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Evo 4g LTE app storage

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Hopefully someone can answer this question.  Does the new EVO LTE only come with 2GB of app storage or does it use the new ICS way where all available space is usable?  The reason I am worried about this is because I own the OG EVO and app storage is a real problem especially with the last update.  The default email client eats internal app storage like crazy and there is no way except rooting and factory reset to get it back.

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    Memory: 16GB internal memory* (ROM); 1GB RAM;

              supports up to 32GB microSD card (sold separately)

              *Memory available for consumer use will be less due to

              space reserved for updates, installed applications

              and variations in formatting.


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    woodiemarv1 Regular Visitor
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    Thanks for the link, but that is not the question I was asking.  You see in android 3.0 and up introduced a new storage technique because google was fed up with manufactures providing limited amout of app storage. 



    excerpt from the above link:

    ICS supports USB Mass Storage (UMS). The Galaxy Nexus does not. This is the same scenario as Honeycomb, as for instance HC supports USB Mass Storage whileXoom does not.

    If a given device has a removable SD card it will support USB Mass Storage. If it has only built-in storage (like Xoom and Galaxy Nexus) it will (usually) support only MTP and PTP.


    It isn't physically possible to support UMS on devices that don't have a dedicated partition for storage (like a removable SD card, or a separate partition like Nexus S.) This is because UMS is a block-level protocol that gives the host PC direct access to the physical blocks on the storage, so that Android cannot have it mounted at the same time.

    With the unified storage model we introduced in Honeycomb, we share your full 32GB (or 16GB or whatever) between app data and media data. That is, no more staring sadly at your 5GB free on Nexus S when your internal app data partition has filled up -- it's all one big happy volume.




    I realize the device has internally 16 GB of storage memory. But my question is does the EVO LTE use mass storage(UMS) which means a partition for apps and data (i.e. sd storage) or the new ICS way (MTP)  of where 16GB - OS (carrier bloat) = approx 10 GB of user storage which can be use anyway you like?

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    not to mention if you still have the original evo you can use the sd card from that in the new EVO LTE...then just swap the apps over to your sd card instead of keeping them internal. saves space and keeps your phone running a lil quicker.

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    The only problem with the move to sdcard game is that it still uses internal app storage just not as much.  It does not make sense for a phone with 16GB of internal storage to only have 2GB of app storage partition.  I was asking the question about the EVO LTE because if you do a goggle search of the ONE X you will see that some are saying it only has 2GB of app storage partition.  So you can still get the low space warning when you have 10GB of free internal space.

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    Well that would be bullcrap if it does. That was the first thing I looked at with getting into a new phone. What's the point of having available storage if you can't store what you want on it??? Plus...you're getting 25GB of cloud storage from dropbox for any photos, docs and music, so...? 

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    actually now that i think of it this was answered in another thread/forum by i believe wingland a while back on this same subject..for the life of me i cant remember where to look and how far back though.

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    I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it but it mentioned a 4gb partition reserved for future updates to software, apps, etc.

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    this discussion is diluted a bit.. what EXACTLY is your concern here? whatever issue you are facing with the original EVO (memory issues?) most likely have been addressed in later firmware revisions and now with ICS you should not have any problems with memory. I currently have an evo 3D (had the original evo also) and i have several mail clients and quite a bit of apps (no live wallpapers as that consumes memory and battery) and have no issues with memory management.


    IF you can be a bite more detailed in what you are asking, I may be able to help answer your issue and//or even help you with the current issue you are facing at the moment.


    I do not work for sprint but have quite a bit of experience in the EVO line.

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    i think boiled down his question was asking how much space on the new evo LTE will be for apps and such even though internal memory is 16gb.

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    fireguy_6364 is right i was just wondering what was the size of the app storage partition in the EVO 4g lte?  I assumed by now that the mail client in the OG EVO was fixed not to eat memory, i was just using it as an example.  If it is the complete volume using ICS new method then that would be great.  However if it is the old way where everything is partitioned and a fixed size then it is an issue.  I am not a huge picture taker so I would rather have more room internally for apps than data, besides that is what the sd card is for.  I have searched it and the ONE X seems to have 2GB partition for apps.  So after Sprint puts there none removable apps on there who knows what we as users will be left with.  I guess I will find out on the 18th.

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    i know that i can use my 32gb card from my orig. evo but i do not know how to install it....any help with this would be appreciated?

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    Remove the top back of the phone that is where the card goes near the camera.

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    Here's a snapshot of the memory breakdown from Android Central.




    So to answer your question, you only get 2GB internal to play with for apps, 10GB for music/pictures/etc.. and the remainder is for updates and such as I recall.

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