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    Levi4u Master
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    You cannot avoid the upgrade fee by paying full price for a device, You will still be charged unless they are running a promotion waiving it, Only new lines of service purchased online are getting the activation fees waived.

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    PLKWHITE91 Newbie
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    My husband and I upgraded both of our phones in Columbia, SC on August 1, 2012. The sales rep told us that the store has to charge the activation fees but we could contact customer service to see if the fees would be waived...ok, I understood that. However, the sales rep did not tell us that if we submitted proof of being a credit union customer, the fees would be waived in-house. She (sales rep) asked if I was in the military, in which I responded..."My husband is." She said that she didn't think that I would be able to receive the 15% military discount since I was not active duty and the bill is in my name but she has seen it happen before. At no time did she tell us that if we opted to go forth with the credit unions 10% discount that the activation fees would be waived. I contacted customer service and they told me that only the store could waive the fees...not true. I am a 9yr unhappy customer. Shame on you Sprint!


    L. C. White

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    tonyschild Newbie
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    After being a customer for sprint many years it is obvious that sprint is geared up to XXXX as many customers as possible as long as possible and when they leave oh well business as usual. There is no ryme or reason to what they do other than profit. When upgrading and committing to a two year agreement the thanks we get is a $36 activation fee this shows the level of appreciation sprint has for its loyal customers. Oh and on top of your data fees we are going to charge an additional $10 per month cause we feel we can. Time to draw the line I'm out. If I have to pay these outragious fees I will do it with a company that warrants this due to better network service and equipment (verizon).   Sprint is just a wanna be in the high end cellular phone market...........Keep dreaming sprint.


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    Baseball_Dr Newbie
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    Verizon is horrible with customer service and you will still have an activation fee. I have had them all, and so far I like sprint the best.

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    Sprint has the absolute WORST customer service of any business I have been a customer of my entire life.  I called sprint at the end of our contract because I was planning to move to Verizon and needed to make sure we wouldn't get extra bills.  I was promised that the $36 fee per phone would be waived if I stayed as a customer.  It has been 2.5 weeks since that promise and the fees have not been removed.  I have spent 4 HOURS on hold during various calls and have only gotten more fake promises.  The customer service SUCKS!  Never again.  When our contract is up, we are getting rid of sprint, no matter what fake promises they make.

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    Why people are still ******* and moaning about this is ridiculous. It's really simple:


    1. NO store rep can waive the fee for a customer, plain and simple. They MIGHT be able to get in touch with people who can get that sort of thing going...but NO store rep is waiving fees.

    2. If you have a medical field discount, AAA discount, or credit union're golden. Again, plain and simple.

    3. If you already have a discount on your plan and think you can add one of the aforementioned discounts...not going to happen. It's one or the other.

    4. Reserving phones in store, or buying phones online waives activation fees. HOWEVER, there is a chance the fees will be applied to the first bill, with the fees being credited back.

    5. OTHER...CARRIERS...DO...CHARGE...UPGRADE...AND...OR...ACTIVATION...FEES. If you're just that hot to leave, well, bye. You won't be missed.


    Why any of this is still a mystery to you wrongly entitled crybabies is amazing, especially the dummies who have the necessaries tools to not have to deal with these fees. You've either been the victim of a terrible sales rep, your own stupidity, or perhaps a mix of both.

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    tonyschild Newbie
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    The issue is not the rules that sprint has in place. It is that every employee at that company will give you a different answer to the same question. Therefore it narrows down to just a few very simple explanations.


    1. Sprint employees have no training.

    2. They have training on how to lie, cheat and deceive customers.

    3. The culture within the organization is such that respecting customers is not necessary.

    4. The organization is run by a bunch of incompetent, uneducated individuals.


    Either way business has a way of cleansing out this type of nonsense from the market place. When I moved my account I met others who were also fed up with sprint and switched they tell a few friends and their friends tell a few friends and so on. It's just a matter of time. When that happens I can assure you Sprint willl NOT be missed.


    For now perhaps the FCC should be notified about the deceptive business practices that Sprint engages in.

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    in reply: the only way to have the upgrade/activation fee waived online is with a NEW line of service.  sprint has always charged a upgrade/activation fee it was only 18.00 until september of last year. and yes they were pretty wishy washy about sticking to that fee. but they were the last big company to increase this fee and now its stright across the line that everyone pays it. you have to remember that as technology gets more and more advanced the cost for getting them online and running increases. sprint is like any other business it wants to make a profit. its just like the mom and pop corner stores they don't just give you the stuff off the shelfs for free you have to pay for it. they just have more overhead and employees from across the nation to pay. i mean would you give away your company or your paycheck ?

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    xmas2012 Regular Visitor
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    your right sprint employees do not have enough training. thats because the turn over is so high (like any call center) but maybe it would not be if people spoke to them like they want to be spoken to instead of calling them every name in the book before you give them a chance to do any research to fix the problem. and i mean do you call the electric company or the gas or any other company and ***** at   them because your fees incressed???

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    BlackberryDavid Regular Visitor
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    We are victims of dishonest customer service.  I was promised by 2 different managers that the fees would be waived.  I was given confirmation numbers also.  Twice when I called back I was told there was a mixup with the confirmation number and that they would straighten it out.  I was asked if I minded being put on hold.  Each time I was on hold for one hour and then disconnected!  Can you explain how getting screwed after being polite, waiting on hold and assuming I was not being lied to is acceptable?

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    at1223 Regular Visitor
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    finally paid the ETF, PEACE OUT SLOW DATA DROPPED CALL BATTERY EATING FAILED-CDMA tech Sprint! And T-Mobile is more honest than these guys are

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    lovelyillusion Newbie
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    A very similar issue happened to me... I bought an iPhone 4 and started a line as a brand new customer, and had reserved the phone online to pick it up in the store. Both the website and the store salesperson had said the Activation Fee would be waived... my store receipt shows this as well... and yet it showed up on my bill. I called customer service and they said it would be removed, but after 4 days it was STILL on my bill! So I brought it up on the online chat service thing, and the lady just kept saying it was a "valid fee" and that she couldn't do anything about it. I was and still am LIVID, why promise me a waived fee and then have 2 representatives do nothing about it? I begrudgingly ended up paying it anyway because I don't have time to waste on this TERRIBLE customer service. I am a brand new customer with Sprint, and already they are off on the completely wrong foot with me. Absolutely not impressed. If I could, without paying the also ridiculous $350 ETF I would have switched to Verizon already. Nothing like this better happen on any of my next bills, (especially considering I have already had my 10% Credit Union Member discount confirmed for the next cycle) or I'm really going to raise up some major trouble.

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    I jumped onto this forum, because like many I am frustrated. Long time Sprint customer (1998 vintage) and never paid the upgrade/activation fee previously. I was happy with Sprint Premier Gold when that was around. That gets yanked, bought a WIMAX EVO 3D (POS phone btw) and of course Wimax is going away. Sent several emails to Sprint "customer service" and got my call the next day telling me to call escalated "service" line. I simply asked them to waive the $36 fee... "we can't do that". It's sad the way Sprint no longer takes care of their good customers. I am sure Clarissa it will fall on deaf ears. But it's good to know I am not the only one who is ****** off about this.

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    KeepPaying Regular Visitor
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    We are all going to follow the recent number of the customers and say good bye.  I paid for 4G for over 2 years and it never was put in to Milwaukee.  Sprint flat out lies.  Please check when LTE will be in Milwaukee?  Clarissa you go check...never.

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    The so-call 'buy back' program gives you close to nothing for your old phones.  We would have to give back every phone we've ever had in order to get back anything worth mentioning.  I don't understand the "Sprint Premier Customer" titles that you bestow upon us for being with your company for years and years, but then treat us like we're brand new! Whatever happened to customer loyalty rewards? When companies realize that they would be nothing without the customer, then things will change...get real; who am I kidding?

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