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Annoying HTC Evo Design 4G Problems

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I dont even know what to call the main problem im having I guess you could call it crashing? but anything that i do on my phone it could be making a phone call or opening an app or playing music my phone always goes to the main HTC screen(like when you power on your phone)everytime it does it so much It takes me atleast a good five minutes to do something on my phone which really annoying because I have to keep this phone for 2 years my phone has also been freezing sometimes some one can call me and no matter how many times i press answer it wont let me answer. Ive goggled it a couple of times and tired to see if any one knew how to help me out or knew what could be going on soo if anyone knows ill appreciate some tips thanks

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         It sounds like your launcher is crashing. There are a number of things that could be causing the issue. Probably the most common cause is 3rd party apps. If it's caused by an app, it usually turns out to be anti-virus, task killer apps or after market launchers. If you don't think it's an app or you're not able to narrow it down, performing a factory reset will likely resolve the issue, namely because it removes all apps and restores the phone to factory default. Let me know if you need help resetting the phone or have any more questions.



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    I've been having the same problem, but my touchscreen stopped working on me for some reason. I also have this weird keyboard glitch that causes w or v to be pressed every time a letter is typed in for a message, a search, browser, etc. I don't know what is going on but I hope someone could help me fix the problem. This happened before the system update.

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    My phone does the same thing!!! It is a hardware issue and it took 3 months for Sprint to do something about it. They kept telling me it was this or that, and all the fixes would last for a week tops and it'd happen again. I suggest you factory reset your phone, and then take it to a sprint repair center and they can diagnostic. It will cost $35 to do that, but they will be able to see there is a hardware glitch and if you've had your phone for less than a year with no other damage, they will be able to order you a new one. Well, it won't be new, but refirbished. But beware, because the new one you recieve will probably be just as bad. The one they sent me was WORSE than the one I was returning. Not only did it also go to the HTC then loading screen after everything, but it wouldn't send text messages either. Oh, and the phone wasn't put together right, and there was a gap in the casing where I could see through it. It was horrible. So, I returned the new one they sent me. I told them when they recieved it back I would call again and have them send me another refurbished **** phone. The only other option they had was to change phones to some other phones that were WAY smaller and slower and less storage, which is not acceptable. UNFORTUNATELY for me, while I was waiting for them to recieve the replacement phone back, my daughter knocked my phone down and it fell directly onto a small rock or something and cracked my entire screen! =( so I know they will not want to replace it after that, because there is a huge cosmetic issue. So now I'm stuck with a phone that doesn't work and has a broken screen. =(


    Good luck to you, but I really don't know if any refurbished replacement phone would work better than yours now. But if you have $35, it's worth a shot.

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