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  • 30. Re: Coverage map says I have LTE coverage, but I don't. :\
    Robbie0317 Regular Visitor
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    I live in the DFW area as well and your wasting your time calling and complaining to Sprint... It's not your phone... The coverage maps are what the area will look like once it's 100% deployed... They never should have announced Dallas (or any city for that matter) was live on 4G LTE when the reality is it's not... They should have just kept quiet and let you be pleasantly surprised when you found a 4G LTE signal in certain spots.. I called and emailed and chatted.. They called me back and trouble shooted my phone up and down sent out updates to my phone and nothing worked... I get a great 4G LTE signal at the Walmart in The Colony, TX but a mile in any direction it goes away and there is nothing between The Colony and DFW airport....  Then today I finally got a response from Sprint that says the network is only 20 - 30% complete in DFW so your just playing a crazy wild goose chase trying to find a LTE signal... Their build out seems to have no pattern to it as the LTE Towers active seem to just be randomly placed around the city and not net to each other to actually create a network....  This is the email I finally got back from Sprint after 3 days of questions and visits to the Sprint store.


    Dear Robert,


    Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the 4G LTE coverage.


    Sprint rolled out 4G LTE services in 5 markets: Atlanta, Kansas City,

    Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio; yet as these markets are only

    20-30% complete. For more information, please visit:


    This is the reason you are not receiving it.  Once the sites in your

    area are updated, you will certainly notice the difference.


    We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your

    questions. Please reply to this email or visit if we can be

    of assistance.



    Annabella R.


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    PlanoPaul Newbie
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    Similar here. I drove yesterday from N. Plano (Legacy & 75) down to NW Highway & I-35. I was running the Sensorly mapping program (a nice free speed/coverage app!) on my Galaxy S3 to check network speed all the way there. Only briefly did it pick up an LTE signal, somewhere around 635 & 75. The rest of the way, ZERO LTE coverage.

  • 32. Re: Coverage map says I have LTE coverage, but I don't. :\
    AJAstro Regular Visitor
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    To Sprint:


    Teller of untruths,

    Teller of untruths,

    Your trousers have combusted!

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    JBAUGH79 Newbie
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    Right there with all of you.  I got a 4G LTE signal for 30 minutes in the Parks Mall in Arlington, but it dropped back to 3G and I haven't seen the 4G since.  I've tried in Fort Worth (from the west part of it all the way to the east), Arlington, Hurst, and more to get a 4G signal but I never get it.  Why doesn't the new EVO have an option to force 4G only?  I would like to say that it's a software or hardware glitch in the phone that keeps it from switching automatically, but since all of you are seeing the same thing and may have different phones, I guess it's not.    I'm really bummed out about this.  Another thing I'm noticing is that the 3G speeds are very poor in the metroplex... what's happened to Sprint's network?


    I've been with Sprint for years and have stuck by them through all the ups and downs, but Verizon is really starting to look tempting.  My friend has a Droid Razr Maxx and she gets 4G coverage everywhere she goes in the D/FW metroplex.  It rarely switches back to 3G... and the download and upload speeds are insane!  I couldn't believe what she was pulling down!


    Come on Sprint!  Get this fixed!  You were the leader once for groundbreaking technology, and you can be again!  I'll keep waiting, but I don't know for how long. 

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    TheDrewBoo Regular Visitor
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    I guess my thing is: WHY ARE THE NATIONAL MEDIA IGNORING THIS??? Every time I Google "news" for "Sprint LTE" every article is about how Sprint has launched LTE in all these cities and that its now live and all this. No one is covering this huge story!! Otherwise reputable tech blogs and magazines are completely clueless! We need to hold the fire to Sprint on this!!

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    SprintSince95 Regular Visitor
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    Download an app called Netmonitor.  It will show you what tower your phone is connected to.  The app is awesome.  I got a small glimpse of an LTE signal in the Arts District which lead me to the LTE tower located on Goodlatimer and Dawson.  You'll get about 4 bars of LTE at the Farmer's Market.  Get within a block of the tower and you'll experience amazing speeds...

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    Robbie0317 Regular Visitor
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    Sprint hasn't "LIED" or told "UNTRUTHS" about their network....  They did go live and launch service in the markets in the press release... The coverage is just not what paying customers expected that launch to be... The problem is their coverage maps are a joke.... I have had multiple conversations with Sprint and they have told me the coverage maps are what our coverage will be once the network is at 100% but it's only at 20 - 30%... They "CLAIM" they have passed it up the ladder to have the coverage maps updated to the "TRUE" coverage for the area... I personally would never announce a launch of anything that was only 20 - 30% completed.... You wouldn't go to the grand opening of a Walmart, Target, Best Buy or what ever and then find out that 70% of the store is blocked off and you can only shop in the produce, kids clothing and office supplies isles and nothing else even though they advertised sales in electronics and furniture.... The only other problem/issue I have is they didn't seem to even put their live LTE towers close together... they appear to be just sprinkled around the metroplex... You get signals in certain spots almost like your in a WiFi hot spot at your local coffee shop instead of a group of towers....  It's crazy.... I said it before they should have just left it alone and went live with the 20 - 30% but not announce it until they were closer to 80% complete....

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    TheDrewBoo Regular Visitor
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    Ill say this. As a cartographer/geospatial analyst (fancy for mapmaker), I have to point out that Sprint has lied and told untruths. Any cartographer you speak to will tell you that a map is a visual form of communication (and Im sure any court would accept that simple truth as well). There are plenty of ways to word things on maps and use specific color schemes and presentation methods to trick the reader into thinking whatever you want them to think. Its not that hard, you just play around with some settings, and normal people will automatically think something thats not really true because of how we interpret visual information in this society. However, Sprint has not done that. They have maps with a solid orange hue stating that everywhere in that hue has coverage. My home is in the center of that hue below Piedmont Park and I have not had ONE instance of 4G anything. Their map makers did not even try to get away with producing a misleading product, they are flat out lying.


    Any GIS industry accredidation board would have whoever made those maps dismembered immediately if their ethics were formally called into question. Simply put, those maps are not even trying to mislead us by using some technical truth, tricky color scheme or confusing legend. They are outright inaccurate, false, and are a joke to our industry and profession.

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    RatKiller Regular Visitor
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    Sorry but the maps are depicting CURRENT ADVERTISED COVERAGE, not future plans.  Sprint has and continues to sell contracts for service and devices based on this mis-represented information.


    There is no missunderstanding here.  Sprint is selling one thing and providing far less.  Its very simple.  That is a LIE.  Call it what it is.


    They seem to be unable to fix the situation any time soon.  Marketing sold something that engineering was unable to provide as yet.  Happens all the time.  But companies come clean.  Sprint has yet to do so.


    And the full color advertisment suggesting my wife should upgrade her OG EVO for a new LTE model to take advantage of the newly launched network in our area was salt on a wound.

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    Spookhouse Newbie
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    I have to agree. Since I got my phone 3-4 days ago I'm on a 14 days to return the phone schedule. I like the phone, no problem. But I told the rep I was upgrading because I wanted LTE speeds. Do they say, we only have 20-40%? No they say cool, buy the phone. The lie starts at the top and perhaps even the reps don't know that it works. When I worked with CSR, I was asked zip codes and they are going, you should be able to get it. Finally I called sprint reps at Dallas stores and got a guy that told me that its not really going to happen until Nov.


    So, what now? The phone is going back.. I kept my EVO 4g and I'll stay with my original 2 year contract that is up in 9 months. As a TV remote it was worth the 30 bucks they were willing to give me for it.  When I hear that the network is working for real or my contract expires,  I'll evaluate it agian. I like the phone but won' t do new business with Sprint when they are obviously hiding their facts even from their own service reps. Truth in advertising..


    Sprint has been a good choice because of a unlimited data plan, but if they can't back it up with the high speeds, what's it worth? it's an empty promise. They may just do what they did for 4G, lie through the wazooo again. Sir, you need to go stand out in the parking lot and wave your arms. We provide 4G, but you can't expect it work indoors. lol..

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    Robbie0317 Regular Visitor
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    I had the original EVO for 2 full years and it didn't have WiMax the first six months I had it because my area wasn't covered... and over the last 18 months I had it RARELY did I even switch on the WiMax because it just destroyed the battery so quick it wasn't even worth it unless I was going to download something big... For basic internet use I just depended on the 3G EVDO/CDMA network... The new EVO 4G LTE is such a better phone there is no way I would turn it back in and switch back to the Original EVO.... The screen on the new EVO is so awesome and the phone is so much quicker and the battery life I am getting compared to my OG EVO is amazing..... Just like with the original EVO I'll just grow and deal with the growing pains of a new network.. I love my unlimited data, text and talk....  So there is no reason to switch carriers or go back to that older EVO... If I was still 9 months from my upgrade "Yeah" I would keep my original EVO but when I upgraded I was already eligible for an upgrade for over a month....


    The maps are poorly done... They basically tell you your covered but if you talk to the right people at Sprint they will tell you those maps are the intended coverage and I did express my dissapointment that is what they decided to publish.... They should be upgraded and show the few "HOT SPOTS" you can get 4G LTE and not call it a LIVE network right now.... The call back I got last night said it will be MONTHS before the Dallas area is at 100%...... The people they contract to do the upgrade work is way behind schedule.. They were originally suppose to go live in time for the EVO 4G LTE launch and then pushed it to June 8 and then July 15 and I guess they just had to pull the trigger and say "HEY WE ARE LIVE WITH OUR LTE NETWORK." and they shouldn't have.... They should have left it at some time in the summer of 2012 or pushed it to Fall 2012....... There are plenty of people in markets that won't have LTE until 2013 who upgraded to LTE phones with Sprint..


    I latch onto WiFi at work and home and most places I visit and eat at have free WiFi so I can live without it for now.. Does not make me any less dissapointed how they decided to go about it all but what ever......  They are trying to compete with larger networks at Verizon and AT&T.... and even when live and at 100% we won't have the speeds at the other two because of how Sprint is rolling out their new network.. So even once it's at 100% the next complaint will be "I only get 12 mb download but my friend at Verizon gets 20."

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    Well ive been with Sprint for 5 years and as day by day goes by their coverage has been declining and their CSR reps are full of b.s.


    I say WE ALL contact the FCC & our state commissioner & force sprint to allow an exit of this dumb *** company waiving all terminations fees. I have 5 lines with them.


    I'm so fed up with them, they're rolling the "LTE" network ? but left L.A.  out ? wow .


    VERIZON, here I come.

  • 42. Re: Coverage map says I have LTE coverage, but I don't. :\
    dwilliams8880 Expert
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    Okay folks, I'm pretty certain that some of these issues are phone related.  It seems the threshold for maintaining a 4G LTE signal are set too high, in the EVO LTE anyway, I can't speak to other phones.  Sprint and HTC need to get together and lower this threshold, a low level LTE signal trumps a better 3G signal any day of the week.  I expect some OTA downloads for all devices pretty soon.  I realize that the market is only 20-30% complete.  But when I'm connected to a tower, with good 4G signal, the PHONE is kicking me off of it.  This will not be the answer to all of these issues, as we know the actual towers broadcasting an LTE signal are few, but it would be nice to have LTE on towers that are sending the signal, FIX IT SPRINT!

  • 43. Re: Coverage map says I have LTE coverage, but I don't. :\
    DKB_FTW Regular Visitor
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    @Robbie0317:  How did you get to someone who admitted that they're only 20-30% done?  through dan@sprint?  Because I couldn't get them to actually tell me ANYTHING except "Oh we're working on it."  I couldn't get them to actually admit that their coverage map bears no actual resemblance to the coverage, or anything... perhaps my rep was just better trained than yours. 


    The most frustrating aspect of it is the silence.  They're already fighting w/ t-mo for #3, this rollout and being deceptive about it isn't helping them avoid becoming #4.

  • 44. Re: Coverage map says I have LTE coverage, but I don't. :\
    Robbie0317 Regular Visitor
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    @DKB_FTW.... I just called a couple of times and got the run around.... The "Your comfortably in the coverage area for 4G LTE." and then they passed it over to some sort of support group that called me back a day later and did some over the phone trouble shooting on my phone to make sure it wasn't the "PHONE" that was having a problem. They confirmed my location and said they pushed out some updates to my phone and it rebooted and still didn't work.. I complained and complained that their coverage maps showed at home, work and the places I go for fun all had GREAT 4G LTE coverage but I was only picking up LTE in a couple of small spots within my area.. I chatted online and they all told me I was well covered and finally I wrote a nasty email and the response I got was posted in this forum telling me the area was only 20 - 30% complete.. I wrote them back and told them it was false advertisement and they should seriously look into adjusting the coverage maps for LTE to reflect what is really going on.... I wasn't all that upset in that for 2 years with the original EVO with WiMax I rarely used it and I don't plan on leaving the LTE antenna on unless I need it but telling me I got it when I don't is wrong... I got a second respone that said they were passing it on to another department to re-evaluate the maps on the site but that was a week ago and they have not (and won't) make changes..


    Now I have a friend back home in NC who has worked for Sprint as a trainer for 5 or 6 years and he tells me the maps are just what the coverage will look like once it's 100% deployed... That is pure B.S......  They never should have announced LTE live in Dallas (or any other city) unless it was closer to 80 or 90% completed... Just open it up at 30% and let people be surprised when they do latch onto an LTE signal.....  Then when your almost at 100% make an announcement...


    It's crazy... I still have the emails from support stating the 30% claim..  I believe it because in the spots that I know LTE is live I get a great signal and it stays on 4G so it's not the phone or antenna it's just a very limited overall network/coverage right now....

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