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Issues with LG Marquee

JKLee Newbie
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I've bought the LG Marquee about a week ago and I am having some major issues.  I've already contacted Sprint 4 times and have no resolution to this issue other than being told by the Sprint customer care to take the problem to the original store of purchase.


  1. The main problem, is the signal bars on the phone...Does anyone else have their signals for the 3G and bars turn white? and if it does what does this mean??  I've asked this to Sprint technical section and have been elevated but no one seems to know.
  2. the phone freezes and when it becomes unfrozen, it starts to type or does not respond and beeps
  3. I've had dropped calls, can't make calls out (especially when bars/signals are white), can't send text, and get some 3G but very minimal. Like couple other posts, WIFI seems to be the only thing that works well on the phone. 

I have 3 of these phones and I am seeing these symptoms on all of them.

  • 1. Issues with LG Marquee
    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    If you bought the phones at a Sprint store, take them back!  You're still within the 14 day exchange period.  If we shipped the phones to you, I would ask you contact Order Support and you even can pick out a different brand or model if you want.  The Order support # is: 8667898292




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    LIZBETH1017 Newbie
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    That is my number one issue with the phone, it freezes every other day and i have to take the battery out (after trying to hold down the power button for 10 sec doesnt work). Other than that good phone.

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    JKLee Newbie
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    Thank you robotaholic for the response, but I am utterly disappointed with the service I received not just from the customer carse service received while with the phone and carrier and the service received from the Sprint Technical store. 

    This is an update to my original post.  After making a final attempt to resolve the phone issues with Sprint Technical store, the attempt was an utter failure and a major disappointment in Sprint services overall.   I was officially informed from the technician at the Sprint Technical store that no diagonstics are available for this phone because the Sprint store does not carry the model and it will never have diagnostics since the phones will never be carried at the store.  The only diagnostics attempted on the phone is to make a call out. 

    Since this has occured, I have returned all three phones and have cancelled my service with Sprint. 

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    johnnyboy282 Newbie
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    im having the same problems

  • 5. Issues with LG Marquee
    Dirkd1982 Newbie
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    sounds like its every marquee out there... this sucks dont even have phone to contact sprint and im in central nebraska with out a sprint store for 100 + miles ... this service sucks!!!

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    lilgeekygirl Bronze Expert
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    Dirkd1982 I have send you a private message

  • 7. Issues with LG Marquee
    dangerousc Newbie
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    I have NEVER been so dissatisfied with with a phone in my life.  You can't do anything on it!  Everything forcecloses or loads forever. Aren't we intitled to a phone that is functional?

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    Dee_Ritter Regular Visitor
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    I just went to my local Sprint repair center for similar issues on my LG Marquee (see the discussion on "random reboots"). I was told the reboots and freezes are a known problem and, as of about 4 weeks ago, LG has promised a software update to fix this. Sprint will send a notice to all its Marquee phones as soon as it is available.


    I agree, this has been a major hassle on an otherwise nice phone, and that the software fix ought to have been issued months ago. Because the Marquee has all the features I want in a cell phone, I intend to just hang in there until the update is issued. Too bad LG  released it without sufficient testing!

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    rynv Newbie
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    Has anyone else had a problem where their marquee just died? The battery wasn't low, everything was going fine, and it just completely shut off. It won't turn on, it doesn't register being plugged in, nothing. If anyone has a solution, please please help! I got it 15 days ago, just outside the return period.

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    Mikeyb89 Valued Member
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    Okay well here is an answer to the original question. The whit in the 3g and Signal means that pretty much the signal is in standby. So other words your data is in stand by. The minute you open your browser or even use anything that uses data it will turn green. White no Data signal/Data Standy, Green Strong Data connection/Data no longer in standby. If your phone was constantly running data your battery would drain quick. It really isn't nothing to be concerened about. I have this phone and love it.


    Now to rynv. Did your drop your phone, got it wet or anything else that could cause hardware damage. If you did then that might be the problem. I suggest you go to a sprint repair center.

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    cjgwi1111 Newbie
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    I have an LG Marquee as well with no assistance from the SPRINT tech team or customer service even willing to allow an upgrade to help get out of a bad phone. Within the 1st 30 days (after 14 day warranty) SPRINT sent a command that an S/W (software upgrade) was required. This upgrade apparantly (from the sprint tech) wiped out the eeprom. During all this time the battery would never hold a charge because yes something was continuing to drain it which I believe is the firmware. I paid a fee in less than 30 days for a new (LG Marquee) phone to have it replaced. Now it has been less than 30 days again and the new LG Marquee phone has the same issues. Same as everyone else is discussing. I told SPRINT just allow me (customer for 8 years) to upgrade to a new phone especially sine it was less than 30 days the 1st time. They said they can't. Yes they can if they really cared about their customers. I have 4 phones and the other 3 non LG have always been fine. This may be an LG-PSRINT issue but stop making it a customer issue since SPRINT is doing the pushes.There is no caring in their policies and I will switch all the phones. The sad thing is they don'e even care if they lose a customer. Must be a bean counter telling them the odds are in their favor. I will tell everyone I meet or see not to buy an LG or SPRINT based on current lack of concern for valued customers.

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    Dee_Ritter Regular Visitor
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    After several pushed software updates, I went to the Albany (Oregon) repair location (within a Sprint store) for help. This is what happened:

    The manager of my local store sent me to a corporate store in Salem, about a 45 minute drive. He said that the local store could only order a refurb replacement, would charge me $35 to do that, and I would lose use of my phone for a week or more. The manager sent me to Salem because (he said) a corporate store could immediately exchange for a brand new phone for free. Wrong. It's the same "deal".

    The Albany manager apologised for my 1-1/2 hours of driving, 2-1/2 hours of my time, an hour of my arguing my case with various managers, and $16 in gas by saying he'd like to do something for me to make up for my trouble. Get this: he offered me a free screen protector!

    A week later I went back to AT&T. The wasted phones (AT&T uses GSM) and the $180 early termination fee was worth it to get rid of Sprint's rotten customer service!

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    Dee_Ritter Regular Visitor
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    See my rant, sent as a reply to my "helpful" March 17th post.

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    Charmen Newbie
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    I have the same problem! I''m usually a customerof Samsung phones only but I recieved the LG Marquee from my Aunt after she passed last May. My phone constantly freezes and once it unfreezes, it allows me to unlock my phone but then doesn't let me do anything else other than stare at my home screen.I find this terribly unacceptable. I've never had such a problem with a phone until I bought this phone! I have since thought of discontinuing my services with Sprint. I would like assistance with my phone. My phone has just begun this issue last week.I don't understand what's going on and all I want is help. The onlyform of advice I've gotten was to turn my phone off for a minimum of 2 minutes. That has done nothing for my phone other than allow it to continue to malfunction. I am completely dissatisfied with this phone.

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