphone are set by Apple.  This is what makes Apple products unique. 



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    kimmiemarie75 Newbie
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    Att&T offers insurance for iphone, including if it is lost or stolen, i mean of course there is  deductible but it is better than paying full price, i am suprised sprint does not offer it, I know att&t does cause i was with them breifily it is 6.99 a month for the insurance and 199.99 deductible

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    ANGIEA706 Newbie
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    I'm in the same boat.  Bought the Apple iphone for my son and 1 day later it was stolen!!  I wasn't completey informed that the "insurance" that I paid for (100.00) did not cover Lost/Stolen!  So I am left with no phone and to boot... You have to continue to pay the monthly charges otherwise Sprint charges an Early Termination!!  So frustrated!  I talked with friends that have Verizon and if their phones are Lost/Stolen they are given a discount on a second purchase/same line!  C'mon Sprint lets do the right thing here!!! 

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    seeblue1 Bronze Expert
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    Tough luck, but it's crystal clear what's included within AppleCare (read link below).  Chalk it up as a life lesson.  You purchased an insurance contract but didn't bother to read the terms and conditions. I don't know what you get when you purchase AppleCare from Sprint, but if you buy it from Apple you are given a written document explaining what's covered.


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    Rescue101me Regular Visitor
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    And just ONE of the Primary reasons I don't own an Apple.

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    seeblue1 Bronze Expert
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    What's your recommendation?  Where did you get your lost or replacement warranty?  SquareTrade, BestBuy, Asurion, homeowner's coverage or...?


    How much is the monthly fee, what is the deductible (e.g., for a Galaxy SII or equal), can they substitute phone model/color/ or a refurb as replacement?


    I'd love to know the available alternatives to cover a lost or stolen smartphone.

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    steveg617 Regular Visitor
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    I would just search for a phone from used electronics retailer. Get the iPhone 4 instead of the 4S or a smaller size to save some cash. Also, get the ESN and verify that it isn't a stolen iPhone.  Another option is to check to see if your homeowners insurance will cover your phone. If the policy does not cover a specific item, you can usually buy a rider that will cover the item.

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    There are two amazing free apps that you can use to track your phone, lock your phone, and wipe your phone. It's called Fine My iPhone. Its free from the app store, you can track it online, and Apple can track it upon your request. There is another one that gives detailed information about where the phone has been, what towers it has connected to, what wifi networks it has connected to, it tracks calls etc. It's called TraceSaver. Also available on the App Store for free. And you can track it online. here is the information for both:


    Find My iPhone:

    iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-my-iphone/id376101648?mt=8


    Web Tracking - https://www.icloud.com/


    iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/mu/app/tracesaver/id432315830?mt=8

    Web Tracking - http://www.tracesaver.com

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    CAREY_PAGE Newbie
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    my iphone was stolen and now cry cry i dont cry cry have a phone cry cry at all!!!


    i cant believe sprint would leave us high and dry like this cry cry


    seriouslY??? i always buy all the insurance i wouldnt mind paying a higher deductible this is just wrong.

    i am so disappointed with Sprint. i have been a Sprint customer for years. but i may be leaving just so we can get insurance on our phones.


    hope that is worth it to them!

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    CAREY_PAGE Newbie
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    cry cry sprint did not take care of us this time cry cry


    cry cry


    cry cry


    sprint does not care about us anymore cry cry cry

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    seeblue1 Bronze Expert
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    I'm not following what Sprint had to do with your loss, but here's a hanky. Someone on here once said "back-up phone, back-up phone, back-up phone".  It's true, always have a back-up plan (phone).  Maybe it's your previous phone, a used one off Craigslist, or an inexpensive flip-phone. Life's full of losses, you have to learn how to deal with them when they come along; and they will.

    Although it may not be a iPhone, you can easily find a decent used Sprint Android phone for $100-$200 on eBay or Craigslist to tide you over until your device renewal.  Remember, even lost/misplaced insurance coverage may have a high deductible plus monthly fees. Sometimes self insurance and TLC are the cheaper way to go.

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    LILLIANPIMENTEL56 Regular Visitor
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    Well i just found out  that "Find my Iphone" only works if the person who stole it does not power it off. The phone has to be on. I just got the Iphone for my son, and it was stolen at school,(his fault , did not lock locker during gym). I was always hesitant because Sprint doesnt provide insurance, but I just assumed none of the carriers did, now I find out that AT&T does provide Iphone insurance, yes the deductible is 199 but  its better than paying 600 for a new phone. So i am having my son  offer a reward at school, no questions asked, but if not I told him he has to wait till all my lines come up for renewal(6) and I can get out of Sprint contracts to go to AT&T for an Iphone.

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    telemouse Newbie
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    I was bald faced LIED TO by the Sprint CORPORATE Store that Apple offered a three year warranty that covered theft/loss only to find out AFTER I renewed my contract with Sprint for two years and AFTER buying the warranty from APPLE that I was LIED to. 12 YEARS with Sprint, 12 and this is what they do to their customers KNOWING this is a HIGH THEFT item. I am sorry I bought this for my son, sorry I renewed my contract again. I say a LAWSUIT is what needs to happen. And I had the data coverage price jacked up to boot and the thank you I get from Sprint is a big ***** me for being such a loyal customer. Worst criminal enterprise ever! I have had insurance on EVERY phone I ever purchased through Sprint. They should be charged with extortion and theft of services as far as I am concerned.

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    AnthonyEste Newbie
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    A misinformed representative is at fault. I don't work for Sprint, but I definitely have in the past corrected quite a few reps when they are misinforming customers right in my face. It just grinds my gears . I don't believe a well informed Sprint representative would just lie to your face about a product. Many stores like AT&T and Verizon and T-Mobile have reps that just don't know what the **** they are talking about. I blame the corporate training. Apple's warranties have never covered lost/stolen items.

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