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Problems with LG Rumor Reflex

Ross-M Newbie
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As soon as I upgraded to the Rumor Reflex from the Rumor Touch, I started having problems.  Aesthetics and setting preferences aside, this phone has had a lot of technical difficulties.


But here's the thing... I got it replaced because it was obviously defective.  My new one has been better, but now, about 2 weeks later, I'm having problems again!


The phone now shuts off every time I try to access my email.  I suspect it would help if I limited the memory usage or something... If I could even access that interface to change the settings!

Also, the screen locks up from time to time.  No matter how long I wait or how many buttons I press, the screen is frozen until I slide open the screen. (This I can live with... but should I really have to?)


What's the deal? Is anyone else having these problems?  Having to go back and forth to the Sprint store to reset my phone over and over again is wasting too much of my time. This isn't right!

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    I just got my LG Rumor Reflex about 4 days ago.  just finished putting all my contacts in today, set up my email account (gmail) and the phone reboots every time I try to access



    I do not believe that it is a defective phone, probably a bad firmware.  I have an 8GB expansion card with plenty of room on it.


    I am not going to spend more time on this phone.  Sprint should address this issue.

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    NotSoReflexively Regular Visitor
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    I would agree that Sprint needs to work with LG to fix the Reflex's multiple problems.  We bought two of these to replace aging, but extremely reliable 'dumb' Sanyo Katana flip phones.  We also decided to give the data add-on a try since the Reflex was marketed as being able to access email or Facebook, knowing full well that it is not a full featured smart phone.  To preface this, the multiple problems experienced below have happened with both phones and I don't believe they are both defective, it's just bad software, firmware, OS, whatever you want to call it.


    The usual problem is resetting, locking up or rebooting in some fashion. The issues began right away when normal operations revealed the resetting issues.  I set both phones to Sprint only for roaming, yet going back into the menu several days later they were both back to automatic roaming.  Both were reset to Sprint only, and back to automatic roaming they have gone ... 7 times so far in one month for my phone.


    They have rebooted (as though powering on with the Sprint splash screen) in the middle of texting and occasionally when changing menus.  We've had the screens lock-up with no key or touch screen functionality.  Sometimes simply sliding the keyboard open/close will bring it to life, but twice I've had to fully power mine down to get it working.  On my phone, the camera function corrupted in some fashion as it would take pictures, but then rotate the image 90° and stretch/distort it as though it was landscape.  The only way I could re-set the camera was to remove the battery as powering down had no effect.


    While the Reflex is not a smart phone, it was marketed as being to access and use email and social media (i.e. facebook), even having direct links within the menus for these operations.  The email function (aol) has locked on both phones, giving an endless re-boot of the phone when you try to access emails.  On my phone, I was able to access the menu settings quickly enough to delete the account, and re-installing brought it back to normal functioning (note if you try to update the email or clear emails within the email app, it WILL cause this corruption of the email function).  My wife's email corrupted and I was unable to even get into the email menu to delete the account as it would reboot the phone within 1-2 secs of trying to access email - an endless rebooting loop.  Her phone was only cleared on a trip to the Sprint store - see below.


    The facebook access through the social networking menu launches the web version which didn't work too well on either phone with locking up and rebooting.  Such limited functionality and you cannot upload photos despite Sprint's marketing claiming how easy it is to take a photo and upload it to social sites (later found out this can only be done direct via emailing or picture messaging).  From the FB site, you could download the FB mobile app for 'faster access'.  Did this for both phones which makes access easier, but on both the app constantly reboots to the FB blue screen, and I mean constantly.  As for photo uploads, I found the FB site gives a direct email address for uploading pics from these 'dumb' phones.  Great, except the phones do not see any of the stored pics inside the phones when trying to use the email function.  You can use picturemail and get charged for each upload, but when you go to attachments in the email, it does not see anything stored in the phone.  I did not see any mention of this in the scant documentation provided, so going on a hunch I bought the memory card and transferred the pics to it. Yep, now you can access the attachments function in email (aol) and then go to the card and upload from your transferred pics.  Uploading from the FB website in the social networking menu still does not work for these feature phones, so you have to use the direct FB email link ... note you cannot upload your stored pics from the FB mobile app download either, though I did find a hidden sub-menu which activates the camera function for direct uploading ... but it only sends a small, almost thumbnail picture.  The only way is to buy a mem card, transfer your pics then direct email them.


    I stopped by the local Sprint store mid-week and mentioned these problems and asked if they had heard similar issues.  All I got was a "well you know this isn't a smart phone" and then the sales pitch how I should upgrade to the new HTC phone ... no thanks.  They did suggest if I thought there was a problem, to take it to another Sprint store with a service counter and they would do a hard reset of the phones.  I asked if this differed from the on-board resets in the menu but they had no idea. The next day, my wife's phone locked into that endless re-booting email loop, so we ventured to the Sprint store with the service counter last weekend.  We explained what was happening and what we wanted, and was told that both phones would be reset, wiping the contents, but that they would save and reinstall our contact list.  Returning after our hour timeframe as promised, I received the phones but saw they still had all the same menus.  The service tickets said both phones passed POST (I assume something like a pc's power on self test) and the antenna test, and there were notations about the email/FB working.  Hmmm ... I took my wife's phone and hit email, but within 1-2 secs it started the instant and endless re-boot cycle.  I checked my phone and everything was still there, so I could tell that they had reset or wiped either phone.  I guess they just ran a cursory inspection off a check list and called it a day. When I confronted the tech about the phones and the repair tickets attached to each, he said they both worked just fine.  I mentioned his comment about the roaming and he said the phones were set to auto when he got them and that I had to manually set it to Sprint only if I wanted to stop roaming .... no kidding that is what I told them I have done multiple times already but they keep resetting.  I then held up my wife's phone, hit email and watched him sink in his seat when the phone immediately re-booted.  I asked why the inspection ticket said both phones were working fine when there was no apparent changes made to them and when they clearly were malfunctioning right in front of him?  He lowered his voice and then said he could reset the phones if I wanted to see if that would help.  Sure thing, that is why we dropped the phones a hour ago.  He took both phones, reset them but saving our contacts, then handed them back to me with an under the table response.  He noted nothing else on his computer screen or gave any updated repair ticket, so I assume he was just letting his first minimal inspection slide as the official 'no problems found' response that was registered in his cust service system.


    We've tried the phones for a few days now, with little to no change.  Both phones have the FB app rebooting all the time, my display has locked three times now, cleared by open/closing the keyboard.  My wife's has rebooted several times during texting.  I haven't taken many pics to see if my camera corrupts, but I figure it's only a matter of time.  The previous go around, our email apps corrupted after 2-3 weeks of use, so there still time for that to go belly up too.  I have checked (just now) on mine and it's still set to Sprint only for roaming and will have to remember to check the wife's phone tonight.  I think these resets were really part of a hard reboot the phones were doing before, so will recheck if ... I mean when these crash hard the next time.

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    My husband and myself both have the rumor reflexs and have so many issues and no one person is able to help us. His phone keeps deleting numbers and contacts every time he charges it and or turns it off. Mine the time keeps changing for no reason and also the tough screen keeps freezing and when i take it into the store for them to look at it, the thing works fine so they think im lying. This is the second type of phone we have gone through and they said that they cant do anything except exchange them only when the store determines that there is something wrong with the phone but when i called customer service on another phone line they said they couldnt help me and that i had to call from my cell phone but it clearly states that you need to call from another phone other than the one that your having issues with. Then when you do go into the store they say its going to be a two hour wait to have someone look at your phone. Who has two hours to waste for them to tell you there is nothing wrong with your phone?

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    Khuten Valued Member
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    Here's my 2 cents from a related thread:


    Well Larry Okiestro, they better get cracking and fast.  An otherwise decent phone is headed for the dust heap of history if you can't fix this.  I upgraded from a LG Lotus Elite to a Rumor Reflex on June 1.  I knew about these issues but, silly me, assumed it was just a few phones and surely, surely, SPRINT and LG would fix them.  I could not have been more wrong.  I have the phone set up, ringtones (which I paid for), email accounts, some web favorites, FB and up until today all was just fine.


    For reasons known only to the LG Rumor Reflex gods my phone has, today June 4, decided to


    1) reboot all by its little loneseome self about 6 times, no idea why as it was just sitting unused on the coffee table.


    2) reboot when I went into email.  REBOOT trying to access an email account.  REBOOT after opening the email icon and seeing my accounts.  REBOOT trying to delete an email after opening an account, REBOOT after pressing the email icon in My Stuff.  No particular order that I could see.  Just tried again with my Yahoo mail, it was also happening with my MSN account.  I tried accessing the Web. no issues there.


    3) decided it was done rebooting just a moment ago, and I was able to enter all 3 email accounts and delete unwanted emails after going through the torture above.  I have no idea how long this moment of tranquility will last.


    After reading the issues above and in the very long post in another thread which detailed exactly the same issue about rebooting in email, I realize that the Rumor Reflex is simply unstable.  I have a very good friend in South Carolina who just jumped ship from SPRINT and moved to VERIZON after having ongoing issues with her Reflex.  I don't want to leave SPRINT, but I am not interested in an Droid based phone at this time.


    And thar she blows!!.....REBOOT, 5:40 PM CDT, while sitting quietly on the table.  I have no idea why.




    In the hour since I posted my phone REBOOTed at least 3x while sitting quietly on the table and again when I tried to enter email.  And then I was able to enter email and no immediate problem.  I tried powering it off and then powering it back on after a minute or 2.  Didn't help.

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    Joe610 Regular Visitor
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    My wife and I got LG Rumor Reflex after 2 years on the LG Lotus Elite, and prior to that we had the LG Lotus original.

    This Rumor is a total disappointment, the phone locks up constantly, my first one powered down when I was in the middle of a text and a 2nd one would come in, the buttons on the front of the machine freeze and do not respond periodically.  In the middle of the night when it is on the charger, this notification of the battery being charged comes up and freezes the phone until you hit the word "done" this phone is a complete and total failure in my eyes so far, I have hard reset it twice, I'm on my 2nd phone in a month through them and nothing seems to be working right on it.

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    Khuten Valued Member
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    So the rebooting continued last night and today.  REBOOT, for no particular reason.  REBOOT while trying to get into or work with email.  Powered down this AM.  Powered up about an hour later, got to email and deleted ALL accounts.  Powered down again for about an hour while in class.  Powered back up, reinstalled email accounts.  We'll see how long before the REBOOT cycle resumes.

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    624agodsend Newbie
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    As soon as I upgraded to the Rumor Reflex from the Rumor Touch, I started having problems.  Got the same phone for my daughter after us both having Rumor Touch.  Never had problems with it, just wanted to upgrade since it was time---BOY WAS THAT A BIG MISTAKE!!! this phone has had a lot of technical difficulties.


    But here's the thing..Phones started messing up 3 days after I got it.  Called them to tell then what was wrong, they informed me to take back to the original store within 7 days.  I told them, I'm in Chicago and wont be back in my hometown for at least 10 days.  They said just take it back then.  When I returned, I was told the 7 day warranty/exchange was expired.  Explained that I was told I HAD to take it back to my original  hometown


    .The phone now shuts off every time I try to access my email.  I suspect it would help if I limited the memory usage or something... If I could even access that interface to change the settings!

    Also, the screen locks up from time to time.  No matter how long I wait or how many buttons I press, the screen is frozen until I slide open the screen.

    This phone and customer service sucks!

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    Joe610 Regular Visitor
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    I would like to add that I had/have all these problems when I tried to add emails (my hotmail and gmail) the phone just froze on me.  Also, when I tried to add ringers, etc.  So now my newest phone (2nd one in a month) I have absolutely nothing on it but for my contacts and a few photos on the micro sd card inserted into the phone and I continue to have these issues.  Phone freezes on me, buttons don't respond (the hard buttons, not the touch screen which is very clumsy anyhow.)  This phone is absolute junk, I am feeling the pressure here because I am on a very old plan that allows me 2 phones with pretty much unlimited everything for a great price, however to go to the new plans i.e. Iphone or HTC smartphones, my monthly plan would more than DOUBLE!  I feel like Sprint is trying to squeeze me out after 17 years of loyalty, even with Sprint not working well in my OWN HOME!!!!

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    bmetnKS Newbie
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    I would think by now the LG would have fixed this problem. The one I currently have is better than the one my daughter had 6 years ago, but today it started not sending messages, even though I was receiving texts. WEird. Kind of frustrating.

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    CHUNKYBUTT420 Newbie
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    Hello... So I just got the LG Rumor Reflex 1 week ago.. I really liked it until today.. when apparently My firm ware updated and my emails and texts went all skrewy... It rebooted about 20 times in 8 hours Called sprint and they were going to have me replace the phone.  I factory reset it and now it works fine again, minus all my numbers are gone ect.. Does sprint even look at these threads WHATS THE ISSUE SPRINT/LG????? I plan on calling and telling them this tomorrow and see what they say... but the girl on the phone told me "there were no known issues" BS!!!  there seem to be alot of us having the same issue


    I recommend NOT updating the phone until we can all get this straigtened out


    Ive been a sprint coustmer for 10 years and have been very pleased untill today.





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    Khuten Valued Member
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    So far no problems since deinstalling and reinstalling my email accounts.  There has been no firmware update that I know of and I have checked twice since acquiring the phone.


    I do know that the default of 'yes copy over my email contacts' when you install an email account will overwrite what you have in your Contacts folder.  I managed to get phone numbers into some of my Contacts, and when I mistakenly hit 'yes' to the prompt with my emails, BINGO!  Contacts were overwritten and phone numbers lost because my email Contacts list does not include phone numbers.


    As far as SPRINT reading this stuff...one would hope they do on this thread, but I am not holding my breath.  Especially since it appears there is no news about a fix.

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    Khuten Valued Member
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    From the other problem thread


    Why I spoke too soon.  I had the phone shut down and charging this evening.  At 10:58 CDT the charging was done, I removed the connection and powered the phone on.  So far, 3 reboots followed after the phone came on.  Was I doing anything with it?  Why no, it was sitting on the coffee tabele and don't you know the 5th! reboot is underway as I type.


    SPRINT/LG apparently is not interested in fixing this problem.  I suppose they are hoping it will just go away.


    And here goes reboot #6.


    Reboot 7 just occurred.

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    CHRIS829hatesrumor Newbie
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    Add me to the list of people taht no longer trust Sprint because of this.  Mine started the whole reboot nonsense the other day.  Went to the local store, and they claimed they've never seen this issue, nor have had Sprint inform them of it.   Instead of giving me a different model, they ordered a replacement of the same one....we'll see how it goes!

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    Khuten Valued Member
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    I suffered through a total of 12 reboots in a 30 min period, shut off the phone, then powered it back up about a half hour later.  I found several emails showing up on my Gmail account, on the phone only I might add, NOT on my Gmail account, which was up on my PC at the same time.  There was absolutely no information other than a time stamp.  Clicking on them I got IDS_101_TXT.  I tried deleting them, but got an unknown error message saying I should check my settings.  I looked at the settings, and then checked advance settings and discovered a refresh account option.  Did that and the emails are gone.  Phone is working normally for now.


    Do I think SPRINT is on the ball about this problem?  Nope, not a bit.

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