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Iphone 4 8GB vs Iphone 4S 16GB

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I get my upgrade tomorrow (yeah!). However I am stuck between these two Iphones. My friend has an Iphone with the Siri, and I tried it today and I did not really think it was worth an extra 100. I want to use my phone for apps mainly. I am upgrading from a Replenish, I am sorry I bought that phone. I think Sprint ought to recall it and let everyone who bought it get a different phone. But I digress. Will I notice a huge difference getting either one over the latter? Thanks!

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    I would go for Siri.  We have!  Using her while driving and asking her to set reminders and make calls all voice activated and she'll make a safer driving experience as well as not having to type, even if not driving, that's a real plus.

    Voice texting is lovely!    Definitely worth the $100 just to have the pleasure of saying, "do I need an umbrella today?" and  "where's the closest coffee house?"

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    Siri isn't the only draw for the 4S over the 4.  Besides doubling the shared storage, your extra $100 nets you:


    • A dual-core Apple "A5" system-on-a-CPU--means applications aware of two processors can use both for different pieces of a big task, like a game, at the same time; thus tasks get done in half the time of a single-core phone (such as the 4), when the two are running at the same speed.
    • Sharper camera:  The 4S' rear camera has a peak image density of 8 megapixels, versus 5 for the 4's camera.  You might not see the difference in normal shooting of standard-sized images, but if you set both at their highest resolution and then transfer an image for printing at larger sizes, you might observe some graininess/pixellation as the 5 MP image gets larger, where the 8 MP image will remain sharp, up to its maximum density, thus allowing you to print on larger media (plain paper and photo paper) and still get a crisp print.
    • "True HD" video recording: Apple promises you can record at up to 1080p on the 4S, though it hasn't made clear how well the iPhone 4 can record movieswith its camera.
    • Crisper display: The display might be tagged "Retina" on both phones, but the 4S' display packs those pixels in more tightly, furthering the illusion of clarity just that much more.
    • Global roaming: The 4S can work internationally, thanks to an installed micro-SIM card and integrated GSM radio.  Sprint will have set this up for you already, and it'll let you roam with any of Sprint's selected partners at posted rates.  Accounts in good standing can have the Sprint SIM lock removed as well, which will open the way for local carrier SIM cards--and with them, local rates.  However, you can't use the SIM to switch from Sprint to AT&T or T-Mobile--the primary radio is still CDMA and is locked with Sprint; plus, international GSM services operate on frequencies not used by ATT/TMO,


    Siri stands out because anyone can find a use for it.  But bear in mind that it's what we techies call a "beta release".  Apple acquired Siri's devloper as the app spent but  a short time on the open market.  Once Apple brought the Siri team on board, it focused more on the hardware and how best the app would integrate with the hardware.  The whole concept of the software backend recognizing and being able to parse natural speech is amazing, and yet it may have a long road to travel before iit's ready for common men to use.


    Happy shopping,




    Edited 6/3 by NAlden: for clarity regarding camera quality

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    I have the 4S, and my brother has the 4. My iPhone is almost twice as fast when loading apps, multitasking, etc. My 4S's screen and battery is also better than his .4 If you could hold out maybe 4/5 more months, Apple will almost 100% be releasing an even newer model. Sprint is currently rolling out the Network Vision upgrade across the nation to its network, and neither of the current iPhone's support the 800mhz frequency that will be drastically increasing indoor and overall reception. I would by an andriod phone off of ebay right now to tide myself over, and wait for the new iPhone to come out and upgrade then, if I were you. Heres my motto with Apple, either upgrade within 3 months of an item being released, or wait until the next model is released. If you have pretty good coverage at home and you are happy with your current service, don't care about having the "latest and greatest", and don't mind having a somewhat smaller screen size, then by all means upgrade now.

    Good luck!

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    ios6 enables facetime over 3g on 4s, but 4.

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