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    Dede2012 Newbie
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    Did this device boost your signal?

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    LRJG Newbie
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    It did increase the signal around the house, however, it did very little for the bandwidth for data. Too many people using the network in my area, not enough network.

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    rpsj2 Newbie
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    Abe, can you tell me why this is being publicized here as being free of charged, but when I called regarding coverage issues and lost calls in my home yesterday, the assistant supervisor, Bea, told me they were giving this to me free of charge ONLY because I was a customer for 10+ years.  This was AFTER she kept me on hold off an on for 30+ minutes - total call time to Sprint was 40+ minutes, and ONLY AFTER arguing with me and harrassing me about whether or not I really  need it - even thought I only have 1 bar at home (exceptional coverage according to her).  The device was recommended to me by the customer service rep I first got on the phone, I did not call in requesting it, I called in asking for help about my coverage.  I have to admit this is the worst service I have ever gotten with Sprint, and I believe Bea kept me on hold as a game to see if I would wait to receive the device, or just hang up.  She also told me that if I don't use it, and I quote "and we can tell if you use it or not." I need to return it or I will be charged $140.  I would appreciate an honest response as to what I should expect. Thank you.

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    pr3ttybrown3y3s Newbie
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    As a long time sprint customer, I found that if you want to get fast and exceptional service skip right to the Representitives that handels when your contract is over. They are very polite and knowlegeable. Im waiting on a devise as well. The only thing she told me was that if I ever left Sprint for any reason to just return it or they would charge me for it.

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    EMORGAN1 Regular Visitor
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    Who do I contact @ Sprint to acquire one of these new airaves units? Seems that my local Sprint company stores do not keep them in stock or have no idea what I am talking about. Please advise.


    Thank you

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    Equinsu-ocha Regular Visitor
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    Yes, I am interested in this as well as I live on the outskirts of cell coverage at my home.

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    davidjaygordon521 Newbie
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    We are new to Sprint, and our signal in our house is terrible. We called Sprint and complained. Even threatened to quit and go to another provider, even though we love our S3. Sprint has a new product called "airrave". It plugs into your modeem, and is like a personalo cell tower. Works great! Don't let them charge you for usage, or the unit itself

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    Equinsu-ocha Regular Visitor
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    All I did was call sprint and explain to the person that the signal in my house varied between no signal and very little signal.At first the person I was speaking with told me it would cost me money then I mentioned that a sprint rep in this forum stated I could get an airave for free if this was the case. The person then transferred me to another department and that dept, I forget who I was transferred to, looked up something and told me no problem they will send me an airave at no cost. I was told that if I didn't use it I would have to send it back, but I really needed it as my coverage was poor to non-existent in my home. Now that I have it the thing works fairly well. I have a long house, but not a big house, and it works fine throughout most of my home.

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    EMORGAN1 Regular Visitor
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    I went to 2 company run stores and at each location I was looked at like I had three heads and was speaking a strange alien language.


    I did find someone at Sprint who did arrange to have one shipped to me after supplying some location data and it is working well.


    So far so good.

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    mavka Expert
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    I used sprint.com and used online chat to talk with a guy who connected me with the right chat dept to handly my request for an Airave. Right at the end of the chat, as the guy (Kristopher) was finishing up, my computer rebooted. Kristopher called me on my home phone to finish the transaction. All at no charge to me. Seriously. Nice job.

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    Everytime I hear someone say this is free, when I call Sprint they say there is a charge

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    Ctayler11 Regular Visitor
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    They give them to you for free, I have one and it does not really do much. It takes us from one bar to two bars. It is also only a 3G device but since Sprint wont get 4G rolled out everywhere before a new technology comes along, it doesnt really matter.

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    SMB1284 Newbie
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    I would love more information on this. Associate at sprint store told me about it on Sunday, and I've been running around trying to get one since. Stores can't order it (I've checked at 2), customer care wants to charge me 130 dollars, then tell me it won't work because I have satellite internet. Found some on e-bay, but don't know if I should chance it or not. Any advice or suggestions?

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    laurakay28 Newbie
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    I have called sprint 3 Times and they want me to pay 129 $ for the airave.  I have had my phone for 2 months and I have horrible service at my house I walk down the street and suddenly get all my messages.   It says I'm supposed to have good service but never have more than one bar.   Is ridiculous that I should have to pay that much.   They also said it would be an additional $ 5 a month.   plus if there's such great service where I live like they said then why have I been roaming since the day I activated my phone.

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    deanopollock Newbie
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    I got an airwave sent free from sprint. I had horrible reception being in between roaming and local. Missed/dropped calls, missed texts, etc etc. Once the airwave was set up and activated I get 5 bars on my Galaxy S3 as long as I am in or right next to my house. Works great!

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