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HTC Arrive and Sero

lindsay_777 Newbie
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I'm looking to upgrade to the HTC Arrive. I'm currently on the Sero 500 $30/month plan. From everything I've read, I should only be required to upgrade to Sero Premium for an extra $10 per month, making it $40 per month. Telesales is saying that the phone requires the premium data plan for another $10 per month.


From the FAQ at


I am a SERO customer considering an upgrade and understand SERO Basic rate plans aren't compatible with all devices. What devices aren't compatible with these plans.

SERO Basic rate plans are not compatible with most Smartphones. If you upgrade to a Smartphone on one of the following operating systems: iOS, Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry, Android, Web OS and the Instinct family of devices you will need to upgrade your plan to a SERO Premium rate plan. Select smartphone activations also require an additional $10/line/month Premium Data add-on charge in addition to the SERO Premium plan, including all 4G smartphones and all smartphones launched after 10/4/11 such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Samsung Transform Ultra, Express from Sprint, Motorola Admiral, ZTE Fury and LG Optimus Elite.


Since the Arrive was released well before that cutoff date and does not have 4g capability, should it not be exempt from the premium data plan? Has anyone had success activating it without premium data? I emailed customer care a couple days ago but never heard back. I talked to Telesales and they said premium data is needed for all smartphones activated after 10/4/11, but the website seems to say differently.


Thanks for any help!

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    eswim007 Newbie
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    this happened to me too when I called telesales, tried to upgrade to HTC Arrive on a Sero Premium $40/mo plan because of what it says on the FAQ but was told it would be +$10/mo premium data. I don't have an answer, but i would like one!

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    DONALIEN Silver Expert
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         In order to activate an HTC Arrive, you would have to change the price plan to SERO Premium 500for $40/month. You would also have to add the $10 premium data for a total of $50. There are very few smartphones that can be activated on a SERO Basic plan.



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    PHYBERE21 Newbie
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    The HTC isn't supposed to require the $10 premium add-on. I had someone on the phone earlier today who talked to their manager and got the right info then got disconnected, every call since then has been to people insisting on the $10 add on.


    So yeah, it's supposed to be $40/month but it's turning out to be difficult to find anyone who knows how to set it up.

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    PHYBERE21 Newbie
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    Scratch that, talked to a SERO rep and it looks like we may have missed the window. The "including all 4G smartphones and all smartphones launched after 10/4/11" was apparently only valid before January of this year, they changed policy and now any 3g smartphone *activated* after January 2012 now requires the $10 premium data.



    Looks like the iPhone or one of the new Android phones is gonna be the way to go, there's no reason to get the HTC Arrive if the plan is the same price.

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    DaMink Newbie
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    just bought the htc arrive, and I was able to activate the phone online without incurring the premium data fee. In other words, my bill will continue to be $40 bucks per month before taxes

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    -U- Newbie
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    Gnimble...I am on the Sero Basic $30.  I want to upgrade to Sero Premium ($40 without the additional $10 4G) and get the Arrive just like you did.  The previous posts seem to imply the additonal $10 4G is now required but seems to be wrong.  What exactly did you do in terms of switching to Sero P, talking to anyone at sprint before ordering your phone and activating online?  When you say just, how long ago was that and have you confirmed on your bill that nothing odd is going on?  Thanks in advance.

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    DaMink Newbie
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    I'm not sure if upgrading or straight up purchasing the phone makes a difference. I still had some months left in my contract, so I replaced my bad phone by buying a new HTC arrive (for $200 off craigslist). And i was able to do this all online without an agent.


    However, I had spoken to a SERO specific customer service agent (forget what the direct line is, you might be able to look it up), and he specifically says that I would not charged more per month if i were to upgrade to this phone when my contract is up.


    russ mcguire, VP of Sprint, seem to validate that message. He mentions on his blog that 4g phones, as well as iPhones, Evos, basically premium high-data usage phones would be charged that extra $10 fee to $50.


    however, the posts above seem to contradict that statement, and this is off my experience, so perhaps YMMV


    anyway, i'll update with links in a day or so

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    DaMink Newbie
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    here's where you might find some relevant info. read it over, and decide for yourself on what you think you should do

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    Marq3 Newbie
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    I have SERO $30 plan also. We went into a corporate store after calling Sprint SEVERAL times to get confirmation on what phones worked with our plan. For the $10 a month we were told the Samsung Ultra Transform (or whatever its called) was only $10. WELL< untrue. Anyhow we were confirmed by two managers this morning the Arrive WILL work with the SERO Premium Plan, which is an additional $10 monthly fee (no data premium charge of $10 on top of the $10 increase). We are exchanging our "smartphones" for those. If it doesn't work, then I will upgrade my plan and change to Sero Premium and buy a phone online. HASSLE, but if you get the right department your okay. Calling from your phone *2 if you have a SERO plan gets you directly into the SERO department. They did ***** up my 200 BONUS minutes on my account that NEVER expire. What a pain. HOPE to get those back into my plan.

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