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When will 4G Service be in Charleston SC?

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Anyone brave enough to give an estimate as to when 4G service will come to Charleston, SC?


This city is 400 years old and has always been a vital port for this region. This is still a vital center of trade and commerce, a ceneter for military preperation and armourmant, a hub of manufacturing, and we have huge federal law enforcement training centers here. Despite that we were considered too insignificant and too worthless for WiMax. An insult which has not gone unnoticed by those of us whose contracts are ending soon.


Now that WiMax is dead and Sprint is going to LTE, I've heard a lot of vague talk, but no real schedules. Is there any real plan to upgrade Charleston, SC to 4G? My Contract ends next month and I'm very much undecided on where I'll go for my next cell service. Data performance is of prime importance for me. Right now Sprint only has 3G here and the performance is only good at very late or very early hours of the day.


I just wish the Sprint executives would get off their yatchs and private jets for 2 seconds and let people know what the actual schedules are for 4G upgrades. Not telling me the schedule is definitely not going to make me stay with Sprint. It'll only make me think the news is so bad that they don't want to open their mouths for fear of a mass customer exodus.


I wish someone at Sprint had the guts to be honest and speak the truth.

  • 1. When will 4G Service be in Charleston SC?
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    The problem with giving folks dates, then a permiting process gets delayed, or they run into another issue, and folks get upset. According to the Network planning folks at Sprint all existing 3G areas will have 4G coverage hopefully by mid 2013 (Next Year). I know there have been no dates given for any areas. If I hear something I will post it back. BTW - I live in LA County in area where there is no WiMax either.

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    Folks get even more upset when they are passed over for standard quality service that other areas get but still pay the same price as 4G customers. Then the folk's contract runs out and they can't get any real plans or straight answers so they don't renew and just go elsewhere.

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    Just remember.  If you have been in Charleston since 4G inception you knew what you were getting into when you purchased your 4G phone. You knew full well that buying a 4G phone would incur a 4G service charge.  I would hope at the time you knew it would be a few years before the coverage was everywhere. I know you are frustrated and I can emphasize with you since my job required me to move recently and it ended up being from a 4G area to not.  I, however, can't sympathize because you should have know better at time of purchases. That is unless you are in the same boat as I am.  If that is the case then you know the old saying, "s@&! happens".

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    **** does happen.  Contracts do run out, and 4g is availible from Verizon.



    Only thing keeping me from changing is I am too lazy to close my plan and go to verizon.  I get a work discount from both.

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    I am in complete agreement with the first post - I have been a customer paying 4g charges for over two years. I was told when I signed up that 4g would be here within a few months. Despite the later posts - poeple did not know what they were getting when they signed up and have been paying a fee for a sevice they never recieved. Since sprint makes no commitments it seems that their sales people feel free to say whatever they want.


    Sprint can make commitments like any other business and provide explanation if delays occure - rather than just keeping us in the dark and making us pay for the privelage.


    Look around - there is another carrier in charleston that offers 4g  - They will probably deleat this post if I give the carrier name. Mentioned previously.

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    At this time there is no date available for when 4g service will rollout in Charleston  SC. 

    The premium data fee is not for 4g service it is charged to all smart phones whether they work on 3g or 3g and 4g.    Smart phones on average access the internet much more often for longer periods of time and use more data than feature phones. 

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