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Samsung Galaxy SII 4G Epic

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I have been with sprint now for 6 months. This phone Constantly loses service, drops calls, goes from 4 bars when I make the call, call gets connected then drops to 0 bars and I do not move. I also notice If I place my hand on the left side of the phone it loses significant wifi signal. I am constantly getting delayed text messages incoming. I will be in the middle of a converstation, and suddenly have no service. I dropped my first s2, this is my second and it has the excat same problems so I do not think this is the specific issue with the device, it may be all of them or just service issue in my area code 12010. I have done the update PRL with a sprint represenetive, they told me the problem was fixed, yet I still get the excat same issues. At this point I am thinking of switching to verizon because for $200 a month, this is pretty rediculous to have to go through this. I need answers now.

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    The Sprint coverage tool is accurate and helpful. Go to and enter you address and see if you are in Best, Good or Fair. If you are in Fair I am not sure things will get better, but if you are in Good or Best you need to call 888-211-4727 from another phone and speak with technical support.


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    I made a  post some weeks back describing the same issue with my own in the 99354/99336/99301 area codes, same as you. Constant jump from 4 to 0 bars, though most often sitting between 0-2, especially on calls, and frequent disconnects. Texts will randomly not send, or send 5 times to someone when I resend. 18kb files can take 5 minutes to come through or just fail, and hours to send sometimes. 4G rarely stays connected long whether I'm inside or outside. On some more recent (though so far somewhat rare) occasions the whole signal bar's disappeared completely with some other icon showing instead. I usually have to power cycle at that point. This is all after PRL + Profile updates.


    Per the coverage tool I'm in Best voice coverage and On-Street 4G coverage, and it's a large area, so there should be no "fringe" problems. Yet when I was on the other side of the state a few weeks ago, the phone worked flawlessly - permanent 5 bars of signal, never saw the constant "4g disconnected" message, etc. So while I would think it's a device issue, that evidence suggests it's an area issue, while the coverage map would then suggest otherwise.

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    WOOOHOOO!!! I switched for verizon and got the Razr for only $99 today... ITS AMAZING and best of all.... I GOT 4G LTE in my home!! Yayyyyy!   I will say this about my parting words with Sprint...... I got hung up on 3 times, but on hold for a total of over 3 hours, Had a supervisor said he would call me back in 15 minutes , that was yesterday..... Spent countless hours on the phone with engineers, had to set up some airrave device, had to switch my phone twice... what a total joke all of this has been. They were rude... oh and for my 4 months of paying $200 a month for all the inconvience ( including a 45 minute trip to some special tech sprint shop that cost me in gas ) a whopping $15 credit! Amazing!....   I am so releived to have verizon now! Good luck to everyone else.

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    I am having the same problem with calls and service - but the problem is now worse than ever the past 2 days. Called the Sprint representative she confirmed I was getting intermittant signal. Told me it may take up to 72 hours to repair. Yet Sprint had the audacity to call me to ask how my custoner service experience had been. I told them to fix the network and then I would take their survey.  This is rediculous considering it is used for my business and I am on call.


    My daughter has Cricket and gets better service than I do at home.

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    I have been with sprint for over 5 years, there services has really went yo sh-t. I have the same phone and they never told me I could not connect to the 4G unless I was near a tower. Which there is very few. I like the phone but if your not near a wifi its useless and it seams to constantly be on rome mode. I have a verizon hot spot card I use to get the phone to work. When my contract runs out I'm defiantly going to Verizon!!!

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    I feel your pain. I get better data speed using two empty cans and a string.

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