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IPhone Voicemail Issues

MDJamie Newbie
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I've been having some voicemail issues lately and my wife has been having the same issue and I am not sure if it is a Spint issue or a IPhone issue.  When I miss a call and a message is left, I get the notification that I have a voicemail, but when I try to play it, it does not play and it looks as if nothing recorded, time of message is 0:00, almost as if it was a hangup, but after several people told me they left messages, I knew something was wrong.  So I turned off the phone and did a reset start up, and low and behold, the voicemail shows upmand this time I can listen to it.  I have to turn off and on my phone every time I want to listen to my voicemails, as does my wife.  Anyone ever deal with this?  Solutions?   Thanks on advance.

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    abe2020 Master
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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Make sure Wi-Fi is off and Sprint Network is on. Restart your phone and update profile. To update profile- Tap Key Pad-Type ##UPDATE# (##873283#). Phone will process updates.  Profile Tap OK. When Service Update is complete, tap OK. Phone will display searching in upper left corner. When Sprint 3G is displayed in upper left corner the update is complete.Check your voicemail.Let me know.



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    MDJamie Newbie
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    Abe, thanks for your response...I'm a little IT challenged, when you say update do you mean i type whatnot you said its a text message?  Call 873283?  I'm a little unsure...sorry

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    abe2020 Master
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    What you need to do is go to your iPhone key pad and then enter (##873283#) and press call key. Your phone will update the profile. Let me know.






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    timxx1386 Regular Visitor
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    this is a great update that other sprint call center employees have actually told me "caused voice mail and text messaging issues"


    also, this is the 2nd time I've heard a sprint tech claim that you are not able to access voice mail when in a wifi zone. however other sprint techs have said "that doesnt make any sense at all."


    the other thing is. i have had my iphone since.... october? (i pre ordered my iphone 4s) and i was able to make calls and check voice mail up until about 3 weeks ago. now i am having voice mail issues as is my coworker.


    the strange part is, i can still access voicemail when in wifi sometimes. and sometimes when on Sprint's 3G network, i can't see/ listen to them.


    one cool thing about att/verizon, they let you check voice mail even if youre at home/ in a wifi zone.





    so far the solution from sprint employees has been:

    try turning your phone off and then on ( 3 sprint employees suggested this) (4 including the one in this thread)

    try to sell my iphone and buy an android from sprint ( 2 sprint employees suggested this )

    try a different service provider such as verizon or ATT ( 2 sprint employees suggested this )

    try ##UPDATE# ( 3 sprint employees suggested this, 2 other sprint employees said this update CAUSED the problems)


    half of the sprint employees, after an hour of being on the phone, admit to having cell tower issues that dont appear to be getting resolved any time soon,


    also, regarding the voice mail, i've been told it is "a known issue - even after the ##update# - and that means it is on Sprint's to-do list and will be fixed eventually."


    the rest have either scheduled "call backs" and didnt call me OR just put me on hold and hung up then didnt call me back.



    to conclude:


    Dear Sprint: i've decided that each time I'm on the phone with your customer service getting ZERO help and lots of headaches explaining my story over and over... i'll just use that time wisely to rant on various message boards that your own "call center supervisors" are telling me "If I were you, i'd try going to a different company,"


    Dear Sprint customers: sprint doesnt want your business.

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    raylitherland67 Gold Expert
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    After updating to iOS 5.1, users may randomly experience one or more of the following behaviors pertaining to VVM(visual voicemail)


    1. A new voicemail message received cannot be played and they shows a length of 0:00.

    2. No voicemails can be selected to be played and they all show length of 0:00.


    3. The VVM inbox does not show any voicemails that have prior been received by the device.


    Workaround for this issue is to powercycle(turn off and power back on) the device. After you turn it back on, wait a few minutes fo rthe device to resync with the vvm server.


    We are working to resolve this issue permanently.

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    twolittlejs Newbie
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    My visual voicemail isn't even showing up on my iphone.  I have to call voicemail to listen to messages.  Is this part of the same issues that you discussed?  Is there a workaround for this?  Will updating my profile fix this?




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    chagoscifres Newbie
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    I've been on the phone all afternoon with the same issue Jackie. Now they are telling me that I have to erase all of my data in order to fix the problem. I'm not buying it. This is ridiculous!

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    timxx1386 Regular Visitor
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    sprint told me that visual voice mail was a "luxury"


    they'll get to it eventually but it is not important because it doesnt prevent you from actually checking voice mail.


    i told them that the iphone itself is a luxury. and i bought it because i wanted the features it comes with.


    they told me "they'll get to that probelm eventually, but again, it is just a luxury"



    if i recall, they're not doing me a FAVOR by giving me an iphone... i'm paying for it.

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    twolittlejs Newbie
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    I just checked my husband's sprint iPhone 4s and he has his visual voicemail. It had to be reset but he has it! I tried resetting my iPhone (didn't erase any data or apps) and still can't get back my visual voicemail. I still haven't tried to update the profile. I'm getting frustrated.



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    FlyingBy Newbie
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    My friend & I both have the 4S.  Both of our voicemails are not working after the last update.  People are telling us that when they call us, there is no voice recording, no beep, just dead air and they cannot leave a message.  I called my phone number from a land line and got the same results, no message, no beep, just dead air, and no message registered in my voicemail even though I spoke and pressed buttons (*, #, 3...) 


    Also, my visual voicemail disappeared today, and it is important to me.  My friend called Sprint yesterday to investigate, and she was told that it is being worked on, but it will take time.  I pay for my cellular service, and I expect that when people try to reach me that the capability is there for them to leave a voicemail as part of that service. I agree with TIMX1386, the visual voicemail is a "luxury" that I chose to have when I purchased the iPhone 4S, and I am very disturbed by the dismissive attitude that I am reading about from some of the Sprint Customer Service Agents and Supervisors.


    Has anyone on these community bulletin boards tried to contact Apple about this?  If so, what did they say?

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    timxx1386 Regular Visitor
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    I will say that I have visited the sprint store and have also been on the phone DAILY for the past few weeks regarding the voice mail and a text issue I've been having. I'd hate to see anyone else waste a few weeks of their life ... for no reason .. by trying to sit on the phone and get help from sprint.


    essentially, this is what you're going to run into: in sprint's eyes , visual voice mail is a luxury. if you are completely unable to listen to voicemails, then you probably should call and ask them to reset your voicemail server or whatever , they will probably do that, then ask you to power your phone off, then on. that way, visual or not, you should atleast be able to dial into them by pressing and holding 1 on the dialpad.


    okay, so in the past 5 days, I've spoken to a senior advisor of apples IOs system (and multiple times with apple care in general) .. I will say they were very very disappointed in how sprint is handling their customers and the problems that are popping up.


    The voice mail issue IS a sprint related issue they are working on. apparently their old voicemail system wasnt 100% working with the iphone and it IS something they know about .......... so that means that no matter how much you complain to them, theyre just going to tell you "visual voicemail is being worked on." so I guess as annoyed as we all are, we just have to suck it up and wait.


    if youre also experiencing text issues, it MIGHT be a sprint issue but it MIGHT be an apple IOs problem. I will say I went to the sprint store yesteraday evening and I found that the two phones they had on display had the same issues my phone did.


    but really, if you're just calling sprint to say "what are you going to do about this!?"  .........you wont get anywhere.


    I wasted 3-6 hours a day for the past 2-3 weeks.


    and another note to sprint: maybe if you're employees had half the sense and customer service skills as the employees at apple, you'd have ALOT more happy customers.

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    twolittlejs Newbie
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    I just called Sprint customer service and the tech I talked with had my visual voicemail back up in less than 10 minutes.  I called on another line and the Tess (the tech that answered) had me power off my phone, reset things on her end then had me power my phone back on and updated the profile.  She then called my phone and left a test message.  After the message came through, I checked voicemail and there was my visual voicemail back!  All of this in less than 10 minutes!  It was nice to have a tech that actually knew what she was doing and was well aware of the voicemail problems.  Tess was a great tech; she knew exactly what she was doing.  I guess it just depends on who you get on the phone when you call customer service.

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    GeekOfTexas Bronze Expert
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    Like raylitherland67 said, this is a known issue with iOS 5.1. Turning off and back on is the only way to get it working until Apple writes a fix.

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    Raj_DFW Newbie
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    I have been having all the same issues. That update thing doesn't work. I also regularly get no 3G service in Dallas.

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