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Switching Phone Devices On-line Via Account

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I currently have and EVO activated on my account. I got a good deal on a barely used iPhone 4S

because my EVO (original 4G model) was really acting up and I was concerned I couldn't depend on it. I was going to hold out for the iPhone 5 with my upgrade but I picked up this 4S as a stop-gap. Even though I have been a Mac person all my life I have been playing with the new iPhone unactivated basically as an iPod for two days. There are pluses to the iPhone but also many minuses compared to the EVO. Some things I will miss, for sure. (Turn by turn voice navigation, phone acting as external USB device when connected to my MacBook Pro, better EVO keyboard navigation, viewing websites and text on a larger screen, etc).


Oddly enough, the EVO has stopped all it's weird behavior (restarting on it's own just laying on a table, restarting when attempting high-process intensive apps like navigation, battery draining in 5 hours with very little usage) and has been working flawlessly with good battery life. Not sure what I did, other than turn off data roaming mode, to cause this thing to start working so well.


It's almost as if the EVO Knew I was going to replace it with an iPhone and cleaned up it's act!!!


Anyway... How seamless is the phone switching/online activation process from an account on Sprint's website?


Can I easily switch to the iPhone, and then if I change my mind switch back a day or two later if I decide I'd rather keep the EVO quickly and easily? How long does it take to deactivate one phone and activate the other and be able to use it?


I've never done this so I'm just asking for comments from people who have already done their own activations on-line. And also, is it still free to activate in this manner?

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    MGman61, thank you for using the Sprint Community. Yes the phone swap online is a very simple process. You can go directly to and you will be advised to verify your account and to enter the serial number for the device you are switching to. Once this has been done you will be sent an email with activation instructions that you can walk thru yourself or you can dial into our automated system to complete the activation without speaking to a rep. Of course if you need to speak with us we are here to assist you. Hope this helps!

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    ^^^ Thanks. Any info. on fees involved? Is doing it myself on-line different than involving a Sprint rep?

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    Wish I could get a full answer but half an answer is better than none.


    Anyone know if Sprint charges a fee for switching/activating a different phone that was not purchased with a new contract when you do it yourself on-line?

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    I'm just going to keep talking to myself on my own thread. I tried the on-line transfer/activation.


    It Did Not Work. Even though both phones would work the same on my existing plan the activation would not complete because a big red warning came up that activating a new phone would require that I changed plans. This was in error, since both phones were smart data phones with the $10 premium data fee. No changes needed to be made. So I called Sprint and they told me there is a glitch in the on-line system that they are aware of that that falsly give a requirement of a plan change. Has to be done over the phone with a rep.


    But there is no charge for simply swapping devices on the same active phone number.

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