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HTC Arrive getting Tango Update?

MMNoz12 Regular Visitor
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Does Sprint plan on giving HTC Arrive the Tango Update?


Also any plans for WP 7.8 update also?


Any solutions to the one text message/160 char limit issue? (Will the fix be provided in the Tango Update)


We got 3 HTC Arrives on our plan, so this makes a big difference to us.

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    HumboldtGreengo Valued Member
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    Sprint Hasn't even offered the last update that deals with the disappearing keyboard.


    They have a huge obligation to sell iPhones.


    They don't care for wp7 or 8 as obvious by their actions. I've owned an Arrive since the day Sprint offered it,paid full price and am now ready to leave sprint with my two lines if no support for the WP OS.

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    MMNoz12 Regular Visitor
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    It is rather disappointing the lack of support that this great OS has gotten from them.  I did the Android thing with the HTC Hero and a few other devices, including hacking and Rom Development, but felt very disappointed with Android no matter how much I optimized it.  WP7 is just an amazing system, but it needs to be updated, the updates are out there, but Sprint has choosen not to let us have them, and this is sad.

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    ProfileX Newbie
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    I agree, the support for Windows Phone has been the worst of all the major carriers.  My Arrive worked flawlessly until the Mango 7.5 update, now it freezes or reboots a few hours after I access Bing or Maps.  If I don't launch Bing or Maps it runs fine for weeks, until I bump the search button then within a few hours I have to restart it.  I downgraded back to 7.0 and it worked perfectly, but I missed the 7.5 features so I upgraded again, same thing.  I did a hard reset and waited to install any apps, same thing.  I turned off access to my location/GPS, same thing.  Overall I still like it lot, especially the qwerty keyboard, even with that problem.


    I'm looking forward to WP8, but I doubt Sprint will offer more than one model if any, so I'm expecting I'll just wait until 8 comes out and then switch.  If Sprint provided the Tango or 7.8 update that would keep me around.

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    Cipher36 Regular Visitor
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    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Sprint to upgrade their only windows phone. That said we WP7 users have a choice, upgrade to what will probably be their only WP8 (when it gets close to 2 year contract expiration for current Arrive users of course) phone knowing full well they wont support that one either once they have you back on contract. OR.... dump Sprint and go somewhere else where we know they actually like the windows phone OS. Me personally, as the days go by and the crickets keep chirping at camp sprint am just counting down the days to get outta here. I've been with Sprint Nextel for probably around 13 years or so and sadly they are just not for me anymore.

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    MisterIndie Regular Visitor
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    Yes, it is very disappointing that they haven't even addressed the Tango update, let alone Windows Phone 8 or the upcoming 7.8 update.  And your right, since they can't accomodate us, I have no problem leaving.  Its not like we should have any loyalty to them when they obviously don't care about us.

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