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Samsung M300

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Does anyone know when the M300 will have a firmware update?

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    I would also like to see a firmware update. I recently purchased a Ford vehicle with Sync (www.syncmyride.com) and I can receive calls in my vehicle via bluetooth but I cannot dial out.
    I'd also like to find out which version of Bluetooth the M300 supports. I cannot seem to find any information on it from Sprint. Next step is the manufacturer. Just seems strange that other phones list which Bluetooth version is supported.

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    I have the same problem with my M300. Kind of irritating....

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    I when to the Sync My Ride website and found the M300 has been tested by ford and it is not fully compatible.


    They say ""- Samsung M300 (firmware version M300AE07): Although this phone will pair and connect to Sync, each time you attempt to make an outgoing call, Call Ended will appear on the Sync screen.""


    So I guess I am taking back my phone because the whole reason I got a new one was Bluetooth for Sync.
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    Seems like a firmware update is assuredly in order.


    Although I suppose ensuring the phone is compatible with the car is always important when deciding which phone to go with during your purchasing process.


    Sorry you are having such troubles ladies/gents!



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