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Can i upgrade early.?

Kyle0Skinner Regular Visitor
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I have the LG Optimus S and i would like to change it out with an Evo Shift. i have been on best buy online website and can buy the phone but im unsure if i can get it without paying for the early upgrade. can i buy the phone from them without paying full price for the upgrade from best buy?. im very unsure and need some help and good detailed information. im not able to get an upgrade for another year and the phone that i have is junk. the touch screen will work one min then quit. i have trouble making and recieving calls. the phone will dial numbers from my contacts when the screen is off..this is mainly why i would like another phone please assist me with this information.


thank you


Kyle Skinner.

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    GodschildNicole Silver Expert
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    First have you went to a Sprint repair store to see if it can be fixed? If not, if you have TEF you can pay the$100.00 deductible and get a replacement. Other than that if you don't have an upgrade, you will have to pay full price no matter where you go. Try ebay or Craigslist to replacement but check the ESN first to make sure it's not stolen or tied to another account.

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    Kyle0Skinner Regular Visitor
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    I have TEF and i have taken it to a sprint store and they keep telling me that nothing is wrong with it. they wont check it or keep it for a day and see if it could be software or hardware defects and if i call up support they always refer me to a **** sprint store and i have about had it. i want a phone that works not one that screws up one min and works the next and if i do order a replacement it will be the same brand and i dont want another optimus. if they would offer me a different brand that wont give me problems i would greatly appreciate it. as for your replacement advice i might consider it since sprint wont help me at all.

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    NAlden Valued Member
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    You can "upgrade" at any time, but you might have to pay the "unsubsidized" price for the phone (could be anywhere from $200 to more than $600 depending on model).  That is, unless you can prove beyond any doubt in front of a Sprint employee that you ARE experiencing issues, or that you are within the opening month of a new agreement.


    You could also add a line and change plans if you are on a single line already, but this is cumbersome and does little to fix the unit in addition to making you pay much more than you might need to, though it will get you a "better" device at new-line prices.


    If you don't have the latest software, this Sprint document will tell you how to get there.  If the update has been done and you still have issues, then:


    1. Mail the phone in for repair, and if they find the issues you are experiencing, they should exchange it, or you can
    2. Find a used Sprint device online (Sprint has a few refurbs out there--mostly BlackBerry devices though--and you might not even like BB nor outmoded software!) Of the offers presemted in my area by, only the BlackBerry Curve 3G has anything approaching recent software.  Granted, you might not be able to run all recent apps, but if all you crave is a working phone, then any device should fit that description until you are for-sure eligible to dump the LG phone.


    The HTC Hero was also an option, but this phone is running an OS that is two major versions behind what's current and therefore carries some security risks.  If you understand all the possible hazards, you are welcome to try one out.



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    GodschildNicole Silver Expert
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    That is frustrating. I'm suprised they won't even look at it. The next thing then is to try ebay or craigslist, just check the esn.

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    bbaker87 Regular Visitor
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    I have the exact same phone and been having problems after 5months of having the phone. I'm on my 4th replacement phone and been waiting until September of this year to upgrade. Been dealing with this phone for a year and 5months now. Sprint knows that there have been problems with this phone. The first time I paid the $50 and got a refurbished phone, 2weeks later I had to get another replacement because the refurbished phone would just go to the camera all day. Then with the first upgrade to gingerbread it screwed up the phone completely, wouldn't even charge in my car even though I just bought 2 new car chargers. Went to one store, said it was the charging port that messed up and I would have to pay $50 to get it replaced. Took it to another store and they said it was probably my car charger. Took it to the 1st store again after a couple of months and they replaced it because I had to print off proof from Sprints website where they had said because of the upgrade to gingerbread, it caused phones to not charge. I think that Sprint doesn't handle issues right. I work in Customer Service and if our customers have issues with the units they have or the services not working, if its our fault....we'll take care of them. We don't give them the run around. You would think that having to be on my 4th phone in less than 2yrs Sprint would take more care of a customer and not give them the EXACT same phone that has problems they know about. I doesn't make me want to sign another 2yrs with them. If they said "I'm sorry for all the incovenience this has caused you and the frustation of not being able to have a reliable cell phone, (to keep your business) we will allow you to have the full upgrade early so that way you don't have to mess with having to deal with a phone that clearly has problems and we know about the problems it has" If they did that, then maybe JUST MAYBE I'll stay with them. But if they can't take of their customers because the carry a phone that has problems and it's not just a few customers that have issues with the phones.....It's ALMOST all the customers, then why keep giving Sprint my money? I wouldn't pay they $200+ to buyout your contract to get an upgrade, to me its not worth it.

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    RC1024 Gold Expert
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    Hello Kyle, you may qualify for upgrade pricing, to confirm you may send me a private message, or go to My Sprint section of this site. as for problems with the Optimus may I hask which software version you have, and how much internal space is free in your phone? Thank you, Chris.

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    Kyle, do yourself a favor and check craigslist in your area.

    The phone is selling for less that $100 in my area.


    If you find one you want to get, meet in a Sprint store so they can check the phone for you before you buy it.

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