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Samsung Galaxy S3 OR Samsung Epic 4g Touch???  HELP

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I am due for an upgrade THANK GOD!  I currently have an Epic (the one w the slide out keyboard) it it was AMAZING the fisrt year and since then I have had NOTHING but problems with it.  I havehad to have the entire phone replaced FOUR times.  Anyway, I have been patiently waiting to see if Sprint will begin to carry the Galaxy Note, but I have given up hope of that and I can NOT wait any longer.  I know the Epic 4g Touch won Phone of the Year last year OVER he iphone, but I also have heard good things about the S3 (also some negative things regarding the screen brightness, etc).  I need pros and cons of both...which would YOU choose.  I can NOT wait any longer...MUST RID OF THE EPIC!

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    Epic 4g touch is also known as Galaxy S2. So The S3 is the updated better version of the S2. Only thing is that the S2 is wimax and you will have to wait  for LTE to come out for the S3. If you've been waiting for the Note, Spec wise the S3 is closer to what you're looking for minus the touchscreen size.

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    adding on



    not to mention the S2 is 3G and wimax 4G only...the S3 is 3G and LTE 4G only.


    so if youre not in an area that will be seeing the LTE upgrades in the next couple years you might want to stick to the S2..scratch that...if youre in an area that has the wimax 4G currently then i would stick to the S2..if you dont have ANY 4G in your area then you might as well upgrade to the LTE version..

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    I'm in the same boat. Honestly I'm still using the original EVO, but I got my kids GS2s and they are really good. I was excited to get a GSIII until I used it in the store today and the Camera sucked! They had two GSIIIs and both had major white balance problems and brightness issues with video. I compared side by side with the EVO 4G LTE and it wasn't even close. The EVO had near perfect white balance and exposure and the GSIII was terrible. I then compared to the GSII and the GSII was very close to the EVO 4G LTE.Again the GSIII couldn't come close. I tried manually setting white balance but their isn't enough adjustment. It's either redish warm or purplish cool. Video playback is also too dark so I tried bumping up the exposure but it didn't help. Unless this is resolved I'm going to pick up another GSII and stick with it until something else comes out. I don't think I want the EVO LTE without a removable battery. 

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