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samsung rant messenger problems

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I got my samsung rant tuesday afternoon. i now live where there's no sprint service so i roam. wednesday morning i was able to get on the messenger but got kicked off cause the phone thought it could get sprint service but it couldn't 8-| (i hate that there's no "roam only" feature on this phone) then after that i couldn't get back on. everytime i try to load the messenger feature the lights under the keys and the screen both turn off for a sec then come back on with the screen displaying the "sprint instant messaging" thing as if its loading. then it dissapears and brings me back to my homepage and says "now entering digital roam service area". i called tech support and they say its cause i'm roaming, but it seems like the instant messaging screen with choice of AIM, windows live and YIM should load anyways even if i am roaming..have any of you had this problem or know how to solve it?

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    What sprint should have told you is that if you live in an area that does not have sprint coverage you need to find another provider. They do not allow full roaming; ie, it is capped at a certain amount of minutes or a percentage of calls. I can't remember what those are but I'm sure some one will chime in with those figures. Since you are in your thirty days I would switch providers now without having to pay the ETF.

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    Been with sprint over 2 years, i've just moved and on my plan have unlimited roaming and unlimited data usage

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    Sprint is removing "roam only" from many of its phones because the Everything plans allow unlimited roaming. It says in your Sprint contract that roaming more than 50% of the time is grounds for termination of your contract.

    I think that the data has a 300mb roaming cap. Going over that they start charging.

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    Nationwide Sprint Network. Sprint may terminate service if (1) more than 800 minutes, (2) a majority of minutes or (3) a majority of data kilobytes
    in a given month are used while roaming. International calling, including in Canada and Mexico, is not included in plans with no roaming charges.
    Roaming usage may be invoiced after 30-60 days. Data services and certain calling features (Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc.) may not be
    available in all roaming areas.
    Data Usage Limitation (Mobile Broadband Cards, USB Modems, Imbedded Modems and Phone-As-Modem): The amount of data transmitted over
    our network is measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data
    transferred; and to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if usage either exceeds (a.) 5GB/month in total or (b.) 300MB/month
    while off-network roaming. 1024 KB equal 1 MB. 1024 MB equal 1 GB.

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    I too miss the roam only option but can understand why it's being left out of new devices. Roam onlywas helpful when i'mat my parent's home for a few days/weeks out of the year, but if i lived in an area where there was no or low sprint coverage (like my parent's home), i would switch carriers.

    And if i were you, i'd do it asap.


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