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iPhone 4s text message problem:

ccarpen291 Newbie
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I am having a text messaging problem. When I send a message two outgoing tones chime on my

iPhone 4s, the texts are under 160 characters. Recipients don't recieve one message they receive two, the later being one word.

This is not iMessage they are normal texts.


Is anyone else having this problem?

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    prestolee Newbie
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    My son has the exact same issue!  I thought he must be mistaken but then he sent me a message, much less than 160 characters.  I received the first message, followed by a second message with only the last word of his text.  Need this issue fixed!

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    timxx1386 Regular Visitor
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    same problem. ive been having it for a while. that and visual voice mail issues. i was told the visual voice mail was a "known issue" id have to wait because "its on their to-do list."


    the messaging issue i have been told is a cell-tower issue. there has been a high number of these issues reported in the (my) area especially.


    the most frustrating part is that ive talked to apple care support, and ive put in many  many hours over the past 3-4 weeks talking to people from sprint. I'm starting to know specific call center employees and know who their supervisors are and what shifts they work. its rediculous. ive gotten nowhere.


    one "sprint tech" told me apple was cutting off sms messages at 100 characters. ..... which lead me to ask "then why does it split my message that is only 60 characters into two messages?" and he said "that doesnt make sense, we'll call you back"


    ive also been told by another sprint employee that "accessing voice mail and making calls is not possible if you are in a wifi zone" which is the most senseless made-up thing i think i've heard from a sprint employee so far. i just wish they had consistent, and atleast somewhat informed customer care. i've even had an apple care employee call and spend 20 minutes explaining that nothing was wrong with my phone - and im still being sent in circles by sprint.


    so far the solution from sprint employees has been:

    try turning your phone off and then on ( 3 sprint employees suggested this)

    try to sell my iphone and buy an android from sprint ( 2 sprint employees suggested this )

    try a different service provider such as verizon or ATT ( 2 sprint employees suggested this )

    try ##UPDATE# ( 3 sprint employees suggested this, 2 sprint employees said this update CAUSED the problems)


    the rest have either scheduled "call backs" and didnt call me OR just put me on hold and hung up then didnt call me back.



    to conclude:


    Dear Sprint: i've decided that each time I'm on the phone with your customer service getting ZERO help and lots of headaches explaining my story over and over... i'll just use that time wisely to rant on various message boards that your own "call center supervisors" are telling me "If I were you, i'd try going to a different company,"


    Dear Sprint customers: sprint doesnt want your business.

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    JackieVilla23 Newbie
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    I also had this problem right after buying an iphone. After spending a whole day talking with Apple and going to the Sprint store a few times nothing was fixed. I went on the Apple forums and found others with the same problem and although there is no fix for it, until they come up with one, try putting 3 spaces after the last word in the text. I don't know why, but somehow that keeps it from breaking it up. It's annoying but better than having the person receiving your texts have to wait to see what the last word is all the time.

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    bahati2000 Newbie
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    this worked for me. thanks

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    Cicerogirl Regular Visitor
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    After a very long phone call with Apple, they are telli me that it is specifically a Sprint issue... That peopl with iPhones and OTHER providers are not having this problem. Makes me wonder if I made a mistake by not switching carriers when I replaced my Blackberry with the iPhone since clearly Sprint either is not concerned by the problem or doesn't know how to fix it!

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    tiredofexcuses Newbie
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    I've been to the Apple store with another texting problem that is caused by a "Sprint Technical glitch" They replaced the iphone anyway...still same problem. Receive over 20 Sprint generated txt messages a day. 923-0 the recipent you are sending to is in your block list ...Msg 2134. Sprint claims they never heard of this problem before, but if you goggle it it's all over the internet.

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    Cicerogirl Regular Visitor
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    I was having the same problem, but I upgraded to iOS6 on my iPhone 4S yesterday and the problem is fixed!   All text messages that I have sent today that were less than 160 characters were received as one message!  (it still splits those that are greater than 160 characters into two messages unless the receiver has an iPhone, though.)

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