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Taxes & Fees

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For purposes of government taxes and fees and other sprint surcharges that are calcuated based on plan charges, how do I know how much of my charges are subject to the tax?  Is some portion of my everything data plan non-taxable?  If so, what % or amount?  I can't recalculate my state and local sales tax or utility users surcharge.  I'd think they were all based on the same charges, but the calculations don't seem to work that way.

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    Federal, state, and local governments impose the taxes that appear on a customer's bill. Sprint® is required to collect these taxes and fees from customers on behalf of the government.The taxes Sprint collects from customers are sent directly to governments. Taxes are based on customer address information. The billing address drives taxation on BAN level charges, and the subscriber level address drives taxation for PTN level charges.


    If you  want to know about surcharges, taxes, fees and other charges, please visit



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    Thanks.  I've worked in local government finance so I'm pretty familiar with the rates and how the taxes work.  My question is more specific.  What portion of my plan charge is subject to state and local taxes?  When I take the total and multiply it by the correct rates, it comes out much higher than what I'm paying on my bill, so I'm assuming that some portion of my basic plan charge is considered non-taxable data services.  I was hoping to figure out what portion that is. 

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    Your question is an excellent one.  I too, have been seeking the answer.  I hope you are not asked to send a PM to get an answer.  I've noticed that whenever that occurs, forum members can't benefit from the response.  Hopefully, your question is answered in this open forum.


    I would like to know if the $10 Premium Data Fee, Administration Fee, ASL Fee and Regulatory Fee are taxed. 

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    This is the hard part of doing billing all over the country.  I really cannot tell you exactly which parts are taxable.  Depending on where you live what is taxed changes. Different states different laws and rates, different counties same thing as well as cities.  Where I live I can walk across the street and my sales tax goes up or down about 1.5% depending on the direction I am traveling.

    We would have to have the physical billing address as well as any subscriber addresses to be able to tell what the taxes are on the account.  The break down is of the taxes is done by a computer program and it is based on your account.  It does not calculate a tax on charges that are not taxed in your area.   


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