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Upgrade not an Upgrade

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I like sprint but I have had a great deal of problems with sprints service for the past 2 years. I was told by an on site store representative when I first started  that I would have better service than my previous provider and i would be in a "good coverage zone"... I was misinformed. The customer service I have received on site has been helpful in very few cases. After calling ahead to stores to insure parts for repairs were in stock I have arrived at the stores and been told I would have to come back later to get the repair/go to another store. The phone representatives have been nice and some what understanding but most times unable to help with my service issues. My contract of 2 yrs is about to be up and I am really trying to justify staying with sprint. I was just going over the possibility of staying and taking advantage of my upgrade when I noticed what many other existing sprint customers have noticed. The "Sprint Upgrade" is no different from signing a new contract!  Example:


Option #1

iPhone: $549.99

New Customer with 2 year contract: -$450

iPhone cost: $99.99


Option #2

iPhone: $549.99

Existing customer renew 2 year contract

"Upgrade" Discount: -$150

Instant Savings:- $300

iPhone cost: $99.99



I see no benefit for existing customers to stay with Sprint and use their "Upgrade" when new customers get the EXACT same "discount/upgrade". I see no incentive for existing customers to stay in anticipation of an "upgrade". I see no acknowledgement of customer loyalty in regards to "Upgrading".




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    Wait wait... I don't understand your post. Isn't that how it works with everyother phone company with a contract? But the difference is sprint offers unlimited phone data usage.

    Just saying. I was with ATT for 4 years. I would have stayed with ATT if they gave me a free Iphone 3GS for free after signing on another 2 year contract. But I remember paying $100 with a new 2 year contract dispite I was a 4 year customer.

    So I don't understand what your point is...

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    These posts crop up on a regular basis. Kind of like the complaints about the "Premium Data" fee. I don't understand why some people can't just compare what what they would pay and what they would get with Sprint versus the other carriers, then make a decision.


    Sprint lets you have $150 toward a new phone or new customer pricing, whichever is a better deal. Not both. Never have let you use both. Just like the other carriers.

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    I’m sorry to hear about your past experiences with the store. You are correct that current upgrade eligible customers are able to receive the same upgrade pricing through Sprint as new customers. This is how every major carrier's upgrade system is setup. New customers get the discounted price with a new contract. Existing customers get that same discounted price when their contract is about to expire.


    In comparison to the other major carriers, Sprint does offer unlimited data on phones and very competitive plan pricing. We hope you strongly consider staying with us and allow us to continue being your provider.




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    I don't think the issue is with the price really. I honestly am willing to pay for the phone I want and the plan it requires. The issue I have is that advertising the "$150 upgrade rebate" is somewhat misleading. The upgrade page reads

    "Thank you for continuing to choose Sprint. To show our appreciation, we offer savings of $150, plus additional discounts on our most innovative devices." Later on down the page, it does have some small print that says this is $150 off OR new customer pricing. When I called customer service to clarify, however, they did tell me it was $150 off OF new customer pricing. I later learned that it was OR. I don't have any issue paying $300 or more for something I really want, but I do have an issue with having a benefit of loyalty misrepresented to me.

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    Ok, I thought the same thing.  I was going to upgrade 4 phones because they all had $150 savings..... So I was like, I guess I'll stay with Sprint get new phones $199-$150 gimmic = $49 x 4 = $200 for all our phones.   Sprint is a bunch of liars.

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    So no reason to stay with Spint... since you did not have a reply.

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    The Upgrade program has been this for several years



    Offer details:

    • *An activation fee of up to $36 per upgrade may apply.
    • **Get $150 off OR Sprint’s nationally advertised price on a new device, whichever is better. Nationally advertised price reflects regular price minus all eligible mail-in and instant rebates.


    You will find the the Iphone is sold every where for the same price, be it ATT Verizon Sprint or anybody else.   On other devices you can certainly shop around for lower prices and may find them at places like wirefly or amazon.  Do read carefully at those sites as some times the lowest prices is only for new lines of service.

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