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Factory Reset the LG Optimus S

dshoem01 Gold Expert
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The factory reset clears all user data and 3rd party applications, restoring the device to it's original factory settings.  It's often recommended following a software update to help resolve or clear compatibility issues  Prior to performing the reset, it is recommended to backup your personal data (see below) and then remove the SD card.

Note: This will not remove Operating System software from your device (Froyo, Gingerbread, etc.) 

Factory reset steps:   

   1. From the main home screen, select Menu

   2. Select Settings, then select Privacy

   3. Select Factory Data Reset

   4. Select Reset phone

   5. Enter the password if prompted, and select Erase Everything


If the device is frozen, follow these steps:

   1. Remove and reinsert the battery

   2. The device will power on

   3. Hold Volume down, Home, and Power buttons until the reset screen appears

   4. Select wipe data/factory reset (using volume down) and press Menu

   5. Select Yes and press Menu  


Information on backing up your Android device:

How do I backup my information on an Android handset? 

Backing up your Android Phone   

  • 1. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    jeremymahon316 Newbie
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    Done these steps but it will not erase all the data. Still shows what I am trying to get removed off my phone.

    Please help.



  • 2. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    abe2020 Sprint Employee
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    I can walk you through different way to reset the phone. I have sent you a private message. Resetting the phone will not remove Operating System software from your device (Froyo, Gingerbread, etc.) 

  • 3. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    jeffmoline1979 Regular Visitor
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    abe2020, will this Factory Reset bring the LG Optimus S back to 2.2?

  • 4. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    abe2020 Sprint Employee
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    No,Factory Reset won’t change the Operating System/ROM.

  • 5. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    jennamc77 Regular Visitor
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    I took my phone to a Sprint repair center and they did a hard reset and I think he said he did this factory reset as well and it did not fix any of my phones problems. I am shocked at the length of time that has passed and they have not fixed it. Even more shocked that they cannot just reprogram the phones that are having these many problems with the older version that the phone had before the upgrade. After 10 DAYS of complete and utter aggrevation I am sad to say that it will take a bigger effort on Sprint's part to change me from a VERY UNHAPPY customer to a satisfied customer. I do not think it is possible to get me back to being a HAPPY customer, but for someone to do take the time and effort to make sure I have a phone I can be happy with doesn't seem like too much to ask. After 10 DAYS of this, replacing my corrupt phone with a refurbished phone of the same make and model seems very insufficient. Oh, and did I mention someone promised me a $25 inconvienience credit.... $25, does help as I have had to travel multiple times to the Sprint store,  but it in no way makes up for this terrible inconvience I have been and still continue to experience.

  • 6. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    ARMYPUMPZ06 Newbie
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    Abe2020, Could you possibly give me the other way to reset the phone, as well? My phone won't turn on, it just flashes. I even went and bought a new battery because someone said that was why it was doing it. =/ I miss my droid!

  • 7. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    samcfi Newbie
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    Quit complaining. they are bending over backwards to help you.

  • 8. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    mellowyellowof64@att.net Newbie
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    I am also having issues with my LG Optimus S, it will not connect to the Network anymore and will only roam. I have talked with Sprint and now LG. LG says I need to be given a service code/msl and do a hard reset, they have given me instruction and said I could call back once I receive the code needed. I called Sprint and the rep walked me through some steps but I wasn't given a code?? Can someone please provide me this so I can try to work with LG again to solve the problem.

    Help!!! Thanks

  • 9. Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    Well part of the confusion comes from the terminology used. there are basically 2 resets that erase all data, and at least a half a dozen terms. Resets that require an MSL (many call the MSL an SPC code) will erase custom data within the operating system and the radio, in essence it clears everything back to factory defaults (with the exception of Micro SD card.). Resets like the hold Vol- while powering on, or select menu > settings > privacy... which will not require an MSL code do not erase the phone's programming, it onlt clears Android back to the ROM defaults. you are welcome to send me a private message if you still require the MSL/SPC to complete a Reset.

  • 10. Re: Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    Karlenenicole Newbie
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    I used it and it worked thank you :-)

  • 11. Re: Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    uvegottobekiddinme Newbie
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    ok, im so fed up. I been to the sprint store 6 times. and all they seem to say is it should work great now. no more problems again. hmmm, but when i get home? guess what im having? PROBLEM AFTER PROBLEM. they told me its an sd card, battery (battery? really?) my phone isnt fit for the gingerbread updated format yet. soo, why do i have it then. hmmm, and then when i go back to the earliest version? freeze, pics get deleted, camera doesnt say camera and all my pics are grey boxes and labeled c'mera hahahaha, im not really laughing. i am almost in tears. its killing me. cs finally, after telling them im at another store, ready to get into another phone, decide they want to hook me up with a different phone. well, i said this is the VERY last chance. otherwise i am filing a grievance notorized and stopping payment. you can do that, check the fine print. they decided to get me into a different phone. and i said it better have the same capabilities i had with the one i already have (regardless if it works right now or not, same market value) well, they are shipping it now and wanna know what they are sending me? a samsung transform. hmmmm, again. I cant find it on there web store. why might you ask? ok! because it has been removed from there store. soo, im getting a phone that isnt even for sale but its a fair trade? i think not my friends. i GOOGLED it and it has a slower proccessor along with more problem issues than my lg. oooooh, the frustration.

  • 12. Re: Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    masterdad1 Newbie
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    Awesome post worked great. Thanks

  • 13. Re: Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    lazy16 Regular Visitor
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    can u send those instructions to me too, ive had issues with my phone and i need to reset it. Sprint doesnt give a f about the problems their products are having and im tempted to drop sprint and get straight talk or verizon.

  • 14. Re: Factory Reset the LG Optimus S
    WINTERZLIONZ47 Regular Visitor
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    do you still have those instructions

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