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Delete/Disable Visual Voicemail

PhilRuss Newbie
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I've seen this question posted, but the replies are inadequate.


On my non-rooted LG Optimus S, Froyo, I want to delete, or at least disable Visual Voicemail.

I just don't like it, so don't tell me how to reset it, to give it a chance, or any other garbage.

Please answer the question if possible.

  • 1. Delete/Disable Visual Voicemail
    voicemail_guy Valued Member
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    There is no way to disable or delete Visual Voicemail without rooting your phone, problem is when you root your phone Sprint can't help you when there is a problem.

    Is your Visual Voicemail application not working right, or do you just like the traditional voicemail experience?

  • 2. Delete/Disable Visual Voicemail
    100101SOS Newbie
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    I use Google Voice, Visual Voicemail takes up extreemly valuable device memory, in fact I don't have room to install the latest Visual Voicemail update and it recommends I uninstall an application to make room. The application to uninstall would be Visual Voicemail in my case. Instead of providing a way to uninstall useless applications it looks like Sprint's official fix is to root the device.

  • 3. Delete/Disable Visual Voicemail
    ItsMyBloodyPhone Newbie
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    The "Sprint Visual Voice Mail" app is spam. I don't want it, I cannot disable it, and the app keeps pestering me about an upgrade *that will "let" me use a 30 day free trial for something I've had free from Google for 2 years*. That is spam. And it is also asinine.

    I want my phone back. When will Sprint stop claiming ownership of my phone?

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    SprintSucks161 Newbie
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    Exactly.  Worst of all Sprint issues the update with a shade of black/gray text on black/gray background, the tones just slightly mismatched so TECHNICALLY they aren't exactly using the old spammer trick of invisible text. 



    As I have a work mobile phone, I think given how the carriers are all I will likely just give up having a personal phone as soon as the contract is up.  Really sick of being treated this way. 

  • 5. Delete/Disable Visual Voicemail
    rolfsprint Newbie
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    I help my GF with things technological, including her Sprint account, for which she pays over $200/mo.  We, too, resent the Sprint visual voicemail spam and lack of choice on this device we own, service for which we pay dearly.  This morning, I tried to understand the notification on her Evo about a "Voicemail update".  After seeing that it was a trialware effort to extract even more money from us, I tried very hard to delete this unwanted intrusion.  Resorting to Google, I wound up here, where I will state again, remove this vermin!

  • 6. Delete/Disable Visual Voicemail
    Regular Visitor
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    your going to have to root the device sprint will do nothing for you

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    KyleSkrinak Regular Visitor
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    Another vote to allow complete removal of the Voicemail package. The LG has such little memory as it is.

  • 8. Re: Delete/Disable Visual Voicemail
    ewab Newbie
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    I just went to the application manager and uninstalled the upgrade.  It got rid ot the the visual voicemail upgrade. Now how do I stop sprint from sending me fake messages about updates to voice mail.......... not upgrades to services I don't want. [...]


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