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Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues

inthebitterend Newbie
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I purchased an S2 a couple months ago, and after about the first 2-3 weeks I've had constant signal issues in my old house and new one, at work, and on the road in town (zip codes 99354 and 99336). I'm in a max voice coverage are and a middle 4G area "in most buildings, on the street and in a car."


I keep 4G on, but it constantly goes in and out with a "4G service has been disconnected" message, regardless of location. My reception bar is also always going out, constantly jumping from 3 bars to 0 (never 5 despite the coverage map), and at least a few times a week tells me I'm roaming (which I'm not). As mentioned, this can happen in the house sitting next to a giant sliding glass door, or outside in or out of a car. My actual call quality typically sucks - I can make a call with it showing 4G/3 or rarely 4 bars and yet voice is constantly breaking in and out before the call finally drops. I call right back, and suddenly everything's fine (at least for a while).


Messages are also problematic; while straight text messages are usually okay, picture attachments frequently have to be resent by me or the person sending to me.


I'm guessing this is a device issue, but I'm not sure as my roomie has an iPhone through AT&T so we can't compare with the same carrier. The interesting thing is I had the exact same problems at my old house with my previous phone, an original Droid, but that was also on a different carrier.


Any advice, or should this just go straight to a local store?



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    Shane_M Sprint Employee
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         I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues. Have you tried updating your profile and PRL (preferred roaming list) by going into menu > settings > system updates/about phone? I would suggest starting off with that, I don't see any outages currently in that area.









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    inthebitterend Newbie
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    Thanks Shane.


    I tried doing what you said, and especially after the PRL update it seemed to have a better signal for a little while. But before 24 hours was up it went back to the constant bad signal, both inside my house and driving to work.

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    EMARC119 Newbie
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    I'm having the same issues with my device (Galaxy S). Messages would take hrs to come through, the phone would freeze up and I would have to take the battery out to reset it, and constent glitches with making phone calls!

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    CMM66 Newbie
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    I just bought the S2 on Tuesday, and it almost immediately started roaming - both data and calls. I added my home and work wifi networks, but it still roams. I called Sprint and the agent on the phone had me do a hard reset, and it still happened. She then suggested it might be an internal antenna malfunction, and suggested I return the device for a new one. I got the new one, and within a couple of hours, it was roaming again. I really wanted this phone, but my old Blackberry is looking kind of good at this point...

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    inthebitterend Newbie
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    I'm taking my phone in this weekend to the Sprint store, but I'm honestly not even trustful of a second one of the same. I haven't had much luck with Android based phones, as I had pretty much the same issues on an original Droid under a different carrier


    The interesting thing I saw was that my phone worked perfectly over in the Seattle area a couple weeks ago. Once I got to the western side of the state I was running permanent 5-bar signal and 4G, even though the Sprint map says I should have the same here.

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    someothergalaxy Bronze Expert
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    If I were you I would try what Shane_M suggested above.  It helped me when the signal started to jump to roaming

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    iLisper Regular Visitor
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    The Galaxy S2 is a great phone, the issue you’re having is more than likely a problem with the area you’re in. in any event I would dial *2 and ask a service rep to help with reprogramming the phone. I have done the ## code for programming and my daughters Galaxy S2 started working the way it should. as for roaming, you can set your phone to operate on sprint network only. Touch the menu button, touch settings, touch wireless & networks, touch mobile networks, touch roaming, select sprint only this should prevent your phone from roaming...

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    iLisper Regular Visitor
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    Another thing that may be helpful, find out who the 4G Wi Max carrier is in your area (sprint will give you this info) and then check their coverage map for your area. In my area the 4G Wi Max carrier is Clear Wire. 

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    craigfial Newbie
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    What is the ## code?  I tried entering one that someone gave me but it didn't do anything.  I have never had more problems with a phone before in my life.  I dumped T-Mobile for this and very disappointed.  Would have rather stayed with T-Mobile.  at least I had service.  Spring/Samsung nothing....

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    SprintlySprintSprint Regular Visitor
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    The ## code is ##72786# but regardless you need the MSL which can only be retrieved over the phone with Sprint or at a sprint store.

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    MENOTYOU03 Newbie
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    I have the same issue, searching for something on the internet will take so long to load, or give me the error page. I took it in to a Sprint store and the phone had full service bars inside the store so it worked perfectly fine! but outside the store I can't even get it to work properly! Maps don't load, messages are sent/received hours later, and service is rarely there. Since I can't "re-generate" the problem, they can't do anything about it. It is very frustrating after spending so much money on a phone and not work properly.  I tried the updates, the factory reset, and no change.


    Any other suggestions?

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    Eugenious678 Regular Visitor
    Currently Being Moderated

    Here's everyone's answer:


    It's not your phone, it's the network.  They signed the contract with Apple and got way more new users than they anticipated.  With everyone including their grandmother is using a smartphone, the network is really being stretched thin.  They do not have the infrastructure to handle the data being used on their network.  There is no win win, sprint has unlimited data but service sucks, other carriers have great service but will kill you with data charges.  Here are my speedtest results I did 5 minutes ago in the heart of Atlanta 545kpbs download and 36kbps upload.  This is laughable, I can't test 4g because I have no 4g signal, go figure.  Also, we are the only carrier in the world who doesnt have the new Ice Cream Sandwich software update.  I really mean across seas and in the US we are the only ones who don't have it.  This just further confirms that whatever Sprint is focused on, it certainly is not providing quality, relaible, and up to date service for their customers.  I am jumping ship ASAP, may even suck up my $650 in ETFs.  When I call into Sprint about delays in text messages, dropped calls etc they just confirm that I have 98% signal in my area, (yeah right) dismissing that real issues me and thousands others are having.  Sprint, you have fell to a new LOW!!!!


    My fiance went from an ATT 4s to a Sprint 4s, I can personally tell you the phone is akim to a paper weight on Sprint.


    You can always wait for the network to improve.  But we know what waiting gets us on Sprint (you hear me GS2 users.....cough......ICS...cough...cogh)

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    richboy212 Regular Visitor
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    I have bad reception even when I live 1 mile  away from two towers 1 bar all day. 80234 and 80229 well let'sjust say the whole denver north metro area.

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    acojulun Newbie
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    I have the same issues... and i have had them since about a month after i got the phone I wonder if is the phone or the carrier am new to sprint so am not familiar with their service

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